Friday, October 27, 2006

star awards prelude roadshow on 24th oct

one way to enjoy work is, well, to entertain yourself.

one way to entertain yourself is to take fun pics!

thanks to shimei for the great pics!

and i just had to take a close up shot of myself coz i simply love my eye make up that day...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Snuggie days vol 2

inspiration comes when u least expect it...glad i got my camera ready for another of Mr Snuggie's antics!

One fine day, Mr Birdie was feeling chirpy and decided to sit on Mr Snuggie's food bowl, for no apparent reason.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Allow me to introduce the latest addition to this blog, my newly adopted virtual pet, Woofie! *applause*

you can see her right there, on the left sidebar. isn't she just adorable...the loveliest sweet pink puppy ever!

thanks to faith (who posted a comment long ago, wonder if u still visit this blog?), just happened to click on your nick and visited your blog, saw your adopted pet and decided to get one myself. :)

woofie has something to say too: woof! woof! thanks for voting my owner as your fave DJ in the latest friday weekly poll! she's very happie about it, and celebrated by buying me yummy treats! *licks* & don't forget to visit da tou fen's blog @! woof!
(you can point your mouse in any direction within woofie's box to get his attention, or click on the treats box to feed him, or click on the "more" tab at the lower right corner to play cute!)

p.s. saw many comments on me taggie board. thanks for all the encouragement and compliments...all your precious words of kindness have gotten me through good days and bad...and the recent poll results on friday weekly has come as such a pleasant surprise for, sincerely, thanks, thanks and more thanks. :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Snuggie days...

Inspired by the adventures of 奶茶, a reallie cute cat from taiwan, i've come up with the first ever Mr Snuggie's very own comic strip!

The End