Friday, March 31, 2006


I'm sorrie.

for my not so good performance on air last nite...

felt like a zombie...coz previous nite worked till 4am and next morning had a meeting at 10 am which meant had to wake up at 8 only slept about 3 hours. then whole day had stuff to do and appointments so no time to the time i got to work at nite, i was reallie reallie tired...not just sleepy or physically brain was numb and i could not control my actions or wat i said at times. think i've reached a new high level of lack of sleep...maybe next stage will be hallucinations. so last nite, if u listened, u'd realise that the later it got, the more blur i became...sincere apologies for my unprofessionalism...

i need to get more sleep. where got sell?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

akan datang

more photo essays coming soon...

Photo essay 2: (肥)寵物篇

this is Mr Cat, who is the pet of the neighbour of my friend who lives in london whom we stayed with. he comes and goes as and when he likes, and the cutest thing about him is that he never stops purring! but he reallie made me miss snuggie very very bad...sob.

fat pigeons!

paddington bear and me! ok actually it's paddington bear's ancestor...we wanted to go to paddington station and look for a statue of the cute paddington bear and take a photo with it. little did we know that the statue was not one of the bright blue and red bear, but rather just a bronze statue of the bear that inspired the cartoon version...

photo essay 1: 藍天篇

it's a rare sight, and i count myself lucky to have seen it for about 2 out of 10 days in london...reallie makes a diff when u take pics! check out these 2 pics of the same part of Windsor Castle...



even more pretty! (coz got 2 pretty girls inside. hah.)

my personal favourite photo of the whole trip. ladies and gentlemen, this is the Nyx Castle you've heard so much about (yeah right).

this pic would've been perfect if not for that irritating man who didn't move away after i waited like 10 minutes in the cold to take the pic...

To London and back!

i've accomplished the longest movie marathon in my entire life so far.

let's see...on my almost-20-hr flight from Singapore to KL to Dubai to London...watched elizabethtown (in which orlando bloom looked reallie cute), the insider, the family stone, bits of good night and good luck (or is it good luck and good night?), bits of pride and prejudice...and then on my almost-20-hr flight from London to Dubai to Jakarta to Singapore, watched fantastic 4, a very cute jap movie about a boy who could talk to elephants, and re-watched harrie potter (the one about the triwizard tournament). that's about 6 movies? well, there's not very much to do when u're strapped down in a standard economy class seat for about a day...other than watch movie after movie, play games (i topped the high score board for word unscramble!), and occasionally go to the toilet. but can't complain much...coz time spent on travelling = money saved on ticket!

wait. i'm kinda out of point here rite...this entry should b about london! yeah! before i go on, just wanna say a big thank u to 3 very special girls who made this trip enjoyable and possible...and also to 3 other super nice new friends who made my stay at their place so fun and yummy! :) THANKS! people keep telling me, london's no fun. london's boring. london's gloomy. why u wanna go london. especially when it's so cold. now that i'm there and back, just wanna correct all those misconceptions. london's fun! london's interesting! and even tho london's cloudy most of the time, there are sunny days too! and precisely because clear skies are rare, so sunny days just seem sunnier! but london was reallie cold when i was there. fingers would turn purple and numb from the cold, and i had to keep taking off my gloves to press the buttons on my digicam, so that was reallie painful...

what i loved most about london is, there's so much to discover...there're so many happening places...and some of them are hidden underground, so u'll have to be a veteran to be in the know. and it's just a wonderful mix of old and new, science and art, technology and traditions...a kaleidoscope of people and culture and customs...didn't reallie feel that my 10-day stay there was sufficient to experience the whole city. definitely going again in future.

besides london, my friends and i visited parts outside the city like cambridge, salisbury (near stonehenge, the famous mysterious rocks), and york. love to take rides on trains across the countryside...such a luxury, the neverending stretches of land and hills and mountains and rivers...ooh and for the first time in my life, i saw snow!! think it was on the way to salisbury...i was with 2 friends on the train, and 2 of us were sleeping (one being me), then suddenly my other friend who was awake gently woke us up and said "it's snowing...", and i looked out of the triain window and saw snowflakes falling from the sky! so beautiful...(and yes i know i so suaku...haha)

well, they say a picture says a thousand since i took so many pics while i was there, allow me to present: a series of picture essays on london and beyond...