Monday, November 28, 2005

Star Awards 05

Someone asked me last week, "hey, what will u be wearing next sunday?"

i was like, "next sunday? what's the occasion?"

"uh...4th dec? star awards?"

and then it dawned upon me that the awards ceremony is just a matter of days away.


well, i still don't know what i'll be wearing that day, but at least i know that day is this coming sunday.

as a school girl, i watched star awards on tv, admired all its beauty and glamour, enjoyed behind-the-scenes gossip, talked about it with friends, never once dreaming i would ever be part of the star-studded event.

never imagined i would one day have my very own voting number.

so, i took a picture to make sure it's all real.

now that i've taken the picture, i wouldn't mind if this IS a dream after all, coz who on earth gets to take a real photo in his/her dream? haha...i'll at least make the headlines on some weirdo news tabloid!

if you will be dialling the number in the picture above (or have already done so), i sincerely thank you very very much.

knowing my limited exposure on tv probably doesn't justify a nomination alongside the other nominees who've achieved so much more, i can only request that you cast a vote in my favour if you feel that i have the potential and can be given more chances to perform in future.

and if this is really not just a dream, i'll strive to prove that your support is not in vain. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

picture time!

snuggie and mummy! so small compared to me...but he's!

Andy and me, just before the launch of his book, Starlicious, at CK Tang's M.A.C counter last friday (18th Nov). reallie admire Andy for his make-up talents...he's a true artist and guru in his field.

if u want a comprehensive guide to make-up, do get his book! it's out in stores now...besides sharing his knowledge on make-up and beauty, it also features weibin, myself and some other 933 listeners as his models! hee.

yep! this is it!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

days of our lives...with snuggie

i've never been so happy to see shit.

snuggie had been constipating for about 3 days, and we were getting reallie anxious coz his tiny tummy was much too bloated. poor kitty hadn't lost his appetite, in fact he was eating a lot, which worried us all the more coz having eaten all that food and not defacating was abnormal. we tried many times to stimulate his bowel movements by using a warm wet cotton wool to stroke his butt, but nothing came out. called the vet and her advice was to feed snuggie with some liquid laxative, which we did. a few hours after taking his 1st dose, still nothing. i decided to feed him a 2nd dose. still nothing. that's bad...wat's wrong with my baby?

at about 1 plus am, while at work, i received an sms: "yes ladies and gentlemen...we have (kitty) poop!" i was soooooooo relieved! went home and admired the pile of poop which was stored in a plastic (disposable) cup, for my viewing pleasure. that was the most beautiful pile of shit i've ever seen. haha.

the next day, we waited in anticipation whenever snuggie got into a squatting position, hoping he'll poop naturally without the help of laxatives or stimulation. late in the afternoon, while we were sitting on the floor reading the papers, snuggie, who was exploring the room, suddenly came over and stepped onto the paper i was reading, sniffed around a bit, found a spot that he liked, and squatted there. a few seconds later, he pooped! haha. so cute! and clever! no one taught him to poop on the newspaper, he just did it on his own! so proud of my baby. :)

such a relieve to know that baby kitty's healthy and normal...

P.S. this has got nothing to do with snuggie or his poop, just wanna thank you all for your well wishes regarding my nomination as most popular newcomer in Star Awards. frankly i'm very very very surprised to be nominated, coz i hadn't appeared much on tv, but it is an honour and i'm very grateful. thanks too in advance to everyone who will be voting for me; the award may not (or should i say will most probably not) be mine, but knowing i have your support is more important than anything else, coz that's what keeps me going on!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

EEW. and OOH...

the saying goes, "once bitten, twice shy."

but this is not true for everyone. not for a very careless girl who is prone to dropping her handphone into the toilet bowl. me.

the only consolation? both times, i dropped the phone into the bowl AFTER flushing. hoorah.

and so it happened to me AGAIN the suntec toilet while i was about to get out of the cubicle. the whole process was like in slow mo when i saw it happened...i felt something slip out of my back pocket, and before i could react, i helplessly watched as my phone tumbled downwards, hit the toilet seat, dropped into the bowl and drowned. the water looked clear coz i've already flushed, but still, imagine the millions and billions of bacteria swimming in it...EEW.

