Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happie New Year!

I hate year-end sales. ok to be more specific, i hate buying things at year-end sales. it's like the whole of singapore forgot to shop for the entire year, and suddenly everyone decided to hit the stores like there's no tomorrow. Sales are madness. Sales are shopping wars. If not psychologically and physically prepared, sales can leave u traumatised and bruised. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

when i finally mustered enough courage to brave the pandemonium for a winter down jacket that i've been eyeing, i had a rough idea of what i'm in for. crowds, queues, sweat, squeezing my way through, and maybe raising my voice to get the salesgirl's attention. at the shop, it was just as expected: throngs of shoppers trying to make their way around, even more shoppers flipping through piles of clothes that looked as if they were discarded rather than discounted, salesgirls in a frenzy, and the whole place was saturated with rowdy shoppers' banter mostly made up of people yelling "excuse me!", "ouch!", "sorrie!", "stop pushing!" and "can you get me a new piece?"

i wonder if aliens on another planet are getting a live telecast of the scenes at sales in singapore. if they're watching it on their tvs, they must be pretty intrigued. it's like reality tv. they could call it The Sale Survivor: outwit, outlast, outbuy. the aliens will be so entertained by us humans, they may even call off any plans to exterminate us.

i wanted to get my jacket asap and run home and hide. far from the maddening crowd. there i was, having finally laid my hands on the jacket, patiently waiting for the salesgirl to hand me a new piece in the correct size, when i was rudely jolted by a push from the back. this auntie was in such a hurry to goodness knows where that she simply shoved her way past me, without so much as a word of apology having bumped into me. wow. sales reallie do bring out the uglier side of singaporeans huh. i was reasonably offended, but more anxious to get myself and my precious jacket safely home - in one piece. so, in record time, i checked the item, paid and dashed out of mayhem. phew!

my lovely black jacket is now proudly hung up in my wardrobe, as a testimony to my courage and survival. victory!

wonder if anyone fears sales as much as i do? don't think i'm going for any in the near future. unless there's something reallie nice that i reallie want like that black jacket la. :P

OOH! 2006 is less than an hour away!! so exciting!! here's wishing each and every one of u a wonderful new year filled with blessings, love, joy, peace and good health. Happie New Year!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Inspired by Jaws, one of the most successful action thriller series in film history, The latest action and adventure blockbuster starring SNUGGIE the menace!

Synopsis: the humdrum lives of normal folks are rudely disrupted when Snuggie the menace claws his way through town! It is no longer safe to sleep without covering oneself with a blanket from head to toe - the cunning cat may just pick you as his next victim and sink his razor-sharp teeth into your skin! Clothes are ripped and torn by the coldblooded claws of the cruel culprit; precious items at home are toppled, shattered, damaged and ruined with a wave of his intimidating paw. He sneaks, he pounces, he leaps, and he scratches! Stealthy Snuggie creates havoc without any mercy, leaving his victims helpless and constantly fearful. When will he strike again? Will a hero emerge to stop the indomitable Snuggie from harming more lives? Only time will tell...

OUCH! Such ruthless scratches! Physical scars may heal, but pain and fear in the hearts of the innocent will stay as long as Snuggie is still at large...


tis the season to be jolly, so let's make peace and not war k? :)

magical flower & valerhwye: thank u so much for your support...but as u've probably realised, there's no need to engage in a senseless quarrel with someone who doesn't share ur views. hope u won't stop visiting this blog due to bad experience...

and to all neutral readers / supporters of this blog, thanks once again...sorrie haven't been blogging regularly or often enough, but rest assure i'll blog whenever i can or whenever something interesting happens! and let's allow everyone to have the freedom of speech as long as his/her speech is coherent, reasonable and civilised (i.e. no vulgar lang). if u think it's just a load of rubbish, just ignore it okie? :)

gave myself a little treat yesterday...if u're into the whole spa/facial thingy, u mite wanna check out this new place called pink parlour ( it's a nice quiet little shophouse tucked away in a peaceful corner near mohd the whole black and pink colour scheme and their kitty logo. chic decor + cosy feel + friendly staff = wonderful spa experience! tried their signature chocolate revitaliser facial...and true to its name, i was revitalised! skincare products used at pink parlour are brought in from Switzerland and their treatments use pure oxygen to cleanse and rejuvenate skin. and yes, they did smear chocolate on my face, but it didn't feel weird or gooey at all. in fact, the scent of chocolate triggered an endorphin release which made me so relaxed and of my most enjoyable facials ever. and even the part i hated most-where the therapist squeezes out black/white heads-didn't hurt at all! it was just a very comfortable and soothing session. wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but think i actually saw an improvement in my skin immediately after the facial. went with a friend and she found her smoothie facial pretty good too. haha we ended up having our mani and pedi done there as well...spent the whole afternoon (about 4 plus hours) there! definitely going back to be pampered again...

Monday, December 12, 2005

interaction time!

heyo again!

been a long time since i last replied ur comments/tag...not that i don't read them, i do read my blog whenever i don't stop sharing what u think/feel k? :)
saw some pretty critical comments the other day...took them down coz didn't want them to cause any disputes here. but just wanna say a big big BIG thank you to lala_123456 and vinceable and xdd_rulz for your positive/defensive reactions...reallie very touched. (but no need to scold ppl ugly/loser la...not very nice...even if it's true...oops.) n to those of u who're sceptical about my gratitude to my supporters...just wanna say i may not know each and every one of u by name or face, but i am very very thankful that u even bother to listen to my programme, that u even bother to remember my name, and even more appreciative of the words of encouragement from u. thank u thank u thank u! :)))
fong: yepyep quite enjoyed 2 stress-free days without having to work...hee. but happie to be back at work too! coz slack too long oso no good...will turn mouldy one...
yong hong: still on internship? is it in india? drop me a msg or two some time to let me know how's life over there k?
jeanette: o genki desu ka? :) reallie? u got me a pressie from japan? ooh u reallie shouldn't have...arigato gozaimasu! must have had fun there ya? i went to see ur pics from the trip...the brown and white foxes are sooooooooo CUTE!
jazz: nope didn't order beer that nite coz was driving...but will try your recommendation next time! visited ur! and your popo's chicken curry sure looks yummy...

okies gotta go feed snuggie and yuan yuan beloved babies...i'll end with pictures of the 2 irresistable cuties!

yuanyuan: woof! grrrr...the ball is mine! i'll bite if u take it! grrr...

snuggie: meow! watcha lookin at?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Long time no post!

haven't been posting here for some time...sorrie to those who visit regularly! and thanks to all for your words of encouragement and consolation...very sweet of u. :) but but but don't pretend to be me in my shoutbox leh...i only ask ppl who scold vulgarities here to shut up, won't ask nice ppl to shut up one. shoutbox is for "shouting" so if everyone shuts up then no one will say anything in the shoutbox, then it's gonna b a very sad shoutbox...

let's see...last sun and mon were the 2 most exciting days of my life (so far). after attending star awards and hosting the post awards party, i had to calm myself down, catch as much sleep as possible, then wake up the next day to doll up, and go meet takeshi kaneshiro! hee. i must say...he is REALLIE VERY CUTE. at perhaps love movie press con, i sat right next to him on stage and when he was answering my questions, he looked straight into my eyes and i almost, almost lost concentration. but fortunately i remained professional and didn't start swooning at his dreamy eyes. haha...was very glad to see him in person up close...

