Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ruthless killing in Akihabara, Tokyo

The thought that i was there walking down the busy streets of Akihabara less than a month ago sends a chill down my spine. the sense of familiarity associated with the junction where this tragedy happened is both saddening and disturbing.

(article from

男子街头砍杀路人 六人死12人伤





Wednesday, June 04, 2008


female toilet at daimaru, JR tokyo station. hands down, cleanest public toilet in a shopping centre i've ever seen. i was actually reluctant to leave, but had to eventually (after checking out almost every cubicle and corner) coz was rushing for a train...

off the beaten track - this is a seaside town about 2 hours from tokyo by train. headed here for a night's stay at a ryokan by the beach.

just got to know that green tea mcflurry is now available in sg, but the one here sure pales in comparison to this one i had in shimoda.

room at shimoda yamatokan. website

room package is not cheap, but it includes dinner and breakfast. and by dinner, they mean 3 dinners! just look at the spread...and this is just part of the many many course meal.

the greyish, slimy thingy is abalone sashimi...and it's alive!! kinda freaked me out to see it moving...was glad it didn't have a face to show expression nor a voice to cry, coz it had to be struggling in pain on that hotpot that was cooking it to death...

me in traditional onsen attire...the Yukata!

view from the room

located on the 2nd storey of a 3-storey muji outlet somewhere in Ginza, this is Meal Muji the restaurant. have always liked Muji as a lifestyle brand, so totally enjoyed myself eating here.

the food. simple, but good.

coffee from a famous mobile cafe at one of my favourite places in tokyo: daikanyama 代官山

haha. check out the 2 of is acting cute, the other is...also acting cute.

out of the so little time we had together, diya brought me to this wonderful place that sells really good crepe! thanks babe.

"when you wish upon a star...makes no difference who you are...anything your heart desires will come to you..."
ah. my very 1st trip to a theme park. seriously. when i was a little girl, i dreamt about going to one, but that dream never came true, and was gradually abandoned. wasn't too keen on going initially, but almost everyone who knew about my trip told me how magical and wonderful a place disney is...with reservations and a little anticipation, i boarded the train bound for tokyo disneysea...and spent an entire day living my childhood dream. :)

tower of terror: favourite ride at disneysea!! awesome. i took it twice.

seashell burger at the little mermaid world! cute but not that yummy.

one of my most most favourite shopping places in tokyo (and in the whole wide world)

another one of my most favourite shopping places in tokyo

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Calling all online gamers...

an old classmate of mine has recently started an online game, looks pretty cool!

Fresbo world is a 3D online game with cute Japanese manga characters that you can use to go shopping, dress up or utilize in applications. There’s a Pass the Bomb game that's kinda like a segment in some Taiwanese variety show. To all those who like online games- please check it out!