what happened next was not the most pleasant experience, having to reach in and get that phone out. i was SO darn angry with myself!! y am i so silly?! so careless?? grr.

but well, after taking it apart and blowing dry every single part with my trusty hairdryer, my hardy phone's still alive...although i can still see streaks of "water" inside my screen...hmm.

on a happier note...
there is a piece of quite exciting but confidential and very surprising news which i wanna share here, but as i'm supposed to keep hush hush about it until a specified date in the near future so i think i'll share it when i can. :)

on another happier note...
i'm a mum!! haha...don't be too shocked...i'm NOT with child...just adopted a kitten! he's soooooooooooooo keeeeeeeeewt. love him sooooooo muchie! his name is snuggie...only about a month old...found out about him on's a story behind his fine day, as a school girl was walking home, snuggie followed some distance behind her, wanting to follow her home...but the girl was afraid of the little kitten and tried to walk faster, yet snuggie was alone and lost and determined to find safety, so he sped up too to keep up with the school girl. after a while, a kind lady saw snuggie following close behind the girl, and being the cat lover she is, asked the girl if snuggie was her cat. school girl replied "no, it just started following me out of the blue. i don't know what to do with it!" and so the kind lady decided to keep snuggie and find a good home for him.

the kind lady and her husband has also rescued many many other cats! was very moved by their kindness when i went to visit them to see snuggie. their humble hdb flat was filled with cages of all sizes, and in each cage was a cat or two sitting snugly in one corner...kinda warmed my heart to know that there are actually such kind souls in singapore who devote their lives to rescuing innocent, helpless creatures who might otherwise have be tragically mistreated...

i'll end this post with a lovely picture of my new baby...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Post SHA

ooh..long time no post...i'm back!

one busy period's over...another busy period has begun. after Singapore Hit Awards, it's time for me to retreat into our production studio away from all distractions of the outside world and start work on Music Diary CD 3...i thought i would hate it, u know, having to slog 没日没夜 producing the stories...but to my own surprise, i'm actually enjoying it quite a bit! there's a feeling of great satisfaction when i listen to my own production and think to myself, "Gee, i'm improving at this!" guess i'm slowly reaching the 走火入魔 , 苦中作乐的境界 that can only be attained when u've achieved the status of a workaholic.

how was 新加坡金曲奖? For those who attended, thanks for your support and hope u had fun! :) i had quite a bit of fun myself that the red-carpet event, then doing the 暖场, and then running all around backstage getting sound bytes from artistes...pretty taxing i must say, but fun! let's see...who do i think looked best that nite...hmm...tough question. the dress yanzi wore for red-carpet was was stella's sexy bare-back denim dress...ooh twins looked lovely too! gillian's white sparkly sweater was gorgeous...and charlene's colourful capri pants was a perfect compliment to her long slender legs...and i must say fish's red dress made her look stunning. energy looked great too, like 3 princes on a royal tour...and as usual...ah xin was charming even though he dressed simply...haha i can go on and on forever...okok so EVERYONE looked great! loved the earrings i wore for the i bought them! hee...i can even shop while at work! *applause* would love to buy the dresses liyi wore that nite pretty!! i like...but think they must cost quite a bit!

just had lunch at ichiban-boshi (again) u know of the fantastic $5 deal they've got going on? it's great! for just $5, u can choose from a selection of meals that comes complete with a delectable jap main course, 4 gyozas (饺子), a bowl of miso soup, and a drink! and the most important thing is, every single part of the meal's reallie yummie...not like anyhow cook one. NICE. it's only available from 3 to 5:30pm but that works out well for me coz i wake up at around 12 noon/1pm so lunch for me is around that time...tried their soft shell crab hand roll today too...NICE!! freshly fried soft shell crab wrapped in crispy seaweed together with fragrant japanese rice and a variety of delicious condiments...*slurp* i must say, it's one of the best soft shell crab hand roll i've ever eaten...regardless of what jap food connoisseurs might say.

okie that's all for now folks!