was on leave thur and fri...finally got my much needed break. did some shopping on thur, got myself a new watch from Guess...nice! went to a great place called jerry's bbq and grill for dinner on fri nite...thanks to junli and xiang ge :) must must must recommend this place to u! we went to the one at jalan kayu (along the row of prata places), which is the original, but there are 2 other new outlets, one at club street and the other at tanglin shopping centre. to find out more, u can visit their website:

food at jerry's was G-R-E-A-T!! Yummilicious!! Fantastic!! and i'm not exaggerrating. the very kind and generous lady boss treated the 3 of us to a sumptuous meal of their most famous dishes including clam chowder in bread bowl (rich and creamy broth brimming with fresh seafood), buffalo wings (spicy, crispy and very tasty), fried shrooms (they originated from jerry's, according to the boss), californian salad (refreshingly healthy), baby back pork ribs (sweet and juicy), sirloin steak (quality beef cooked to perfection and topped with original jerry's black pepper sauce), spaghetti alo alo (with prawns, scallops and mushrooms so fresh and plentiful) and wrapped it up with a sinful yet oh-so-lovely dessert of their very own freshly baked brownie with vanilla ice-cream. wow. i've not had such a satisfying meal in a while. and every single dish was soooo good, i can't tell u which is my favourite! besides savoury starters and main courses, jerry's has a wide selection of drinks (from smoothies to beer to wine) and desserts too! u should reallie stop reading and just go try it yourself! bring your friends and family too!

above: clam chowder in bread bowl! *slurp*

above: can't wait to start! yummy!

below: mouth-watering buffalo wings...mmm...

above: i love spaghetti alo alo!

below: juicy sirloin steak...

below: a sweet end to a perfect meal...brownie and vanilla ice cream...ooh...

if u're worrying about price, don't. the prices at jerry's are very reasonable, much like any other restaurant's. for $18, u can get a large serving of spaghetti. and the steak's also below $30. remember that u're not only paying for good food, but also for good service and great ambience. the jalan kayu outlet was set up by an ex US air force officer called Jerry, so in line with the theme, the place is decorated with air craft posters, pictures, calendars and maps, and even real parts from planes! the whole feel is very homely and cosy with a hint of nostalgia...makes for a wonderful culinary experience!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Star Awards 05

Someone asked me last week, "hey, what will u be wearing next sunday?"

i was like, "next sunday? what's the occasion?"

"uh...4th dec? star awards?"

and then it dawned upon me that the awards ceremony is just a matter of days away.


well, i still don't know what i'll be wearing that day, but at least i know that day is this coming sunday.

as a school girl, i watched star awards on tv, admired all its beauty and glamour, enjoyed behind-the-scenes gossip, talked about it with friends, never once dreaming i would ever be part of the star-studded event.

never imagined i would one day have my very own voting number.

so, i took a picture to make sure it's all real.

now that i've taken the picture, i wouldn't mind if this IS a dream after all, coz who on earth gets to take a real photo in his/her dream? haha...i'll at least make the headlines on some weirdo news tabloid!

if you will be dialling the number in the picture above (or have already done so), i sincerely thank you very very much.

knowing my limited exposure on tv probably doesn't justify a nomination alongside the other nominees who've achieved so much more, i can only request that you cast a vote in my favour if you feel that i have the potential and can be given more chances to perform in future.

and if this is really not just a dream, i'll strive to prove that your support is not in vain. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

picture time!

snuggie and mummy! so small compared to me...but he's!

Andy and me, just before the launch of his book, Starlicious, at CK Tang's M.A.C counter last friday (18th Nov). reallie admire Andy for his make-up talents...he's a true artist and guru in his field.

if u want a comprehensive guide to make-up, do get his book! it's out in stores now...besides sharing his knowledge on make-up and beauty, it also features weibin, myself and some other 933 listeners as his models! hee.

yep! this is it!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

days of our lives...with snuggie

i've never been so happy to see shit.

snuggie had been constipating for about 3 days, and we were getting reallie anxious coz his tiny tummy was much too bloated. poor kitty hadn't lost his appetite, in fact he was eating a lot, which worried us all the more coz having eaten all that food and not defacating was abnormal. we tried many times to stimulate his bowel movements by using a warm wet cotton wool to stroke his butt, but nothing came out. called the vet and her advice was to feed snuggie with some liquid laxative, which we did. a few hours after taking his 1st dose, still nothing. i decided to feed him a 2nd dose. still nothing. that's bad...wat's wrong with my baby?

at about 1 plus am, while at work, i received an sms: "yes ladies and gentlemen...we have (kitty) poop!" i was soooooooo relieved! went home and admired the pile of poop which was stored in a plastic (disposable) cup, for my viewing pleasure. that was the most beautiful pile of shit i've ever seen. haha.

the next day, we waited in anticipation whenever snuggie got into a squatting position, hoping he'll poop naturally without the help of laxatives or stimulation. late in the afternoon, while we were sitting on the floor reading the papers, snuggie, who was exploring the room, suddenly came over and stepped onto the paper i was reading, sniffed around a bit, found a spot that he liked, and squatted there. a few seconds later, he pooped! haha. so cute! and clever! no one taught him to poop on the newspaper, he just did it on his own! so proud of my baby. :)

such a relieve to know that baby kitty's healthy and normal...

P.S. this has got nothing to do with snuggie or his poop, just wanna thank you all for your well wishes regarding my nomination as most popular newcomer in Star Awards. frankly i'm very very very surprised to be nominated, coz i hadn't appeared much on tv, but it is an honour and i'm very grateful. thanks too in advance to everyone who will be voting for me; the award may not (or should i say will most probably not) be mine, but knowing i have your support is more important than anything else, coz that's what keeps me going on!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

EEW. and OOH...

the saying goes, "once bitten, twice shy."

but this is not true for everyone. not for a very careless girl who is prone to dropping her handphone into the toilet bowl. me.

the only consolation? both times, i dropped the phone into the bowl AFTER flushing. hoorah.

and so it happened to me AGAIN the suntec toilet while i was about to get out of the cubicle. the whole process was like in slow mo when i saw it happened...i felt something slip out of my back pocket, and before i could react, i helplessly watched as my phone tumbled downwards, hit the toilet seat, dropped into the bowl and drowned. the water looked clear coz i've already flushed, but still, imagine the millions and billions of bacteria swimming in it...EEW.

what happened next was not the most pleasant experience, having to reach in and get that phone out. i was SO darn angry with myself!! y am i so silly?! so careless?? grr.

but well, after taking it apart and blowing dry every single part with my trusty hairdryer, my hardy phone's still alive...although i can still see streaks of "water" inside my screen...hmm.

on a happier note...
there is a piece of quite exciting but confidential and very surprising news which i wanna share here, but as i'm supposed to keep hush hush about it until a specified date in the near future so i think i'll share it when i can. :)

on another happier note...
i'm a mum!! haha...don't be too shocked...i'm NOT with child...just adopted a kitten! he's soooooooooooooo keeeeeeeeewt. love him sooooooo muchie! his name is snuggie...only about a month old...found out about him on's a story behind his fine day, as a school girl was walking home, snuggie followed some distance behind her, wanting to follow her home...but the girl was afraid of the little kitten and tried to walk faster, yet snuggie was alone and lost and determined to find safety, so he sped up too to keep up with the school girl. after a while, a kind lady saw snuggie following close behind the girl, and being the cat lover she is, asked the girl if snuggie was her cat. school girl replied "no, it just started following me out of the blue. i don't know what to do with it!" and so the kind lady decided to keep snuggie and find a good home for him.

the kind lady and her husband has also rescued many many other cats! was very moved by their kindness when i went to visit them to see snuggie. their humble hdb flat was filled with cages of all sizes, and in each cage was a cat or two sitting snugly in one corner...kinda warmed my heart to know that there are actually such kind souls in singapore who devote their lives to rescuing innocent, helpless creatures who might otherwise have be tragically mistreated...

