Thursday, February 22, 2007

chiang mai!

can't help but feel a tad bit excited about my chiang mai trip tmw...

even though i'm gonna miss home and some people (and animals) real bad...

first time to chiang mai, first time taking a budget airline, first time travelling with uni hall mates...

many firsts make this trip exciting.

seems like i've been on leave for a reallie long miss being on air, but i'm very grateful for this long break. it's given me time to rest, and sleep...

off to pack now, c ya next week!

Sunday, February 18, 2007







Thursday, February 15, 2007


never going back to 和记包 again. ever.

haven't been up nice and early in the morning for breakfast in a long while. today being day one of my chinese new year leave, i decided to make an effort to wake up in time for a hearty dim sum breakfast at 和记包, opp lor 27 geylang road (near aljunied mrt station).

my friend and i ordered the usual: har gao, siu mai, 肠粉, 叉烧包 etc. 5 min later our orders arrived, and we began to eat. my friend chose to work on the siu mai first, while i went straight for the har gao (which was too dry for my liking). after finishing my 1st har gao, i took a bite of siu mai. while chewing, i noticed this alien looking strand of what i thought was thread sticking out from under another siu mai that was still untouched, so i used my chopsticks to try and remove it. i flipped the siu mai over...and...

to my absolute ultimate horror, there lay the flattened corpse of a cockroach, wedged firmly into the base of the otherwise perfectly edible siu mai. my immediate (un-ladylike) reaction was to spit the siu mai in my mouth, and fight back a strong urge to puke. oh my goodness. this is just plain disgusting.

too shocked to kick up a big fuss (and to remember to take a picture of the horrifying sight), i simply called the waitress to give me a refund for the siew mai. sigh. what was i thinking of? why didn't i ask for a refund of everything and leave? why didn't i at least scream "aaaaah! cockroach!" and let all the other patrons know that their siew mai weren't exactly safe to eat? well, guess i was just too sickened.

our wonderful breakfast ruined, we spent the rest of our time obsessively prying open every single bao and har gao and 肠粉 to make sure that there were no alien creatures.

so, let this be a precautionary note...if u happen to patronise 和记包, eat at your own risk. but i'm definitely not going back there in future...not like i'm missing out on much anyway; the food ain't that great.