Sunday, August 24, 2008


Don't remember when this weird habit began, but i'm on a constant subconcious observation effort to note if the weather on SUNdays are, in fact, really sunny. so far, inconclusive records are in support of my hypothesis: in Singapore, sundays are really more likely to be sunny than not.

well, today was an exception.

looking out on the blurry cityscape bathing in the roaring storm, i'm reminded of a childhood rhyme: "rain, rain go away, come again another day, little children want to play..."

well, those little children who used to want to play on rainy days would eventually grow up into big adults who just want to curl up on the couch in front of the TV and vegetate, only moving to open the door when the long awaited fast food delivery arrives.

home delivery. the perfect answer to "what's for lunch/dinner?" on a lazy, drizzly sunday.


having happily found the number to call and chosen a certain "couple meal set B" from *FC's website, the obstacles that laid between us and our set meal B proved to be daunting beyond expectations.

line was busy during the first few attempts. understandable, and actually kind of oddly reassuring to know we're not the only indolent homo sapiens consuming junk food. after like 20 tries, we still refused to give up.

the 21st attempt proved to be successful. yay!

"welcome to *** delivery hotline. to place an order, please press 1."

so i did.

"Sorry, all our customer service operators are busy. *silence for 20 seconds* Your call is important to us. Pleas hold the line."

wow. here comes the real battle. i'm so glad i've had ample endurance training from trying to reach that elusive bank/telco customer service operator! those days of waiting on speaker phone, listening to endless repetitions of the same irritatingly pleasant music, and limited variations of recorded messages that try and keep you entertained but really just makes your blood boil coz the more they say "your call is important to us" the more u'll think "yeah right, if my call is important, i wouldn't be hearing YOU tell me that, recorded woman voice." ah...such fond memories. these are now proving useful in my quest to place a home delivery order.

"Please hold the ----- *silence*"

what?! has my line been cut off? i waited. and waited. nothing.


ok. patience. try again. after another series of unsuccessful tries, we got through again. pressed 1.

"Sorry, all our customer service operators are busy. We are unable to attend to your call in the next 8 minutes."

oh? 8 minutes? no problem! i'll wait!

after 8 mins...

*ringing tone* "Hello, welcome to *FC delivery. can i have your postal code please?"


"Oh, so sorry, we're unable to deliver to your area now because of the heavy rain."

i looked out of my window. by that time, pouring rain had turned into feathery droplets gently falling from the grey sky.


"Yes mam, i'm sorry."


aren't home deliveries supposed to be busiest on wet days precisely because customers don't wanna leave their homes to brave the rain for their next meal?

of course, i'm not saying that delivery crews should risk their lives for lazy people like me, but unless there's a raging thunderstorm or hail, a light drizzle shouldn't stop a multinational fast-food chain from satisfying its hungry customers, no?

i do hope the home delivery service at *FC improves soon. because, as much as i'm complaining about it now, i'm still a sucker for their original fried chicken, coleslaw and mash potato. :P

Friday, August 22, 2008


The CD is officially launched TODAY!!

u can get it from all CD Rama, TS, Popular and Kinokuniya outlets!

My dearest 哥哥 has put in a lot of time and effort and money into this project, and all he asks for is your support in buying it. the stories are all original, and really excitingly spooky!! if you've always loved horror and mystery, this is one CD u have to get. 哥哥's expressive and experienced delivery definitely adds to the fear factor of this audio book!

Come on down to Bishan Junction 8 tonite at 8pm, and join us at the autograph session! 哥哥崇庆 will be there of course, together with the 933 gang, Diya, Carrie, Soul (from Superband) and more friends! (surprises galore...u know how many famous friends 哥哥 don't be too surprised to see ******* **** or ******* ** or even **** ****!! hahaha.

[周公讲鬼]CD收录了10个未在空中分享过的故事。除了给你截然不同的封面,里头还特别收入陈子谦(Royston Tan)导演在[881]时遇到怪事的故事. 而且,周公是首次以潮语讲鬼.CD里面也附送一张设计像护身符的 “周公保佑你”书签.

网上预购已经结束. 感谢大家的支持!

预购者可在Y.E.S.93.3FM[周公讲鬼]签名会换取CD和一套独家[周公讲鬼] 明信片.

Y.E.S. 93.3FM [周公讲鬼]签名会
地点:Junction 8 Level 3, Open Plaza
主持: 佩芬 & 嘉蕙


错过预购的你,不要失望!你还可以在签名会上购买到[周公讲鬼]CD, 获取周公的亲笔签名.


Sunday, August 17, 2008


To be honest, didn't expect otherwise.

the semis was much more exciting. but we did put up a good fight!

still, i want to post an entry at this historic moment for singapore.

The Singapore women's table tennis team won the country's 1st olympic medal in 48 years!!



the match has begun. AAAH!

Friday, August 15, 2008


I'm watching the Beijing Olympics women's gymnastics individual all-round victory ceremony.

woah. that's a mouthful.

but anyway, Nastia Liukin from American is the new champion.

i'm deeply moved. the expression on her face says it all. she's put in hard work and effort; the reward, in the material form of a gold medal, is bigger than anything in the universe.

it must feel so good to be the best at what you do, and be recognized for it.

一份耕耘一份收获. one of the most fundamental principles in sports, and in life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a new discovery

i've always doubted the effectiveness of whitening products.
now, i doubt no more. because i've finally found something that works for me!
introducing...Neutrogena's Fine Fairness range.
out of the whole range, these 2 are my most favourite products:
the night and moisturizing, works wonders for skin whitening!
the peel mask...there's a tingling sensation when applied on the skin, got me a bit worried at first, but having used it for weeks, i'm totally convinced that it works. skin is not just fairer, but also finer and more translucent with a healthy glow!
come check out the products this wkend: Sat 3pm Watsons at Ngee Ann City, Sun 2pm Guardian at Suntec City
p.s. i'll be there to share my personal experience...jiahui will be there too. see ya... :)

Sunday, August 03, 2008