i'll end this post with a lovely picture of my new baby...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Post SHA

ooh..long time no post...i'm back!

one busy period's over...another busy period has begun. after Singapore Hit Awards, it's time for me to retreat into our production studio away from all distractions of the outside world and start work on Music Diary CD 3...i thought i would hate it, u know, having to slog 没日没夜 producing the stories...but to my own surprise, i'm actually enjoying it quite a bit! there's a feeling of great satisfaction when i listen to my own production and think to myself, "Gee, i'm improving at this!" guess i'm slowly reaching the 走火入魔 , 苦中作乐的境界 that can only be attained when u've achieved the status of a workaholic.

how was 新加坡金曲奖? For those who attended, thanks for your support and hope u had fun! :) i had quite a bit of fun myself that the red-carpet event, then doing the 暖场, and then running all around backstage getting sound bytes from artistes...pretty taxing i must say, but fun! let's see...who do i think looked best that nite...hmm...tough question. the dress yanzi wore for red-carpet was was stella's sexy bare-back denim dress...ooh twins looked lovely too! gillian's white sparkly sweater was gorgeous...and charlene's colourful capri pants was a perfect compliment to her long slender legs...and i must say fish's red dress made her look stunning. energy looked great too, like 3 princes on a royal tour...and as usual...ah xin was charming even though he dressed simply...haha i can go on and on forever...okok so EVERYONE looked great! loved the earrings i wore for the i bought them! hee...i can even shop while at work! *applause* would love to buy the dresses liyi wore that nite pretty!! i like...but think they must cost quite a bit!

just had lunch at ichiban-boshi (again) u know of the fantastic $5 deal they've got going on? it's great! for just $5, u can choose from a selection of meals that comes complete with a delectable jap main course, 4 gyozas (饺子), a bowl of miso soup, and a drink! and the most important thing is, every single part of the meal's reallie yummie...not like anyhow cook one. NICE. it's only available from 3 to 5:30pm but that works out well for me coz i wake up at around 12 noon/1pm so lunch for me is around that time...tried their soft shell crab hand roll today too...NICE!! freshly fried soft shell crab wrapped in crispy seaweed together with fragrant japanese rice and a variety of delicious condiments...*slurp* i must say, it's one of the best soft shell crab hand roll i've ever eaten...regardless of what jap food connoisseurs might say.

okie that's all for now folks!

Friday, October 28, 2005

For Soccer Fans Only

This is hilarious!!

for those who've heard it on class 95, well, it's worth another laugh...great work by the people at today fm (irish radio station) who produced it!

Check 'em out --> Jose The Special One & Jose The Special One 2

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Time flies

Wow. it's already the end of oct...
when i was a school girl, days seemed to pass more slowly than they do now. i remember having to painfully scrape through the last week or so of each month because i'd spent all my money and had to wait till the following month's "pay day" to get my next allowance. Nowadays, ironically, as much as i welcome pay day, i wish it'll take its time to come...i wish i could live each day before pay day as fully as possible...i wish time wouldn't take flight so precisely without so much as giving me a chance to appreciate every minute, every second...
anyway, this month's pay day has passed again and so it means the end of the month. november's coming...which means Singapore Hit Awards is coming too! are YOU part of THE annual star-studded music event?

got a taste of chinese new year yesterday. went for photoshoot and song recording for next year's mediacorp CNY album (which made me hate my own singing, but let's not go there...). loved the mini tee i wore for the shoot! there were 3 cute beagle puppies on it (coz next year's 狗年)...reminds me of the beagle that stays at one of the mansions around mediacorp. he's a brave wanderer! his owner actually lets him run freely around the neighbourhood, and according to some makeup artists, the adventurous beagle can even cross the overhead bridge to macritchie reservoir for a jog on his own! amazing how he never got clever!

beagles are so cute and intelligent, i simply have to put a picture of the cutie pie here.

ooh...i'm tempted once again to get another doggie...but i can't! doggies are a huge's like giving birth to a won't have the time nor money to take good care of new doggie...sigh. BUT i already have yuan yuan! he's the cutest and smartest doggie in the world...i love yuanyuan! :)

had lunch at a place called 快乐屋@ suntec today...but 快乐屋 did not make me 快乐 at all! the combination of not-so-good food and bad service and long waiting time certainly did not make my meal there a 快乐 affair...after indicating our orders on the form provided, my friend and i tried to hand the form to woman at counter. but woman at counter was more interested in yelling at her auntie colleague than serving us. i mean, hello? at least acknowledge your customers' presence and take the order form instead of totally ignoring them? after quite a while, she finally gave up yelling (i think auntie was asking her about a missing order but other than yelling, woman at counter didn't provide much help to auntie in distress), and finished fiddling with her cash register, and attended to us, all this while without even so much as casting one look at us or being apologetic about making us wait. rude pple should not be treated nicely. so i ignored her when she handed me the receipt. she held it in mid-air obviously right in front of me, but i pretended to be occupied with something else. in the end she had no choice but to treat me like i exist and ask me to take the receipt...

sometimes i wonder y ppl can't be nice to others who are nice to them...i guess not everyone has a good day and our moods can't always be good, but i feel it's only right to be as pleasant as possible to innocent parties who have nothing to do with our bad moods. why spoil someone's day just because i'm unhappy when everyone could be happier if i could just forget about my own unhappiness and be nice?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What's wrong...

with my blog? i also come the words cannot see one...hmm...*wonders*

Sunday, October 23, 2005

SRA 2005

i must say...altho the food at shangri-la came in posh puny portions, i reallie loved it! i got such a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in being able to finish everything that was on my plate! it's a great place to host dinners...good service, great ambience...i'm thinking of having my wedding dinner there...*dreams*

anywayz, 1st of all, YAY!!! 933 clinched the FAVOURITE CHINESE RADIO STATION award!! YIPPIE!! YAAHOO!! Thanks to all of u who voted!! We reallie couldn't have done it without u... :))))

AND, congrats to Cruz, who is 933's favourite radio personality!

Congrats to Mary too...for being Carlsberg's friendliest radio personality!

Music Diary won the Best Radio Show Award!! All credit goes to Lingzhi...and i'm stressed!! how to keep up the good work?? *worried, clutch hair*

the 933 table was one of the noisiest...we just kept screaming and cheering whenever we heard the emcee mention anything about 933...haha. think the wine contributed to some of our craziness.

A big heartfelt "THANK YOU" to everyone who did vote for me, be it for the SRA or the Friday Weekly poll. Thank you very very very much for your support!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Poor doggie...

Play Dead: Dog Diagnosed With Narcolepsy
Poodle Diagnosed With Narcolepsy, a Rare Condition That Makes Him Sleep in Mid-Activity

The Associated Press

CHUBBUCK, Idaho - What should be some of a dog's greatest joys in life have become Skeeter's worst nightmare. Food, a chance at chasing a squirrel, going for a walk, or even an opportunity to sniff another dog all have the same effect on the 11-pound toy poodle: he's out cold.

"He has no personality right now," Shari Henderson told the Idaho State Journal. "It is scary. I don't want him turning into a couch pillow."

The condition, narcolepsy, is extremely rare in dogs and has fascinated Skeeter's veterinarian, Walter Rowntree of Bannock Animal Medical Center in Pocatello. The condition is so rare, Rowntree said, that there are no statistics available about its prevalence in dogs.

"I called four or five colleagues to brag that I'd diagnosed a narcoleptic dog," said Rowntree, who first examined Skeeter on Oct. 11 because of an enlarged lymph node.

