Saturday, July 23, 2005

Another weekly update

Ooh...posting has become a weekly affair for me...haha guess on weekdays i'm either too busy being busy or too busy being lazy... :P

went for a spa session on was heavenly! pure bliss...loved the body scrub in particular...sandalwood was pleasantly and mildly scented...the scrubing was gentle and soothing...almost fell asleep! the nice lady (May) who attended to me was very friendly, and, most importantly, experienced. didn't feel uneasy at all! (even tho i was quite suaku coz haven't been to a spa in a long while and even asked her "err...是不是要脫光光?" -- for those of u who reallie dunno, the answer is yes, but only in the massage room which is dimly lit and u have complete privacy) kinda liked the massage too...relaxing...tho painful at times. May discovered problems with my posture i never knew from now on, i'm gonna try and improve the way i sit and stand! no more slouching! no more sitting on the floor to read newspaper! haha think she liked massaging me too coz no need much strength...she just hafta press a bit and i'll be like "ouch!" she said "跟你按摩很好hor, 不用力氣的!" if u're wondering where i went, it's Amore spa at amara hotel shopping centre (beside amara hotel). in addition to good & professional service (no hard sell/死缠烂打/恐吓 to get u buying packages at crazy prices), the place is clean, classy and comfortable. highly recommended by me! so all gals out there, whenever u're feeling stressed out / worn out, 宠一宠自己吧! i'm gonna try out 2 other promotional treatments there...a facial and eye treatment, and a Qi spa...some hydrotherapy thingy...lie inside this machine and let it do all the work...hee so fun! Prices of promo treatments: $68 per treatment.

just came back from 绝对superstar 歌迷尖叫会...WOW. the fans are reallie reallie crazy about them! was reallie fun to have been part of the event! coz u all were very nice and supportive. alwiz happie to do a show with fans who're 热情 and friendly to the host (i.e. me) too...and glad to see so much support for local talents. that's the spirit! keep it up yeah! BUT but but saw some people running after the superstars' bus with no regards for their own safety...tsk tsk...cannot ah...must take good care of urselves okie...chasing after the bus on a busy street with so many dangerous! anywayz, see u guys and gals at DXO this coming friday...(未满18岁的先生小姐们, 不要太失望, 佩芬姐姐也曾经是个未满18岁的青年, 完全了解你们的心情. 下次一定有机会再和你们的偶像见面的ok?)

hee think some of u have seen trailers of 到底在哪里 on tv...but i haven't! the show starts aug 2nd every tue nite at 8pm on ch time then watch okie? learn more about singapore's history...coz 1) as singaporeans we should know, 2) national day's coming and 3) we love singapore! yeah!

Monday, July 18, 2005


A heartfelt "Thanks!" goes out to each and every one of u who attended our 叫我第一名 庆功见面会 yesterday at bishan junction 8...esp those who came purely in support of Yes 93.3...if u know what i mean... ;) any comments? suggestions? post-event feelings to share?

Gratitude also goes out to you who didn't or couldn't come for the event, but have been a steadfast and loyal supporter of the station all these years...your faith in us has given us the motivation to work even harder. At times i ask myself, "am i reallie taken seriously as a dj? or am i just another negligible noise on air?"...but when i see smses or hear calls responding to some things i say on air, be it criticisms or commendations, i feel that my job means something. 有时候自言自语很孤单. 但还好知道有你陪伴. :) i've come to learn that in this line of work, i'm pretty much on my own...yeah sometimes acknowledging this fact saddens and scares me...but knowing that somewhere out there, someone's really listening to what i have to say, it kinda makes the loneliness easier to bear...and when listeners tell me how they derive joy from the silly remarks i make, i'm deeply touched. sometime ago, when i was feeling dejected over some problems at work, i sat down and thought, "what is the ultimate purpose of my job as a dj?" then it dawned upon me that nothing brings more satisfaction for me than being able to spread i shall continue striving to bring happiness and companionship with my vocation.

Thanks goes out to the VIPs in my life...friends and family (if any of u r reading this, u should know how important u r to me...even though i don't say it often...coz i'm not the soppy emotional type! :P)...oh and doggie too! hee. u people (and pet) keep me sane and constantly remind me that there's so much more to life than material wants...

Last but surely not least, thanks to He who has showered upon me blessings and love.

My my...this post has turned out to be a thank-you speech!! haha...are u like, "eh, she think she win oscar izzit?!" well...just started thinking about all the things going on in my life and felt really thankful for everything...guess we should all learn to do that more often. count our blessings.

Monday, July 11, 2005


上星期天晚上出席了 933 宣传经理 nix 和老公 peter 的婚宴.

为他们感到高兴, 是一定的. 见证有情人终成眷属, 不只我, 全场都喜气洋洋.

