Sunday, December 24, 2006

Just a short note to say...

hello kitty and mr snowman and me would all like to wish u and your loved ones a very superbly merry and wonderful Christmas filled with love, joy and peace! :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

random thoughts on a sick day

haven't been SO sick in a long while.

symptoms include:
- a dripping, blocked nose (that is red and sore from all that sneezing and blowing).
- feeling groggy and feverish.
- puffy, teary eyes that can't be fully opened.

renee, a very cute and bubbly make-up artist, once told me she loves the feeling of getting a cold, especially a blocked nose. if i didn't remember wrongly, she described the stuffy sensation as "cute" and "fun". haha. i must learn to appreciate my current state with her attitude.

besides taking medicine from the doc, i've got another self-prescribed formula that gives me a temporary energy boost:

when feeling miserable, just take a look at the above pic for 5 sec, and the day seems a little less gloomy.

thanks to all who came to support 933's charity event at J8 last sunday. if u heard my singing and it gave u nightmares or took away your appetite, i'm so so so sorrie. i tend to get overly nervous when singing in front of an audience (even if the audience means just 2 or 3 ppl), and nervousness and anxiety don't exactly help an amateur singer like me, plus i was suffering from a cough that day...(excuses, excuses! stop it la lim pei fen!) so, in summary, sorrie for the bad singing. :)

feeling kinda drowsy now...time to sleep...again...sniff sniff.

P.S. thanks to all for visiting my blog regularly...and leaving comments that bring me joy. i might not be the most conscientious blogger, but i do read your comments very frequently!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Feet...Gold Class

Price of 2 adult tickets: $51

Price of food and beverages: $24 (menu included strawberry cheesecake, potato wedges, a small pot of earl grey, and a glass of ice lemon tea)

Grand total spent on movie: $75

before u dismiss the idea of splurging all that hard-earned cash on one silly movie, let me list a number of reasons why the gold class experience is worth your money.

1) service is wonderful. food and drinks are served inside the cinema by polite staff. should u need anything during the movie, just push a button, and they'll attend to u in a jiffy.

2) the plush reclining seats are oh so comfortable...and spacious. took my shoes off and sat cross-legged during the movie, like i was at home. u can literally sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.

3) cinema is small and private.

4) other patrons who paid good money for gold class tickets arrived on time, so there was no "uh, excuse me" from late comers squeezing past u and blocking your view of the opening scenes. also, no mobile phones were heard ringing, so, thankfully, we didn't have to put up with any "hello? aiyah i watching movie la! call u back later!" nonsense.

5) blankets are provided to keep u warm and comfy. (also handy for those who wish to take off their shoes but are embarrassed about...well...certain scents.)

6) seats are grouped in twos and spaced appropriately apart, so u can enjoy the movie in considerable privacy with your partner.

7) seat levels ensure clear view of screen. no need to worry about being blocked by someone tall in front!

i can go on, but i guess the above is quite enough to justify the amount spent. frankly, this is my most enjoyable movie outing ever. and it was even more satisfying because we watched a great film. before stepping into the cinema, i promised myself this would be the first and only time i'd indulge in such luxury, but after relishing the experience, i'm hooked! it is, after all, a gold class experience.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

the art of makeup

would like to express my utmost respect for all makeup artists who bring out beauty in so many people with their talents.

every stroke of the brush has its purpose, every speck of glitter has an exact position, every tone and colour an important element in highlighting assets and hiding flaws.

thanks to alvin (who recently did my makeup for project superstar 2), i was able to witness the power of makeup in defining and bringing life to my eyes:

been studying this pic and trying to copy his skills...but, sigh, i'm just not gifted enough. this is beyond advanced level eye makeup...and i'm still at beginners stage...

nice eyes, happie me! say cheese!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

a tribute to simplicity

if everyone were simple and kind, this world would be a beautiful place.

i hope to be more like yuan yuan. he takes pleasure in simple things, like getting a new haircut. look at how pleased he is!

after posing for pics, he is content with taking over my bed. :) is good when simple.