The condition is more common in humans but has been documented in some dogs, horses, ponies and a single Brahman bull. It is caused by a disconnect between the normal sleep-wake cycle, triggered by excitement that causes the afflicted to go from being awake straight into a deep sleep. In humans, strong emotion triggers attacks, and dogs have strong emotions about eating, Rowntree said.

Stanford University researchers who studied a narcoleptic group of Dobermans discovered the dogs all lacked a certain brain protein involved in wakefulness.

With Skeeter, initially, only the sight of food triggered attacks. His condition has progressively gotten worse, and Rowntree hopes the human medication he prescribed for Skeeter on Tuesday Ritalin and an antidepressant will help restore Skeeter's normal routine.

Rowntree also notified faculty at the veterinary school at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash., who requested video footage of Skeeter.
Skeeter once spent his afternoons roaming the fence line in the Henderson's one-acre yard. When Shari's husband, Darrell, took him for two-mile walks, he pulled on the chain wanting to walk faster.

Now that Skeeter falls asleep in mid-trot, the Hendersons place him in a stroller for his customary walk.

Skeeter can no longer eat regular dog food, so the Hendersons hand-feed him cooked vegetables and lunch meat. To keep Skeeter awake during the meal, they hold up his back legs and massage his neck.

Aside from the danger of falling asleep in mid-activity, Rowntree said narcoleptic dogs can live as long as healthy dogs.

But Rowntree also noted that there's no joy for a dog who can't stay awake to experience the things he once loved to do.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Brand new look! - behind the scenes.

Thanks to all for the positive response with regards to this blog's face-lift!
here're some questions answered:
1. How did i change the blog background?
  • i basically took an existing template from and changed the original background pics to my own custom designed ones to create a new background. sounds cheem? NO! if i (a html idiot) can do it, anyone can! (well, actually i had help...) just click on the template tab and go search for the background part amidst the html gibberish and change those .jpg / .gif files to your own. if u wanna see what pic u're changing, just copy the whole file name, for eg "http://www.blogblog.bkgd.jpg", and paste it in a new internet explorer window to see wat pic it is. it takes some time to find the right file, but it's quite simple once u get the hang of it. and once u know how, u can custom design any blog template!

2. How did i create the title bar and photo album?

  • did that using macromedia flash...dabbled with it in uni so roughly know how to create simple flash animations. if u have the programme, just go online and search for flash user help...think there're many flash tutorials available online. but before u can see your new background / flash animations on your blog, u need to host the stuff somewhere online 1st...wonder if can host at blogspot...?

haha...i feel honoured answering your questions...actually i dunno much about creating websites...i'm no expert lah...*blush*

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Brand new look!

i did it all by myself! *gives myself a pat on the back*'s time to sleep...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Procrastinator


i'm supposed to be working hard on a project now, but i can't bring myself to do it.

maybe i'm stressed. or just plain lazy.

for tasks that have to be done out of responsibility and not interest, i'm the kind of person who thinks there's all the time in the world until there really isn't. but i won't panic. i will only work myself to death trying to finish what i have to do. which really is unnecessary coz if u think about it i had so much time to do it slowly but because i procrastinated, i ended up having to work myself to death (or almost). so i'm really the one who is to blame.

so all those stuff are still lying on my table glaring reproachingly at me, but i'm like

and when time finally runs out and i look like this

that's when i'll do something. cheers.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

my take on...


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macdonalds happy meal. hellokitty. book buddies! tikam machines! cute stuff. wanna expaND my collection!

Love and Relationships...


觉得把 "我爱你" 挂在嘴边没诚意, 却又老是嫌你没说你爱我.
希望你时时刻刻照顾我, 保护我, 却又怪你没给我足够自由.
想要独立自主, 却又责骂你没帮我做主.

睡眠不足的我, 很难搞.
承受压力的我, 很难搞.
肚子饿坏的我, 很难搞.
每月一次的我, 很难搞.

谢谢你, 还爱我.

Supporters of this blog...

Thanks thanks and more thanks! :)
P.S. to someone who asked...yes! i remember who's koo xiuling...classmate in st nicks sec 3 n 4 faith 96/97...

Unidentified beings that post vulgarities on my blog...

GET LOST. (i do hope they understand normal human language.)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Man U vs Fulham

Final score: 3 - 2 to Man U.
Just one thought: what did the stupid commentator mean by saying Park wasn't good in the 2nd half?! does he expect every player to be spectacular every minute in the game?? and for goodness sake, Park was one of the few running almost everywhere...unlike some strolling lazy bum called nistelrooy...

Man U vs Fulham

After the 1st half...

Ferdinand sucks!!

Man of the match: Park Ji Sung! (his name should b on the scoreboard, NOT nistelrooy. bleah.)

Sunday, September 25, 2005


watched the last 20 plus entertaining minutes of liverpool vs birmingham, which ended in a 2-2 draw.

i've come to the conclusion that:
  1. cisse is crap. but he thinks he's great. so that makes him a joke.

also watched the very infuriating match between manchester united and blackburn, which ended in a 2-1 win for blackburn.

i've come to the conclusion that:

  1. man u 活该.
  2. fergie should quit.
  3. everyone in man u sucks, with the exception of park and van der sar who are both brilliant, and maybe smith. but sadly, i suspect fergie doesn't know that...he's still living in the good old days when man u was truly one of the best.

oh well, it's reallie not my problem. yawnz...time to sleep...

P.S. i think there're some confusions as to which team i support...well, i've been a man u fan since the days of eric cantona (disclaimer: i'm a supporter, not fanatic), but their performance recently has been reallie disappointing...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Yet another weekend goes by

Saturday U know u're seriously getting older when 1) u start using the phrases "good old days" and "想当年". 2) u start receiving wedding and baby shower invitations from friends of about the same age. 3) u get the feeling no new song / tv show / movie compares to those that u grew up with.

met up with a group of friends at a pretty cool chill-out place called liquid kitchen (along thomson road, just beside long house and a petrol station). heard from an old sec sch good friend about how some other gals from our batch are doing. some are married, some even have kids...and some others have become doctors, reporters, career women, some moved overseas to pursue their dreams...and i just thought to myself "My, things have changed..." we used to all be school girls in the same school uniform attending the same classes, and now, our lives are so different. hearing about them somehow brought back memories of those carefree days when life was much simpler and being happy was so much easier...ah...the good old days...there! evidence of ageing.

Sunday snow wolf lake didn't live up to my expectations. honestly. not that it fact everything was fantastic...the songs, the music, the live band, the stage, lighting, special effects, and of course the entire cast and their singing (love evonne hsu's voice...and jacky cheung was, as usual, heavenly)...but the one thing that held everything together was an utter disappointment: the story. come on...i'm sure the professionals who conceptualized the musical can do better than that? if the problem was just some technical fault or perhaps a lacklustre performance from a cast member, it would've been easier to ignore and forgive, but the story! sigh. i just felt kinda sad at the end...not just for the audience who paid for a supposedly critically acclaimed and much anticipated musical, but also for the entire cast and crew who've put in so much effort for the show but failed to convince and connect, simply bcoz of a weak plot. and reallie, i'm quite surprised that no one bothered to improve on it all these years...

Monday yeah. that's today. i'm supposed to be tidying up my room. almost done (i wish). it's now in a mess so i better get back to it...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

3 birthday cakes for me! Yippie!

Yummy cheese cake from Sweet Secrets. Thanks to Andy and Stanley for the pleasant surprise! Special thanks to Jiahui and Junli too...

My favourite birthday cake this year...and the bestest present!

