Sunday, September 25, 2005


watched the last 20 plus entertaining minutes of liverpool vs birmingham, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

i've come to the conclusion that:
  1. cisse is crap. but he thinks he's great. so that makes him a joke.

also watched the very infuriating match between manchester united and blackburn, which ended in a 2-1 win for blackburn.

i've come to the conclusion that:

  1. man u 活该.
  2. fergie should quit.
  3. everyone in man u sucks, with the exception of park and van der sar who are both brilliant, and maybe smith. but sadly, i suspect fergie doesn't know that...he's still living in the good old days when man u was truly one of the best.

oh well, it's reallie not my problem. yawnz...time to sleep...

P.S. i think there're some confusions as to which team i support...well, i've been a man u fan since the days of eric cantona (disclaimer: i'm a supporter, not fanatic), but their performance recently has been reallie disappointing...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Yet another weekend goes by

Saturday U know u're seriously getting older when 1) u start using the phrases "good old days" and "想当年". 2) u start receiving wedding and baby shower invitations from friends of about the same age. 3) u get the feeling no new song / tv show / movie compares to those that u grew up with.

met up with a group of friends at a pretty cool chill-out place called liquid kitchen (along thomson road, just beside long house and a petrol station). heard from an old sec sch good friend about how some other gals from our batch are doing. some are married, some even have kids...and some others have become doctors, reporters, career women, some moved overseas to pursue their dreams...and i just thought to myself "My, things have changed..." we used to all be school girls in the same school uniform attending the same classes, and now, our lives are so different. hearing about them somehow brought back memories of those carefree days when life was much simpler and being happy was so much easier...ah...the good old days...there! evidence of ageing.

Sunday snow wolf lake didn't live up to my expectations. honestly. not that it fact everything was fantastic...the songs, the music, the live band, the stage, lighting, special effects, and of course the entire cast and their singing (love evonne hsu's voice...and jacky cheung was, as usual, heavenly)...but the one thing that held everything together was an utter disappointment: the story. come on...i'm sure the professionals who conceptualized the musical can do better than that? if the problem was just some technical fault or perhaps a lacklustre performance from a cast member, it would've been easier to ignore and forgive, but the story! sigh. i just felt kinda sad at the end...not just for the audience who paid for a supposedly critically acclaimed and much anticipated musical, but also for the entire cast and crew who've put in so much effort for the show but failed to convince and connect, simply bcoz of a weak plot. and reallie, i'm quite surprised that no one bothered to improve on it all these years...

Monday yeah. that's today. i'm supposed to be tidying up my room. almost done (i wish). it's now in a mess so i better get back to it...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

3 birthday cakes for me! Yippie!

Yummy cheese cake from Sweet Secrets. Thanks to Andy and Stanley for the pleasant surprise! Special thanks to Jiahui and Junli too...

My favourite birthday cake this year...and the bestest present!

Princessy birthday cake from Swensen's! Very yummy too...thanks to Chor Meng and Where in Singapore crew...Tho had to film on that day, everyone was reallie nice and lunch was great!

Thanks too to everyone who sent beautiful birthday wishes that warmed my heart...

especially liked this one:

Count your nights by Stars, not shadows; count your days by Smiles, not tears; and as you celebrate your birthday, count your age by Friends, not years.

Nice. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A gift of love

Thank you dear...with all my heart. :)