Friday, October 27, 2006

star awards prelude roadshow on 24th oct

one way to enjoy work is, well, to entertain yourself.

one way to entertain yourself is to take fun pics!

thanks to shimei for the great pics!

and i just had to take a close up shot of myself coz i simply love my eye make up that day...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Snuggie days vol 2

inspiration comes when u least expect it...glad i got my camera ready for another of Mr Snuggie's antics!

One fine day, Mr Birdie was feeling chirpy and decided to sit on Mr Snuggie's food bowl, for no apparent reason.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Allow me to introduce the latest addition to this blog, my newly adopted virtual pet, Woofie! *applause*

you can see her right there, on the left sidebar. isn't she just adorable...the loveliest sweet pink puppy ever!

thanks to faith (who posted a comment long ago, wonder if u still visit this blog?), just happened to click on your nick and visited your blog, saw your adopted pet and decided to get one myself. :)

woofie has something to say too: woof! woof! thanks for voting my owner as your fave DJ in the latest friday weekly poll! she's very happie about it, and celebrated by buying me yummy treats! *licks* & don't forget to visit da tou fen's blog @! woof!
(you can point your mouse in any direction within woofie's box to get his attention, or click on the treats box to feed him, or click on the "more" tab at the lower right corner to play cute!)

p.s. saw many comments on me taggie board. thanks for all the encouragement and compliments...all your precious words of kindness have gotten me through good days and bad...and the recent poll results on friday weekly has come as such a pleasant surprise for, sincerely, thanks, thanks and more thanks. :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Snuggie days...

Inspired by the adventures of 奶茶, a reallie cute cat from taiwan, i've come up with the first ever Mr Snuggie's very own comic strip!

The End

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Post SRA

first and foremost, thanks to all who've voted. :) 933再度蝉联最受欢迎中文电台奖!

and congrats to the very-cool-coz-very-experienced-already cruz on getting yet another fave 933 DJ award this year!

congrats too to dear dear weibin on clinching the Carlsberg's friendliest DJ award. she's also the winner of the "most memorable and touching thank you speech" award. :)

had fun dressing up for the event! was quite stressed coz right up till the morning of SRA, i didn't have anything to wear. amazed at my luck and unusual decisiveness. checked out the shops at heeren at 11 plus and got my dress at IS and even a pretty black purse to match and was on my way to reds at bugis by about 1. thanks to the brilliant work done by michelle of reds, i didn't have to do much to get a perfect hairdo and make-up to go with my dress. love the little tiara she added! the babe's such a genius... from the event!

Monday, September 18, 2006

post birthday thots...

another has come and gone with 4 cakes, many surprises, many well wishes and sweet gifts, lotsa good food and happy memories.

thanks to each and everyone of you for making my birthday special.

6th to 10th sept. 1st bday present. bmg gave me a birthday present in advance. trip to taipei to meet jay chou (and eat lotsa yummy food)!

i must recommend these great eating places. next time u visit taipei, check them out.

1) Kiki (蓝心湄's restaurant)


苍蝇头 - don't ask me why it's called that. sounds unappetizing, but it's totally the opposite. chopped up veggies stir fried with minced meat, chilli and (i think) black beans...oishii!

苦瓜炒咸蛋 - even for those of u who don't take bitter gourd, you might just fall in love with this coz it's just so tasty...

老皮嫩肉 - my personal favourite. it's just...heavenly. i've never tasted tofu so soft, so smooth, so...mesmerizing.

乌梅汁 - best plum juice i've tasted so far...tho some people may find it a tad bit too sour.

2) 度小月
beautiful decor, wonderful ambience, and most importantly, great food.

what a spread! we ordered grilled 鱼肚 (which was fat and oily and sinful but so so yummy), sashimi, tofu, deep fried prawns and this thing which has the skin of a soon kueh but is filled with meat and prawn stuffing:

was kinda worried the bill might come up to quite a lot, but in total it was less than S$20 per person. yay!