Princessy birthday cake from Swensen's! Very yummy too...thanks to Chor Meng and Where in Singapore crew...Tho had to film on that day, everyone was reallie nice and lunch was great!

Thanks too to everyone who sent beautiful birthday wishes that warmed my heart...

especially liked this one:

Count your nights by Stars, not shadows; count your days by Smiles, not tears; and as you celebrate your birthday, count your age by Friends, not years.

Nice. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A gift of love

Thank you dear...with all my heart. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Nyx castle lives on!!

Guess many of u should've known by now, wef 5th Sept 2005, major changes will be heard on yes 93.3, but your late night companion, Ni ke si de cheng bao, will not be affected.

*applause* *cheer*...and maybe some *boos*?

haha...well, for those who've alwiz been supportive, thanks thanks and more thanks...hope this piece of not-so-new news is good news for u. for those who simply can't stand me/my voice, erm, well, i can't do anything about it! 小女子只不过是想混口饭吃, 我还得养自己, 家人和爱犬圆圆啊...

for me, no change is more good news than bad...of course i won't mind trying something new (i've been stuck with nite shifts for 2 yrs, looking more and more like a panda now, and 眼袋大过眼睛 liao), but i'm getting kinda comfy with the freedom and ease of doing the late nite show...feels like i'm having a nice get together with friends...when i get calls/smses from pple i know, it's like catching up...when i get calls/smses from 1st timers, it's like getting to know someone there's basically no other time-belt that allows me to chit-chat with listeners/talk rubbish/tell jokes that are not very funny/play silly games/tell ghost stories (for ONCE i can actually scare people without being scared myself) except for the late nite shift! so, YAY! u'll still be hearing me on Nyx's Castle every Mon to Fri, 11pm to 2 am. whether u like it or not. :)

oh yes! the Singapore Radio Awards voting campaign has begun! don't forget to vote for Yes 93.3! for those who have voted, thanks! for those who haven't, vote now! (or soon!)

P.S. <<--- rewind to last thurs
hosted yida's campus concert at nanyang poly. enjoyed myself very much! i must say i was very impressed by the hospitable and thoughtful student helpers who organised the concert...thanks for making the evening reallie fun! guess i should be able to see u guys and gals again the next time i'm there for another campus concert...ooh and thanks too for the NYP's reallie nice! wah now schools oso coming up with all kinds of collectibles...not bad not bad...i can start my collection...

Friday, August 26, 2005

To: members of the fan club

Finally had time to read it...
This special thanks is going out to those who contributed to the scrap book...your words of encouragement mean a lot to me...

Thank you all so much... :)

it's picture time!

I've decided to make good use of my digicam. i'm gonna bring it with me everywhere i go. i wanna capture memorable moments in my life now that will never exist again.

so here's a picture story of tai tai high-tea day with my dearest friends on the 20th of August, 2005.

Yummy!! Goodwood Park Hotel's famous durian pudding!! The best i've ever's all the essence of a durian stuffed into that small bowl! Mmmm...

What's a high-tea session without the pretty tea lady?

Why is it called HIGH-tea? Coz u lift it HIGH off the table to drink...*bleah*

Posers unite! The tai tai pose!

The high tea ladies...check out that huge durian behind!

P.S. Thanks for the great afternoon gals...looking forward to our next gathering!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dear Evelyn...

Heyo...sorrie i didn't stay after the superstar show as was quite a frenzy and i was hustled up the bus coz the rest (supserstars and crew) had to rush off...thanks for coming to support! really appreciate it...hope to c ya again soon! :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Sharing my joy!

Yesterday was just like any other day. woke up after 12 (physically but not mentally), went to mediacorp, did voiceover for tv, decided to collect some stuff from my pigeon hole in the office...

they say good things come in small packages. this time, it came in a small and flat envelope.

i've got tix to Quidam!!

*big smile*

Yippie...yippie...yayeee...yoo...when i heard that cirque was coming to singapore for another performance, i was soooooooo tempted to buy tix to watch...but, sigh, the ticket prices of course made me think twice. and three and four and five and six times. and i even wondered if i should announce on air that i reallie wanna watch the show coz Cruz did something like that not too long ago and someone heard him and offered him national day preview tix! haha...but of course i didn't. now i don't need to!!

a million thanks to the kind and generous angels who secretly left the envelope in my pigeon hole and gave me such a pleasant's kinda like charlie finding willy wonka's golden ticket...

oh well...but last nite wasn't exactly the happiest for some...

watched superstar's results show while doing my shift (disclaimer: this cannot be counted as skiving; i was keeping up with the latest news)...when it came to reviewing xinhui n junyang's journey throughout the competition since auditions, my heart went out to them and i couldn't help but tear a little. (smsed one of the superstar crew and blamed the show for making me so emotional while i was at work :P) if u're saddened by either of their departure, look on the bright side. having come so far, they've achieved so much...not everyone gets a chance to realise their dreams, but they did and they made full use of that one chance. so let's wish them the best coz it's not the end, but a new beginning!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

...'s been a long time...i'm such an inconsistent blogger!! to all those who come regularly to check for updates, sorrie for the disappointment...

sigh. i feel bad. when i opened an envelope not too long ago and saw the figures on my latest credit card bill, i was struck 1st by horror, then amazement, and now, guilt. sigh.

just a gentle reminder to all shopaholics out there...try and curb it. u know, the urge to buy something. anything. just be good and stay at home to avoid the temptation...coz i can assure u, once u get out there into the lustrous world of shopping, u'll be too overwhelmed by all that razzle and dazzle and before u know it, u've spent your entire month's salary and are lugging huge bags full of crap home.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm well again!! Finally!!

Three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for nana! Hip hip, HOORAY!! Hip hip, HOORAY!! Hip hip hip, HOOOOORAAAY!!!

haha. never felt so happie getting well.

u know, things always don't happen at a time when they're supposed to. like at a bus stop, the bus u're waiting for never comes 1st. but one day when u decide to go elsewhere and take another bus, it miraculously shows up before all other buses! OR let's say 4D. every week without fail, undaunted by long queues and stormy weather, u visit ur lucky lottery shop and buy a set of numbers. but one day u decide to give up this gambling vice of yours and stop buying...surprise, surprise! your set of numbers is 1st prize!!


it's just like me getting sick. for the past few weeks i've been feeling reallie tired and needed a good break, but coz of work and other commitments i couldn't just hide at home and hibernate...until last week, when i was a little less busy, i started to feel not quite right...the kind of feeling u get b4 u fall reallie i took a day's MC to stay at home and rest, knowing this week will be reallie busy with outdoor shows and filming and i can't afford to fall sick...BUT. but. but. sigh. after taking MC on thurs and feeling ok on friday, things took a turn for the worse on sat...and sun...and mon...and tue...boohoo. call it untimely. i think my body purposely sabo me.

monday was the worst. woke up at 7 am for photo-shoot at 8 am...after that rushed down to city hall for filming...whole day run here run there under the sun...until i felt weak in the knees and had a headache...filming ended at 8 pm but that's not all for me...after a 2 hr dinner break at home, it was back to work at 933 from 11 to 2am...haha...i find myself pretty amazing...

of course, after that my body couldn't take it anymore and i had to rest on tuesday...slept like it was the end of the world...slept like there's no tomorrow...felt great! never had the chance to get sooooooooooo much zzzzzzzzz without being rudely interrupted by the dreaded shrill of stupid handphone alarms...

