Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tonkichi! Yummy!

just wanna say a big big BIG thank you to Lisa and Mr Obayashi for inviting us (kaydence, janeal, june kit, jiahui and myself) to a wonderful feast at tonkichi restaurant in Isetan Scotts this evening.

i've never enjoyed having so much fried food in one meal. let's see...i had 3 slices of fried fish, 2 slices of fried pork loin, 1 fried pork fillet, 1 fried prawn, 1 slice of fried pumpkin and some fried asparagus, on top of starters which comprised japanese tamago, pork that resembled chinese 卤肉,spinach and one of the best potato salads i've ever tasted. !! haha. i ate so much! but every single part of the meal was oh so scrumptious! the most amazing thing is, i didn't feel unhealthy at the end of it, and neither did i feel my throat getting sore or itchy (which is usu how i'll feel after eating maybe 2 to 3 fried chicken wings, or a fast food meal). that's because the nice chefs at tonkichi only use the best ingredients for their dishes. and i know it's true coz i've tasted them!

another wonderful thing about the meal is the wide array of sauces provided. they've got tonkatsu sauce, miso sauce, soy sauce with ground radish (i think), salsa sauce, home-made (and absolutely heavenly) tar tar sauce, mustard...amazing how each sauce tasted so good on its own, yet they totally complemented the main dish without overwhelming it.

besides the mouth-watering spread of fried foods, we were served some really yummy ramen as well, but sadly i didn't have enough stomach to finish them (despite skipping lunch!).

this is something very interesting. it's a special bowl of sesame seeds. the stick is used for grinding, and the ground seeds will then serve as a condiment for the fried pork. tonkichi's sesame seeds are imported all the way from japan, and they are really fragrant!

if u're convinced by my descriptions and wanna try the food at tonkichi (i totally think u should), they've got outlets at takashimaya, suntec and the 4th floor of Shaw Lido, which is the one we were at. for more info visit http://www.pokkafood.com.sg/tonkichi/

for those who're health conscious (more so than me), before you start dismissing the idea of wrecking your strict health regime by downing a few fried foods, i must tell u that Jiahui, who doesn't usually consume anything fried, was finally converted by the power of tonkichi's tonkatsu. a little indulgence once in a while can do no harm...in fact, it'll bring u joy and satisfaction...ah...

Friday, May 11, 2007

another video

love this one. check out brave young snuggie taking on Mr Yuan yuan, who's like three times his size??

P.S. dunno y the so simple blog is now on invite basis only...will go ask the administrator...

Sunday, May 06, 2007


aah...i've uploaded Mr Snuggie's very 1st video...nothing too impressive, but reallie adorable in my opinion of course :)

in case u're wondering y he's so keen on opening the box, that's coz he can smell his favourite snack inside the box.

ooh, u can also check this out! haha...thank you mian, for producing and putting this up.


P.S. just realised this is post #100. yay! happie 100th post to me!

Friday, May 04, 2007

so simple...

some of you reflected on this blog that u reallie enjoyed so simple and asked if there's a second season...

first of all, thank you for your support! :)

and secondly, i'm hoping there'll be a second season as well, but right now there're no concrete plans yet. perhaps, just perhaps, channel U may consider doing another season if they receive enough requests? :)

btw, if u miss the show (like me) and wanna see some behind-the-scenes stuff, do visit http://sosimplegoodies.blogspot.com/