两个人的幸福传播至到场祝贺的每个人心中. 原来真爱的感染力如此强大.

对于爱, 我有一些感想...

积极寻找真爱, 惟恐操之过急, 过于勉强. 耐心等待真爱, 又怕错失良机, 后悔莫极.

最好是保持一种处于积极和消极, 乐观与悲观之间的心态, 不要想太多.

时机成熟, 真爱真的出现了, 自有分晓. 是时候, 就采取适当的行动.

当然, 行动需要莫大的勇气. 而以上的 "不要想太多", 也没那么容易.

纸上谈兵, 说说而已.

对于婚姻, 也有一些想法...

有些人以为婚姻就象童话故事结局一样, 两个人踏上红地毯之后就是 "Happily ever after".



这些人往往在婚后就不再花心思制造浪漫, 导致婚姻随着岁月老去, 淡化.

把婚姻视为美满结局, 它就会变成爱情的坟墓.

结婚应该是一个开始, 一个起点.

象当初追求对方时一样, 婚后更要加倍努力, 取悦, 呵护, 疼爱这一生的伴侣.


不过...说归说, 真要做到有多难, 我不知道.

纸上谈兵, 说说而已. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Trip to the Zoo!

Hee...the title kinda reminds u of the essay topics we used to get in primary sch, yeah? and some of u might think, "huh?! go zoo for wat?" but before u decide to dismiss the idea of visiting the Singapore Zoological Gardens, read on.

Me went to the zoo last saturday, and boy was i impressed! but it's no wonder - the singapore zoo is ranked among the best in the world. first of all, it's HUGE! walked the whole afternoon (starting from about 1) and almost didn't finish touring the place before it's closing time at 6pm. And there was so much to see, so much to hear, so much to learn! well, ok. who am i kidding right, if u ask me what i learnt from my, i don't think i can tell u much...oh! but i do know that chimpanzees are dangerous yet clever creatures, and that penguins have bones that are denser than other birds so that they can dive and swim underwater...and check this out.

cool rite? bet u didn't know that! (well if u did, good for you! u can go be a...erm, zoologist?)

but the point is, once u've visited the zoo, at least for me, i've learnt to appreciate life in all forms. We humans tend to think we're the most intelligent and beautiful, but look at the vast world of nature...there are so many other creatures that are wonderful in their own ways, and i've attained a new found respect for each and every one of them...every single living organism exists for a reason...each life form is precious.

not trying to preach here, but i'm reminded of a beautiful old English hymn:

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all

-Cecil Alexander, 1848

So why do some choose not to value their lives? And why do humans kill their own kind for selfish purposes? this getting depressing? just in one of my pensive moods...esp after the London scares and sickens me to know that people actually think they're justified to kill in the name of religion...which religion ever advocated brutally taking the lives of others, especially the innocent?

well...on a happier note, since i'm on the topic of my happy zoo trip, here's a happy picture!

u know, i kinda envy the animals in the zoo...everyday is carefree and simple, nothing to worry is provided and lodging is world class yet natural...but then again, i wouldn't wanna live in captivity...

okies enuff about the zoo trip.

went to ntu with mr cruz last monday...gosh i feel so old! haha. but it was reallie fun to visit my alma mater...brought back memories of the good old school days. esp the crazy days of orientation! getting all wet and dirty, playing silly games, getting to know everyone...haha. thanks to ntu for inviting us!

saw lynette's comments on me taggie board...hmm...altho i'm alwiz nice (haha, almost...or at least i try to be), just wanna say to u: what's ur problem?? u sure sound like a real uncouth gal to me, with all those vulgarities coming from u. or maybe u're really a guy who has no guts to use ur own identity? please, go tag on a blog where pple speak ur language. the pleasant folks here do not wish to be disturbed. (that's a euphemism for "go away / get lost!")

oops. i wasn't very nice there was i? oh well, i couldn't stand it anymore. :)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ooh...Peace, man.

*sniff* i smell something...

it's an itsy bitsy teeny weeny whiff of 火藥味!!

saw some unflattering comments in the shoutbox...well, all i can say is, if it's something i really did wrong that offended you, my sincere apologies. but if u're making groundless criticisms or u just hate me as a person, there's nothing i can do. u've the right to speak. but perhaps u can start a hate blog for me instead and gather those who share your views. i'm sure u'll have a better time condemning me with those who agree with u than trying to fight opposition here, if u know what i mean.

and of course, many many thanks to those who stood by and defended me... :)

this is a short post...just hoping to put an end to the little dispute going on in my shoutbox.

ooh. and one more thing. PLEASE, NO VULGARITIES HERE. we're civilised people. and nice. :)