Monday, January 19, 2009

Panda Sunsun by Yanzi

Mercy Relief’s Goodwill Ambassador, Stefanie Sun launched Panda “Sun Sun” at rural Anyue county in Sichuan on 13 January 2009.

Panda ‘Sun Sun’ (read as San San) is the 2nd edition of Stefanie Sun’s charity collection for Mercy Relief. Each Panda is S$38*.

To purchase:

1) visit mercy relief webpage


2) Email name, contact number, order quantity, address and country to

Friday, January 09, 2009

startin e new year...on a b*tchin note

haha. this is gonna be fun. (if u're into gossip girl, this is blair waldorf posting)

ok. was looking for a snack just now, and found a green box of japanese cookies sitting on my table. oh, i remember, that's a christmas present from Ms Budget. ok, looks attractive enough to me, let's see how good it tastes.

just as i was about to tear the box open, i noticed something...

from my knowledge of japanese date format, 09.01.03 means jan 3rd 09. which means, it has expired.

wasn't this a christmas present from 08? so...Ms Budget actually allowed me...25th, 26th, 27th, 28th...oh, 10 whole days to enjoy my cookies before it expired! aww. what a waste. she actually gave me more time this year! christmas last year, she gave me a packet of sweets with a note on it that said, "eat now for good luck!". found the note kinda interesting but didn't quite understand the urgent tone, until someone told me that the sweets were due to expire 4 days after christmas. so 10 days this year was considered a bonus! at least i could've enjoyed them in the new year! now i almost feel bad about giving her a skin care travel kit from C&E...

i take pride in buying nice presents for others, esp during christmas coz it's my favourite time of the year. so it irks me that some people can just treat present exchange as a chance to dump near expiry goods or unwanted old stuff on others. yes, i understand the concept of re-gifting, but if you really wanna re-gift, please do it in good taste and style. esp when you have a considerable income and status like Ms Budget.

Ms Budget, if u or any of your friends actually read my blog, i'll never understand why you do what you do, but i do know i'd respect u a little more if you gave me nothing. Please, save on your present for me this year. i'm not a rubbish dump.

oh my gosh. this felt so good! ;)