Saturday, July 29, 2006

A story

Let me tell you a story.

Recently, my friend, D, was sent a summon and fined $130 for stopping in the bus lane during peak hours. D expected the summon, but didn't know the fine would be so much. Quite disheartening, especially when he only stopped in the bus lane for a few seconds to pick someone up.

This morning, D went to LTA to settle the fine.

At the counter, he was all ready to make payment, and feeling quite sad to pay the money (for nothing!)...after handing his atm card to the kind lady at the counter, he jokingly asked "got discount or not?"

the lady replied, "oh! are you a first time offender? ya! you can appeal."

and so D was referred to another counter where another kind lady cancelled the fine for him.


so the moral of the story is: be a true blue singaporean. always ask for discounts. :)

Friday, July 28, 2006


i do apologise.

it's been almost 2 months since i've updated this



1) late night shift + world cup = sleepless in singapore. and all i wanna do after a month of not having enough sleep is, erm, sleep.

2) change of shift = work + work + more work.

3) poor health (i suspect this is due to points 1 and 2)

4) tv filming = more work (in addition to those in point 2)

DISCLAIMER: i'm not is means i'm being productive and useful! and of course it means a little teeny weeny itsy bitsy bit of income... :)

thanks to all who have not given up on me...who've been checking this forsaken corner of the world wide web...patiently waiting for some kind of update...

okie! here we go...

13th july - hosted nuyou's 30th anniversary party at paragon! was an eye opener for me. such glamourous glitzy events are not exactly usual on my calendar...had fun checking out the stars and admiring their outfits...and it was the first time i wore anything from to toe. haha. many thanks to nuyou and Grace for arranging everything, thanks to fendi for the fabulous dress complete with accessories, and thanks of course to Andy and Passion for the gorgeous make-up and hairdo. here are some pics!

my co-host, mr Dasmond Koh, trying to look conscientious. (he was actually just killing some time while waiting for dinner to be served.)

group photo!

Andy the make-up magician!

Cecilia, 933's new promotions executive.

Zhang Zhen!

Shijia, me and my good friend Shihui

Weibin (辣妈!), Shijia and me

14th july - end of Nyx Castle. honestly, didn't expect to be so affected by this. it's just a change of shift! nothing dramatic. but well...after more than a year of hosting the show nightly, it becomes more than a show or a shift or just becomes part of everyday life, a habit, something familiar and a regular gathering of friends. so when it comes to an end, kinda feels like i've lost something...a little uneasy, a little disconcerting, a little sad and can't bear to let go...guess that's the natural feeling when one has to step out of The Comfort Zone. i recall 4 other significant times i felt the same way: when i graduated from primary school, when i graduated from secondary school, when i graduated from JC and when i graduated from uni.

P.S. if u sent an sms on my last night at Nyx Castle, thanks! i printed every single sms received that night to keep as memento.

17th july - start of 哥哥妹妹站起来! it's always fun hosting with chong qing 哥哥...every time we talk, we end up laughing...and work doesn't feel like work when it's with a it's great! and of course, without having to 熬夜, life has become more normal and less tiring...and i've become a more sociable person once again thanks to working hours that coincide with the majority, which enables me to actually see my colleagues and have nice chats with them and get to know everyone better...yippie! :)

25th july - liyi's new travelogue pre-order begins!


Sunday, July 09, 2006

italy or france??

placed my 1st bet of this world cup this evening.

*fingers crossed*

it's actually quite a crazy bet u knoe...but well, if i wanna win big with just $5, i must do something crazy rite? haha. if i win, i'll tell u wat my bet was.

my mum asked me to help her buy italy win...i'm amused. she doesn't even watch soccer. oh well, let's hope she has beginner's luck!

if u've placed bets, here's wishing u 旺旺! Big money!