Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Feet...Gold Class

Price of 2 adult tickets: $51

Price of food and beverages: $24 (menu included strawberry cheesecake, potato wedges, a small pot of earl grey, and a glass of ice lemon tea)

Grand total spent on movie: $75

before u dismiss the idea of splurging all that hard-earned cash on one silly movie, let me list a number of reasons why the gold class experience is worth your money.

1) service is wonderful. food and drinks are served inside the cinema by polite staff. should u need anything during the movie, just push a button, and they'll attend to u in a jiffy.

2) the plush reclining seats are oh so comfortable...and spacious. took my shoes off and sat cross-legged during the movie, like i was at home. u can literally sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.

3) cinema is small and private.

4) other patrons who paid good money for gold class tickets arrived on time, so there was no "uh, excuse me" from late comers squeezing past u and blocking your view of the opening scenes. also, no mobile phones were heard ringing, so, thankfully, we didn't have to put up with any "hello? aiyah i watching movie la! call u back later!" nonsense.

5) blankets are provided to keep u warm and comfy. (also handy for those who wish to take off their shoes but are embarrassed about...well...certain scents.)

6) seats are grouped in twos and spaced appropriately apart, so u can enjoy the movie in considerable privacy with your partner.

7) seat levels ensure clear view of screen. no need to worry about being blocked by someone tall in front!

i can go on, but i guess the above is quite enough to justify the amount spent. frankly, this is my most enjoyable movie outing ever. and it was even more satisfying because we watched a great film. before stepping into the cinema, i promised myself this would be the first and only time i'd indulge in such luxury, but after relishing the experience, i'm hooked! it is, after all, a gold class experience.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

the art of makeup

would like to express my utmost respect for all makeup artists who bring out beauty in so many people with their talents.

every stroke of the brush has its purpose, every speck of glitter has an exact position, every tone and colour an important element in highlighting assets and hiding flaws.

thanks to alvin (who recently did my makeup for project superstar 2), i was able to witness the power of makeup in defining and bringing life to my eyes:

been studying this pic and trying to copy his skills...but, sigh, i'm just not gifted enough. this is beyond advanced level eye makeup...and i'm still at beginners stage...

nice eyes, happie me! say cheese!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

a tribute to simplicity

if everyone were simple and kind, this world would be a beautiful place.

i hope to be more like yuan yuan. he takes pleasure in simple things, like getting a new haircut. look at how pleased he is!

after posing for pics, he is content with taking over my bed. :) is good when simple.