<<< (rewind back to monday) <<<
something cute happened while we were filming where in singapore episode 3...we were about to break for lunch and waiting for the bus to pick us up from raffles city (me, kailing - the contestant, weijun - the celebrity guest and our producer geng wei), so we shopped at robinsons to kill some time and enjoy the air con. our producer, as usual, was happily chatting away about how several generations are required to produce really beautiful women / good-looking men, and i was just tagging along feeling a little blur coz of the flu and a little hungry coz didn't eat much that morning...somehow, after a while, i realised that our producer wasn't with the 3 of us anymore. ok, maybe he went to the toilet. so we'll just wait for the bus to take us to lunch. 10 minutes passed...then 20...still no sign of bus or producer or any of the crew members...and we finally realised that we had been left behind. the best part? we didn't have our handphones nor a single cent on us coz all our belongings were on the bus. the even more best part? the others will probably not know that we're stranded until after their lunch coz there were 2 buses and not everyone was eating together, so one group would assume we're with the other and vice versa. and we were soooooooo hungry!! boo hoo. luckily for us, weijun remembered his bao mu's number and she could help us contact the producer, so we went to city hall mrt station control, explained our sad plight to this kind lady, and borrowed her handphone to make the call.

Yep...that's us...the 3 lost sheep. hmm should be 2 lost sheep and one sick rudolf the red nose reindeer! check out my red and peeling nose...thanks to all the sniffing and sneezing...

<<< (rewind back to saturday) <<<

met up with a group of friends at this restaurant called menotti for dinner...though i was feeling quite sick, still went coz it's getting harder and harder to meet up with old friends and the dinner was also a birthday celebration for one of us. well, the food at menotti's pretty good. i had a gelato cake, which is an ice-cream cake, and it was yummy...refreshingly fruity in a citrus sorta way but also sinfully chocolatety. my friends ordered their set meals with a variety of starters and mains, and all were pretty good too. but good food aside, their service...SUCKED. when we got to the place, a waiter showed us into the restaurant. and that was it. yes, he showed us in. but not to a table. interesting. so we were a bit lost for a while coz, well, the USUAL practice is for a waiter to show patrons to a table and not leave us standing around not knowing wat to do. then i asked someone if we could have a table and after discussing with half his crew (like it was a huge decision to make), someone brought us to an empty table. after browsing through the menu and deciding what to eat, it was time to order. only problem was, who's gonna take our order? with so many waiters standing around looking unoccupied, u would think getting their attention was easy. but NO. they were having a better time playing with their high-tech waiter gadgets (PDA-looking devices where they record customers' orders)...and when we finally caught the attention of a not-too-bad-looking waiter, he simply waved back and continued poring over his new found toy! friends were considering not paying service charge coz bad service certainly didn't deserve to be rewarded (in fact they should've paid us for putting up with it!)...dunno if they did pay in the end coz i left early.

i was highly amused by the lack of intelligence of one particular waiter...let me tell u why...

he came to our table with two bowls of soup, and asked who were the ones having them as starters. my friend sitting opposite me (Z) raised her hand, so he placed one bowl of soup on the table where Z sat. with one bowl of soup left, he asked again who else is having it. another friend sitting further away (L) raised her hand and called for him. but for some reason, Mr i-can't-see-clearly-in-the-dark-coz-the-restaurant-is-not-well-lit Waiter didn't see L raising her hand (even though she was less than 3 metres away from him) nor hear her. since i was just beside Mr Waiter, i spoke up and pointed L to him, indicating that she was the other person having the soup. Mr Waiter looked cluelessly at me for a while, looked at where i was pointing, then back at me, and, as if he had solved THE mystery of the century, flashed a knowing smile, took the bowl of soup away from Z and gave it to L. Z stared at me, baffled. i gazed at Mr Waiter, amused. L gaped at the bowl of soup before her, confused. Mr Waiter, thinking he had the problem sorted out, went on to ask again, "who else is having the soup?"

i hope, as perplexing as the story sounds, u do realise that the very simple fact was: the two bowls of soup were for Z and L. i do not know why, but Mr Waiter, as a waiter in a posh restaurant downtown visited by tourists and professionals and the rich and possibly famous, just could not register this uncomplicated piece of information.

after our initial shock, Z and i SLOWLY explained to him who REALLY were the two mystery people having the two bowls of soup, and Mr Waiter FINALLY understood our message fully.

so the moral of the above story is, if u wish to savour good food at menotti, u'll have to brace yourself for an excrutiating battle with bad service...well, let's keep our fingers crossed and hope they'll improve with time...

ooh thanks thanks and more thanks to all who watched the 1st episode of Where in Singapore last nite! hope it was fun and interesting for u! and thanks to all your words of encouragement too! but i still think i look reallie weird on tv...hmm...

woah. this was a pretty long entry! *applause* haha...till next goes on...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Another weekly update

Ooh...posting has become a weekly affair for me...haha guess on weekdays i'm either too busy being busy or too busy being lazy... :P

went for a spa session on was heavenly! pure bliss...loved the body scrub in particular...sandalwood was pleasantly and mildly scented...the scrubing was gentle and soothing...almost fell asleep! the nice lady (May) who attended to me was very friendly, and, most importantly, experienced. didn't feel uneasy at all! (even tho i was quite suaku coz haven't been to a spa in a long while and even asked her "err...是不是要脫光光?" -- for those of u who reallie dunno, the answer is yes, but only in the massage room which is dimly lit and u have complete privacy) kinda liked the massage too...relaxing...tho painful at times. May discovered problems with my posture i never knew from now on, i'm gonna try and improve the way i sit and stand! no more slouching! no more sitting on the floor to read newspaper! haha think she liked massaging me too coz no need much strength...she just hafta press a bit and i'll be like "ouch!" she said "跟你按摩很好hor, 不用力氣的!" if u're wondering where i went, it's Amore spa at amara hotel shopping centre (beside amara hotel). in addition to good & professional service (no hard sell/死缠烂打/恐吓 to get u buying packages at crazy prices), the place is clean, classy and comfortable. highly recommended by me! so all gals out there, whenever u're feeling stressed out / worn out, 宠一宠自己吧! i'm gonna try out 2 other promotional treatments there...a facial and eye treatment, and a Qi spa...some hydrotherapy thingy...lie inside this machine and let it do all the work...hee so fun! Prices of promo treatments: $68 per treatment.

just came back from 绝对superstar 歌迷尖叫会...WOW. the fans are reallie reallie crazy about them! was reallie fun to have been part of the event! coz u all were very nice and supportive. alwiz happie to do a show with fans who're 热情 and friendly to the host (i.e. me) too...and glad to see so much support for local talents. that's the spirit! keep it up yeah! BUT but but saw some people running after the superstars' bus with no regards for their own safety...tsk tsk...cannot ah...must take good care of urselves okie...chasing after the bus on a busy street with so many dangerous! anywayz, see u guys and gals at DXO this coming friday...(未满18岁的先生小姐们, 不要太失望, 佩芬姐姐也曾经是个未满18岁的青年, 完全了解你们的心情. 下次一定有机会再和你们的偶像见面的ok?)

hee think some of u have seen trailers of 到底在哪里 on tv...but i haven't! the show starts aug 2nd every tue nite at 8pm on ch time then watch okie? learn more about singapore's history...coz 1) as singaporeans we should know, 2) national day's coming and 3) we love singapore! yeah!

Monday, July 18, 2005


A heartfelt "Thanks!" goes out to each and every one of u who attended our 叫我第一名 庆功见面会 yesterday at bishan junction 8...esp those who came purely in support of Yes 93.3...if u know what i mean... ;) any comments? suggestions? post-event feelings to share?

