Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Mr Snuggie has a new bed!
And he loves it.

More pics from filming...

realised that somehow, i'm usually either munching on something, or thinking about munching on something in between filming...

Another way to keep occupied while waiting for the camera to roll: make faces.

Mark and I made these under the expert tutelage of renowned chef Monsieur Francois! How did we manage it? All will be revealed in coming episodes of So Simple...

So Simple, Tuesdays on Channel U, 1st broadcast @ 930pm, repeat on same day @ 1130pm. For recipes and more, pls go to http://u.mediacorptv.com/sosimple.htm or http://www.sosimplegoodies.blogspot.com/

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

2006 is history...let's give a big warm welcome to 2007! *applause*

hope your days will be meaningful, joyful, colourful, beautiful and wonderful. :)

been working on a new show lately. it's called so simple, or 简单就是美. debuts 9th jan (next tue) @ 9:30pm on channel U. do check it out coz it's a great lifestyle guide for everyone; u can learn to prepare yummy and healthy drinks and dishes, pick up a few ideas for home party decorations, try some simple exercises, find out how to make your own fruit mask etc.

this is my 1st unofficial acting assignment...even though i'm the host of this variety show, i'm actually taking on a role, that of a 20 something freelance designer. so instead of the usual interviews and delivering opening/closing lines, this time it's all about the acting! very fun and exciting! :)

my main co-star is Mark Zee. this is his 1st Chinese programme, his 1st time ever speaking Mandarin on screen, and because his Mandarin is so...uh...ang-moh and at times incomprehensibly amusing, we had quite a few laughs...felt quite bad laughing though. oops.

some pics taken while filming...(mian: thank u for the great pics!)

my "home"...the decor is so simple, yet so beautiful. lots of nostalgia, a little bit of art, a little bit of fun. i want my future home to look like that...

part of my work desk.

my pretty party friends in the debut ep.

our fruits and veggies flowery feast!

had to do many things i seldom do for this show...like sewing, cutting pumpkins and chopping some veggies i've never seen...haha. interesting.

lots of cycling too! good exercise for lazy me...

love this pic...feels like some fashion ad...

acting dreamy...

my next project: The Voodoo Curse. haha...this pic is just so...jap horror flick!

Catch简单就是美 every tue from 9th jan @ 9:30pm on channel U