Friday, February 24, 2006

sucky day

this day SUCKS! big time.

i think if anything else suay happens, i'll have to go for anger management classes. but not before i scream my heart out.

i can't believe i have to retype this whole entry again. spent like 45 min typing the 1st draft, and i dunno wat i did, but i just deleted everything i had typed in those 45 min and now i'm starting from scratch. ARGH! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!! no one else to blame. just stupid me. now that's exasperating.

planned to come office early today to do some work, so that i can go on leave in peace. but am in no mood to do anything now. so decided to lament here.

today is a sucky day. it started with a gut feeling that this day just isn't gonna be good...if u've watched the tennis movie wimbledon, u'd remember the part where kirsten dunst lost her match. for no reason, those scenes just popped up in my mind this morning. so that was my premonition.

then i got up and just when i was about to wash up, i saw something that reallie irked me. my contact lens case was placed vertically, and most of the solution had leaked as a result, which meant my contact lenses were not properly cleansed. i dunno who in my family did it; this wasn't the 1st time something like that had happened, which irritated me all the more, and feeling tired and grumpy early in the morning didn't help me feel better. so i started complaining to my mum. poor mum. she had to put up with my tantrums coz there was no one else at home.

what followed was a series of events that eventually led to me blowing up. 1st of all, my newly bought lcd tv's remote control spoilt a few days ago, and i had made an appointment for repairman to come today between 2 and 5pm, but realised yesterday i couldn't make it. so i had to call the service centre again, wait for recorded voice to redirect my call to an operator, and change the appointment. shall not go into details here coz it's boring. but the point is, sometimes such nitty gritty tedious errands get on my nerves coz they die die have to be done but when there're so many other things on my mind these little tasks are just...bleah. phlips better have a good reason as to why my new tv set has problems barely 1 month into use...if not...haven't decided wat i'll do but i'll definitely boycott all their products and never recommend them to anyone.

later on, while i was getting ready to go out, i realised snuggie had made a mess in my room. he had toppled my make up storage bags and caused them to be scattered on the floor. if u use makeup, u'd know how bad it is. esp for eyeshadow cakes, they break up when dropped. and if the container's fragile, it'll probably crack. and not only did he mess up my make up, he also pushed some other stuff off other surfaces in my room. but i didn't scold him coz it's not entirely the kitten's fault for being mischievous...he's still young and i haven't been a good mum to him, can't afford much time to accompany and play with him.

then some idiot had to press our door bell by mistake and got yuanyuan all excited, and he peed under the sofa in the living room. i noticed the yellow puddle and his guilty look as i was about to leave the house. mum got irritated by that too, and i offered to clean up the mess. just as i finished the first round of wiping up with toilet paper and mopping, and was on my way to wash the mop and come back for a 2nd round of mopping, mum thot i was done and made a comment,"huh? that's all? i clean lah." normally, i would ignore her and continue cleaning. but to the already angry me, the comment implied, "u can't do a good job cleaning", which made me a little more mad, but i didn't flare up. i just left the mop on the floor and replied, "ok u mop lor." think mum wasn't exactly pleased with my cold response, but she didn't say anything.

then just as i was about to step out of the house, mum said something which made me feel quite hurt. i was like, what?? i was irritated for a reason (or in this case, many small reasons), and yes i might have said some things that i shouldn't have on impulse, but i thought mum would understand. so we quarrelled. u know, as i'm recalling this incident, i'm actually laffing. HAHA. it reallie sounds hilarious now in retrospect. ultimately boliao. so mum, i'm sorrie. shouldn't have let my feelings go outta control.

thankfully, lunch was enjoyable. :)

but things didn't get much better after lunch. came to office and checked my work an email which made me very sad. disappointed with myself and my performance and work in general. can't divulge much, but all i can say is, it's interesting how the human brain has both a penchant and a repulsion for negativities.

it's 3.37pm now. hope this day doesn't get any worse.

hope u have a good day. if not, take heart in the fact that u're not the only one. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New appliances for the not-so-new-already year

Check out my brand new super i-steamer! i can now steam my clothes efficiently AND professionally in a matter of minutes! amazing!

see? snuggie likes the i-steamer too! :)

here's another new appliance for the home! a philips lcd tv!

been a looooooooong long time since i last posted...apologies to all who visit regularly and were hoping to see some updates...been busy with work and taking care of snuggie and yuanyuan...i'm a working mum! wow...i feel so...grown up.

how was valentine's day? hope u had a happie one, whether u're single, attached or married. :)

had v-dae dinner at a turkish restaurant...would've enjoyed the ambience more if not for a very vocal child who kept screaming during his meal...felt kinda bad for his parents...i'd go mad if that's my kid!

speaking of kids, let me introduce u to my new baby!

ok it's not entirely MY's OUR baby as in everyone who contributed! thanks to all who made this possible...and thanks to all who came to support our launch party at j8! if u haven't gotten one, i strongly recommend it!! haha okok i hear u..."of course she say good la! she's one of the producers!" well, all i have to say is, it's not over the top fantastic, but it's sincere, simple, touching and u can definitely relate to at least one story. (music diary 3 audio book is out in all good cd stores.)

oh before i end, allow me to express my joy...Chelsea LOST to Middlesbrough 3-0!! WAHAHAHAHA...

ahem. ok. that's all for now.