Gratitude also goes out to you who didn't or couldn't come for the event, but have been a steadfast and loyal supporter of the station all these years...your faith in us has given us the motivation to work even harder. At times i ask myself, "am i reallie taken seriously as a dj? or am i just another negligible noise on air?"...but when i see smses or hear calls responding to some things i say on air, be it criticisms or commendations, i feel that my job means something. 有时候自言自语很孤单. 但还好知道有你陪伴. :) i've come to learn that in this line of work, i'm pretty much on my own...yeah sometimes acknowledging this fact saddens and scares me...but knowing that somewhere out there, someone's really listening to what i have to say, it kinda makes the loneliness easier to bear...and when listeners tell me how they derive joy from the silly remarks i make, i'm deeply touched. sometime ago, when i was feeling dejected over some problems at work, i sat down and thought, "what is the ultimate purpose of my job as a dj?" then it dawned upon me that nothing brings more satisfaction for me than being able to spread i shall continue striving to bring happiness and companionship with my vocation.

Thanks goes out to the VIPs in my life...friends and family (if any of u r reading this, u should know how important u r to me...even though i don't say it often...coz i'm not the soppy emotional type! :P)...oh and doggie too! hee. u people (and pet) keep me sane and constantly remind me that there's so much more to life than material wants...

Last but surely not least, thanks to He who has showered upon me blessings and love.

My my...this post has turned out to be a thank-you speech!! haha...are u like, "eh, she think she win oscar izzit?!" well...just started thinking about all the things going on in my life and felt really thankful for everything...guess we should all learn to do that more often. count our blessings.

Monday, July 11, 2005


上星期天晚上出席了 933 宣传经理 nix 和老公 peter 的婚宴.

为他们感到高兴, 是一定的. 见证有情人终成眷属, 不只我, 全场都喜气洋洋.

两个人的幸福传播至到场祝贺的每个人心中. 原来真爱的感染力如此强大.

对于爱, 我有一些感想...

积极寻找真爱, 惟恐操之过急, 过于勉强. 耐心等待真爱, 又怕错失良机, 后悔莫极.

最好是保持一种处于积极和消极, 乐观与悲观之间的心态, 不要想太多.

时机成熟, 真爱真的出现了, 自有分晓. 是时候, 就采取适当的行动.

当然, 行动需要莫大的勇气. 而以上的 "不要想太多", 也没那么容易.

纸上谈兵, 说说而已.

对于婚姻, 也有一些想法...

有些人以为婚姻就象童话故事结局一样, 两个人踏上红地毯之后就是 "Happily ever after".



这些人往往在婚后就不再花心思制造浪漫, 导致婚姻随着岁月老去, 淡化.

把婚姻视为美满结局, 它就会变成爱情的坟墓.

结婚应该是一个开始, 一个起点.

象当初追求对方时一样, 婚后更要加倍努力, 取悦, 呵护, 疼爱这一生的伴侣.


不过...说归说, 真要做到有多难, 我不知道.

纸上谈兵, 说说而已. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Trip to the Zoo!

Hee...the title kinda reminds u of the essay topics we used to get in primary sch, yeah? and some of u might think, "huh?! go zoo for wat?" but before u decide to dismiss the idea of visiting the Singapore Zoological Gardens, read on.

Me went to the zoo last saturday, and boy was i impressed! but it's no wonder - the singapore zoo is ranked among the best in the world. first of all, it's HUGE! walked the whole afternoon (starting from about 1) and almost didn't finish touring the place before it's closing time at 6pm. And there was so much to see, so much to hear, so much to learn! well, ok. who am i kidding right, if u ask me what i learnt from my, i don't think i can tell u much...oh! but i do know that chimpanzees are dangerous yet clever creatures, and that penguins have bones that are denser than other birds so that they can dive and swim underwater...and check this out.

cool rite? bet u didn't know that! (well if u did, good for you! u can go be a...erm, zoologist?)

but the point is, once u've visited the zoo, at least for me, i've learnt to appreciate life in all forms. We humans tend to think we're the most intelligent and beautiful, but look at the vast world of nature...there are so many other creatures that are wonderful in their own ways, and i've attained a new found respect for each and every one of them...every single living organism exists for a reason...each life form is precious.

not trying to preach here, but i'm reminded of a beautiful old English hymn:

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all

-Cecil Alexander, 1848

So why do some choose not to value their lives? And why do humans kill their own kind for selfish purposes? this getting depressing? just in one of my pensive moods...esp after the London scares and sickens me to know that people actually think they're justified to kill in the name of religion...which religion ever advocated brutally taking the lives of others, especially the innocent?

well...on a happier note, since i'm on the topic of my happy zoo trip, here's a happy picture!

u know, i kinda envy the animals in the zoo...everyday is carefree and simple, nothing to worry is provided and lodging is world class yet natural...but then again, i wouldn't wanna live in captivity...

okies enuff about the zoo trip.

went to ntu with mr cruz last monday...gosh i feel so old! haha. but it was reallie fun to visit my alma mater...brought back memories of the good old school days. esp the crazy days of orientation! getting all wet and dirty, playing silly games, getting to know everyone...haha. thanks to ntu for inviting us!

saw lynette's comments on me taggie board...hmm...altho i'm alwiz nice (haha, almost...or at least i try to be), just wanna say to u: what's ur problem?? u sure sound like a real uncouth gal to me, with all those vulgarities coming from u. or maybe u're really a guy who has no guts to use ur own identity? please, go tag on a blog where pple speak ur language. the pleasant folks here do not wish to be disturbed. (that's a euphemism for "go away / get lost!")

oops. i wasn't very nice there was i? oh well, i couldn't stand it anymore. :)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ooh...Peace, man.

*sniff* i smell something...

it's an itsy bitsy teeny weeny whiff of 火藥味!!

saw some unflattering comments in the shoutbox...well, all i can say is, if it's something i really did wrong that offended you, my sincere apologies. but if u're making groundless criticisms or u just hate me as a person, there's nothing i can do. u've the right to speak. but perhaps u can start a hate blog for me instead and gather those who share your views. i'm sure u'll have a better time condemning me with those who agree with u than trying to fight opposition here, if u know what i mean.

and of course, many many thanks to those who stood by and defended me... :)

this is a short post...just hoping to put an end to the little dispute going on in my shoutbox.

ooh. and one more thing. PLEASE, NO VULGARITIES HERE. we're civilised people. and nice. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

yes...finally, another update

Oops. i'm a slacker blogger! dun update posts are few and far between...sigh. guess it's coz i'm a virgo. and virgos are perfectionists. so i expect each and every post to be grammatically perfect, rich and interesting in content, and a pleasure to read. do pardon my fastidiousness. (whoa. wat's with the cheem vocab...)

anywayz, shall take this time to answer some pple's questions...first, yes i do read ALL posts on this blog whenever i watever u say...i'll see it! haha. but so far everyone's been real nice and encouraging...thanks thanks...

Rainbow & Broken Hearted> if u 2 are reading this, here's my two cents' worth. it's not easy to forget someone, esp someone important that u love. like i alwiz say, give yourself some time. time heals all wounds, takes away pain, enables us to forget. so while u r trying to take your mind off something/someone, focus your energy on other things in life. pick up a sport, start working on a hobby, or just spend more time with friends and use pining for someone who has decided to move on. so jia you k! like rainbow's nick suggests, 你的生活可以象彩虹一樣繽紛燦爛!

somebody (yep, i'm referring to you, 永宏) complained that i didn't bring anything back from taipei to give away on nyx castle? hahaha...被發現...好吧,下次出國一定帶些好東西回來回饋大家的支持! yes...u can print out this post and use it to blackmail me if i ever go back on my word...

