Friday, September 19, 2008


i've always thought the word busy doesn't sound busy enough.

it's too long.

i mean, when someone's really really so busy, there's just no time to pronounce a word with more than one syllable, much less spell it with 4 letters. why can't busy be just "bu" or "sy"? u know, like, "i'm bu. talk to you later." or "i'm sy, call you later." by slashing one syllable off the word, precious milliseconds can be saved. and every millisecond counts when u're bu. or sy.

which brings me to my next point. those who keep complaining that they're so busy, they're really not that busy. coz if u're so busy, u'll have no time at all to think about how busy you are, much less complain about it. (unless someone else brings up the point with a question like, "u look tired, are u busy?" or "how's life?")

as u can see, i'm not very busy right now. because i have the time to ponder about the concept of being busy. am grateful for the luxury of time to spend on such musings.

but i've been busy. with the following...


as creator/co-writer/actress, i'm keeping my fingers crossed n hoping that 933's latest radio drama will be well-received. so far, i've received a few encouraging comments. on behalf of the whole 933 team, thank you for your support. do let me know your thoughts too, if you have any. :)

the script came from an inspiration to write a story about realizing dreams. and since 933 is a pop music station and i'm a DJ, what better topic to write a radio drama about than the music industry? chong qing shared the same idea, and so we decided to combine forces and put our ideas into action.

broadcast timings are 930am, 230pm, 730pm and 1030pm. if u missed any episodes, do visit the official website:
just click on the arrow at the bottom left corner of the picture, and u can read online the actual scripts of each episode.


my 2nd attempt at acting. but this was very different from the children's drama i did earlier, mainly because this is a telemovie and the story is more emotional. there're two main parts to the story, one is about family and the other about love. dun wanna disclose too much information yet, but i must say i was very moved by the story when i first read the script. my biggest worry was whether i could cry on much that i even went online to google "how to cry on cue". haha. had fun working with the director, make-artists, stylists, filming crew, and of course 琼芳姐, dasmond, joshua, and all the other very talented actors and actresses, from whom i'm learnt a whole lot.

the movie will be out on DVD sometime october, if everything goes as planned. please do support? thanks! :) here're some pics from filming...

when we filmed on the 13th of sept, the team prepared a birthday cake for me...very touched. thank you all! :)

非常Superband 2

if you've been following the competition, u'd know by now that we're nearing the finals. how time flies. and i'm very very thankful for this experience, learnt so much from it. finals are on the 5th of oct, sunday, and besides the intense competition among the final 4, there will be performances by 五月天, Beyond, and bands from the 1st season of Superband, including champions 迷路兵. dunno about you, but i'm definitely so looking forward to it!


enjoyed interviewing 小寒 very much. her unassuming and sisterly demeanour belies her talents and accomplishments, though her warmness wasn't a surprise to me because i've interviewed her before.

创作初体验 is aired on wednesdays at 830pm and repeats on saturdays at 1030am. xiaohan's interview, in which she shares very interesting stories about lyrics she has written, is edited into 2 parts and broadcasts this and next week, and i'll be interviewing 包小松 very soon. stay tuned...

this post is getting a bit long huh.

but this next part is a must. a big thank you to all who've given me birthday wishes/gifts in one way or another, and, this reply is a bit late, but to those who noticed the plaster on my elbow a few weeks ago, yes, i did bump my elbow and wounded it, but it's all well now! thank you for your concern. :)

and now, time to get bu/sy again...