Friday, June 30, 2006

i'm ok

wow...reallie touched.

thanks for all your sweet words of encouragement and concern... :)

actually, nothing happened.

some thoughts just came to mind, felt a tinge of sadness, and came up with the previous blog entry...i'm sometimes like that.

letting it out reallie helps! i'm ok! yay!

shoo negative thoughts! welcome happie thoughts!

Monday, June 26, 2006



是不是一定要把一切不愉快都忘了, 才算原谅了?

忘不了, 就不算原谅?

那么, 对于健忘的我, 原谅应该很容易.

可是, 我却偏偏忘不了.


不愉快的, 已经过去, 已经不重要.

太执著, 会毁了现有的快乐.

Monday, June 19, 2006

MC me

on mc today...and maybe tomorrow.

went to see the doc this afternoon, he was quite intrigued and a little disgusted at wat he saw inside my mouth.

it's like a 奇观.

the left side of my mouth is badly inflammed due to excessive biting of the flesh by my wisdom tooth. yucks.

in quite a bit of pain's like 10 ulcers combined.

cannot talk, cannot eat.


but well. korea drew with france! haha. and park ji sung scored...yay.

and...i realised that the portugal coach, scolari, looks so much like gene hackman!!

haven't been posting many pics on me blog lately...that's coz my poor old canon ixus 500 died sad. brought it to canon for an autopsy and the report was that its internal organs were all corroded...sob.

should be getting a new digicam in the next few days...but meanwhile, in memory of good ole cammie...