Thursday, November 08, 2007



i'm still around...

just haven't been able to sit down and gather my thoughts coz 24 hours seem so short and there's just not enough time and space to do everything i have to and everything i want to.

if only one day can be just a tad bit longer.

am in tokyo now filming So Simple 2 (jian dan jiu shi mei). will be gg to brisbane on the 13th for more filming. this trip is turning out to be a great journey of fun and it. ;)

tell u more when i'm back!

p.s. saw some questions about chocolate fondant. important points to note: baking time is 6 min. dun bake for too long or the centre will not be liquid but cake-like...and make sure the oven is hot enough. ganbatte ne!

p.s.s. if u have some time, please do visit to find out how u can vote for ur favourite radio personality. arigatou gozaimasu!