Thursday, April 26, 2007

picture moments

if i could, i would take a picture of every second of every day. not every picture would be interesting, of course, but at least i'll be more likely to capture a memorable fleeting instant when it happens.

a memorable instant such as this one:

so amused to find Mr Snuggie sitting on his butt one fine morning with his belly bulging and legs wide apart...looking every bit like a lazy fat cat. glad that he held the pose long enough for me to snap a pic!

another picture moment from yesterday.

hmm...nice. *gush and swoon*

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

step by step...

...closer to a dream come true.

step one: apply for leave

step two: check online for information, decide which countries to go

step three: buy/borrow guide books to plan trip

even if u're not going to paris any time soon, that chinese book in the bottom left corner of the picture above is an interesting read. thanks to a dear friend who told me about it, i can now plan my shopping route without much trouble...hmm. BUT. there's one problem. so many charming shops in the little time...which ones to visit?

step four: book air tickets online

steps one to four have been accomplished. hooray!

step five: finalise itinerary

step six: book accomodation

step seven: purchase travel necessities

step eight: finish all work before leave starts (the most most most difficult and least fun step...@_@)

step nine: pack (2nd most difficult)

step ten: take off and have fun!!

my less than a month away from coming true...can't wait!