Alicia > thanks for appreciating the "no boil egg" pic! that was my personal fave too! haha.

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suddenly a little excited about hosting the initial d red carpet event coming tues. always wanted to meet jay chou in person and now i finally get to...those who've won tix, congrats! those who didn't, just remember to catch the's great!

okies that's about all the updating i can manage now. brain freeze. need some sleep (alwiz do). life goes on.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

taipei shopping frenzy!

Heyo!! i'm back!! haha...well i've been back for quite a while...but haven't updated this bloggie since coz been quite bz...cruzie on leave, lingzhi went overseas...gotta cover xgjy and music diary bla bla been trying to get as much rest as possible whenever there's time...

my trip to taipei was...therapeutic! haha well it was mostly RETAIL therapy...coz there were just sooooooooooooo many things to buy! and they're all so pretty and sweet and lovely and most importantly...CHEAP. oops. showing my cheapo side...but who can resist cheap and good stuff?? okies let's start from the beginning...

day One--

flight to taipei was early in the morning...and i'm no morning it was quite an ordeal to get up and go to the airport. yawnz! flight was abt 4 hours but i didn't manage to catch a wink of sleep so by the time i got there i was, well, in a pretty blur state. checked into the nice cosmos hotel near taipei railway station and started on my hunt for great shopping! sadly, without enough prior research and planning, i ended up walking most of the 1st day instead of reallie shopping. walked from hotel all the way to xi men ding...which wasn't exactly very near. haha. guess it was coz i was real tired, i didn't buy anything coz just wasn't in the mood to shop! but i went to this dessert shop and ordered a 霸王冰, which is like ice kachang without the kachang but with fruits and ice cream...when it was served, i got a shock! it was served using such a HUGE bowl...and there were only me and 3 other frens...we all laffed out loud when we saw it...and had a hard time trying to finish the time we were almost done eating, we were shivering and cold!


After 霸王冰...*shiver*

first night out in taipei was at this 华西街夜市 sucked! so NOT happening one...haha dun go there k? only got weird shops selling snakes and their parts...and sex toys...but if i didn't remember wrongly, i tried my 1st 甜不辣 there...loved it! so yummy...for the clueless, it's fish cake with some special seasoning...the fish cake's different from the's less spongy...

day Two--

had a good night's in the morning was all ready to shop till i drop! in the day walked along 忠孝东路...haha didn't walk it 9 times tho...but my fren kept singing the song...nothing exciting there...coz the streets are mostly lined with branded shops that are way out of my cheapo the whole afternoon was mainly just strolling. oh but we did check out one of the biggest ktv chains in taipei...钱柜! the room was pretty impressive! spacious and clean...even came with a personal toilet! here's a little secret: i'm a very niao1 (fussy) person when it comes to toilets...esp overseas...and i rate the one at 钱柜 highly satisfactory! so u can be sure it's pretty clean. the songs provided are very updated...and the drinks are free flow! it's reallie all that a ktv addict can ask for...sing all u want, then drink all u want!

Lalala...Karaoke Queen!

visited 士林夜市 that night. not my first time there were no surprises. but i was glad that i could FINALLY buy something(S)! hee...


day Three--

it's 温泉日! yay! haha i've never been to a hot spring i gave my first to one at 温泉路 in 北投 was quite nice and fun! 4got wat the name of the hotel's one of many hot spring hotels along that stretch...we had to trek uphill to find it tho...phew! to save money, we chose to use the public springs that were cheaper...but coz we went at off-peak hours, so we had the springs to ourselves! there's an indoor and an outdoor one on the top floor...personally preferred the outdoor one. can enjoy beautiful scenery and the springs were more fun! there was a cold one with 2 huge waterjets that sprayed water on ur body from the top when u turned them on. the jets were so strong that they made my fats jiggle...haha...but i guess that's wat it's supposed to do...massage the fats away...

there was another mid-warm spring that was about 30 deg C...that was ok for me tho i could feel my heart beating faster when my whole body was immersed. the water was quite comfortable and it made me feel energised and refreshed...but then came the killer spring! it's filled with natural spring water from the mountains...and temp stood at 42 deg C. i thot it should be ok for me coz i can tahan heat...but when my foot touched the water, i screamed! it was so HHHHHOt! after a few attempts to get used to the temp by dipping my feet in and out, i braved the waters. *applause* i was told the natural spring waters had healing, health and slimming purposes...for beauty! for health! i am proud to say i did not fear a little heat. haha.

the natural spring waters are so hot, u can even boil an egg with it! but that's not allowed!

after the 温泉 trip, next stop was at 星光三越, a huge shopping complex with so many nice and cute and pretty stuff...but nothing to buy. bleah. went to take a look at 华纳威秀, which is just a nice cinema la. moved on to 台北101...had afternoon tea there...then paid about S$20 to go up to the 89th floor of one of the tallest buildings in the world with the fastest moving lift, and got a breathtaking view of the taipei night scenery! only pity was it was a cloudy nite, so the view wasn't as clear. alwiz love the feeling of 居高临下...makes me feel like i'm flying...and reminds me that no matter how big some things may seem to be, from another angle, it's just so teeny weeny compared to the whole universe...

day Four--

taking the 捷运 to 五分埔

my long-awaited trip to 五分埔! haha i've heard so much about it from other it's the wholesale market of taipei...and things there are dirt cheap...with so many many many choices! so i was filled with anticipation and excitement on the way there...but when we arrived...i was shockingly disappointed! none of the shops were opened! boohoohoo! it was a saturday and we began to wonder if the shops are opened for business during weekends...not to be defeated, i approached a passer-by, who told us that the shops will only open at ard 12 plus 1 in the afternoon...haha. so silly rite! since it was 11 plus and a few shops further down the street were starting business, we decided to hang i know why everyone recommends going there to shop! the whole market comprises so many streets all lined with shops that are brimming with the latest fashion...everything was just...琳琅满目,眼花缭乱! just in one short hour, i bought like dunno how many bags of stuff...haha...i'm the princess of shopping...nono i correct myself. i'm the princess of CHEAP shopping...

don't be kiasu...五分埔 shops only open at around noon...

lunch was at a nice sushi place that very much resembled sake sushi (but much MUCH cheaper)...then i didn't feel too well so went back to rest at the hotel. but of course that did not end my day!! went straight back to 五分埔 after taking a nap! and bought more!! it's reallie a shopaholic's frens walked there the WHOLE day and they couldn't finish covering the entire market! and while i only spent a few short hours there, i bought more in that short period of time than i did the previous 4 days spent in taipei! haha. so happie. and satisfied. word of advice: next time u visit taipei to shop, hit this place 1st. coz i noticed some stuff that were on sale at 士林 for higher prices were also on sale for less at 五分埔.

after 五分埔, we decided to give the nite market nearby a try...with our bad experience from the 1st nite, we didn't expect much from any other 夜市 besides 士林...but we were pleasantly surprised! 饶河街夜市 is smaller, but just as good as 士林! bought meself a pair of cheap boots (only S$20 plus) there...

the bustling 饶河街夜市!

famous 胡椒饼 at 饶河街夜市

in a final attempt to fully utilise our last day in taipei, we took a cab in search of this supposedly 24 hour shopping arcade: 京华城...only to be hugely disappointed. haha. only the clubs and cinema were opened...and we definitely weren't prepared to pay for movies (coz it's cheaper to watch back in sg! :P) time to head back for a crazy time packing and cramming my 战利品 into my poor little suitcase...

day Five--

all my bags are packed i'm ready to go...sob sob! end of shopping frenzy...back to sg...and back to work. sigh! life goes on...