Wednesday, September 09, 2009

你还有个我 is number 5 on the charts!



YES 933罐头剧场

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Unnecessary Censorship

i've always been very impressed and amused by this segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live called "Unnecessary Censorship", in which originally harmless phrases become suggestively naughty after certain keywords are removed.

just a few moments ago, i had an inspiration for my own unnecessary censorship.

Self-absorbed hypocrites trapped by their fabricated facades of deception are plain sad. They really should try and f___ themselves.

hee hee.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dinner on board Singapore Flyer

Till now, i've been on board the Singapore Flyer three times. The first was in the afternoon with some friends; the second was at night for a champagne flight. The third, i must say, tops it all.

Last sunday, i had dinner with 9 friends on board the Singapore Flyer. There is really no equivalent in terms of dining experience.

Before boarding the capsule, we were invited to chill at the exclusive VIP lounge. No queues!

The meal comprised 3 courses. There were 2 choices for main course, beef or fish.

I chose the fish but tried a bit of the beef as well. It was tender, seamlessly infused with rich curry flavour, and the sweet potato mash was a perfect complement.

this was the fish i had. crispy on the outside, smooth and fresh on the inside, delightfully accompanied by ground pistachios, savoury potatoes and sweet, crunchy asparagus.

dessert was lovely! bread pudding. ooh.

check out our satisfied smiles. :)

to find out more about the Singapore Flyer fine dining experience, tune in to Yes 93.3FM on Wed, 2nd of Sept, between 6pm and 7pm or visit their official website.