3) for dessert, check out 东区粉圆冰店. there's only one outlet, and it's so famous, u probably just have to mention the name and anyone can direct u there.

great indulgence on a hot day...粉圆+冰+a whole lotta toppings to choose from, including 红豆,番薯,花生,仙草...was told that even during winter, business is great coz they serve hot desserts! ooh...can almost imagine...sipping 热仙草 on a cold winter's day...the steam warming my cheeks and the sweet fluid flowing down my throat...aah. 幸福是简单的。

P.S. thanks to Susan, Zhiyuan and Shili for bringing us around!

13th sept. 1st birthday surprise.

scrumptious dinner with a bunch of super sweet and super nice a lovely place tucked away in the west of singapore...up on a hilltop tower...breath-taking views and mouth-watering cuisine...what more can i ask for?

14th sept. 2nd and 3rd birthday surprise.

an angel came by to wish me happie birthday, and brought me the cake i've been craving for...then at work dear dear Andy walked into the studio with a cake, and together with Gege, Weibin, Junxin and Huishi jie, we had a mini party.

after work, it was time for another birthday feast!

mash potato with crab. must try!

hidden high up on mount emily, wild rocket at hangout hotel is another great place to go if u drive (or take a cab) and wanna enjoy a good meal far from the hustle and bustle of city traffic. only bad thing about the place is that being small and cosy makes it easily crowded and noisy during dinner hours...which isn't very conducive for lovebirds hoping for a more quiet and romantic ambience...

after dinner, home sweet home...where another birthday cake awaits!

am grateful that after all these years, we still celebrate each member's birthday every year as a family. :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


was quite excited when this project was handed to me. but also worried coz it replaces 音乐日记, one of the longest running and hugely popular shows on 933. fortunately, excitement took precedence over worry, so basically i was happie about being in charge of this new programme.

did u hear the 1st episode? hope to get some comments... :)

大头芬的世界 airs mon, wed, fri nites at 830pm, repeats on tue, thu and following mon at 1130am.

Friday, September 01, 2006


oops. 只剩下最后的24++小时. 趁还有时间, 请你投933一票. (当然越多越好, 不要吝啬啦...)

SMS F1_7_(name)_(ic) to 72346. 每则简讯收费两角.

让YES 933 成为你最喜爱的电台! :)

P.S. 如果还有spare cash, 不介意投我一票 (两票/三票/很多票...哈哈), 我的编号是30.


最喜爱DJ - SMS F2_30_(name)_(ic) to 72346

最亲切DJ - SMS F3_30_(name)_(ic) to 72346

还有! 想投哥哥崇庆一票, 方法一样, 把编号改成29就可以了. :)

谢谢支持! 已经投票的你, 祝你好运! 希望你中大奖!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


saw some comments on the tag board...just wanna extend my heartfelt thanks to every single one of you who liked/loved pj party and/or nyx castle...kinda sad that it's all in the past, but...well, changes are inevitable...nothing's we've all got to move on and embrace the present. :)

i have a question. vaguely remembered someone asking on the tag board (sorrie can't recall who) whether i'm appearing on fhm. how did u know about it?

anywayz, last sat jiahui and i did something we never thot we would do: we posed for fhm. yes, we wore something. no, we're not on the cover. carrie and jean are. (a friend of mine asked if i'll be on the cover and i replied, "no, i'm not BIG enough to be on the cover. pun intended.")

the decision to do this wasn't easy...i was totally NOT comfortable...with looking sexy or wearing bikinis (or less)...thank goodness, having spoken to the nice people at fhm, they consented to our request for not so skimpy clothes and a healthy, youthful image. after some consideration, i convinced myself that this is something new and exciting, and i should not give up on a chance to do this while i'm still, well, considerably young.

having been there and done that, i wanna express my utmost respect for all professional models. having to look good in all kinds of clothes, under whatever weather conditions, in all kinds of poses and expressions as requested by the photographer is something that requires natural flair, and beauty, of course. otherwise, for amateurs like me, it just requires a great deal of effort (from me) and patience (from the photography team). looking picture's a skill not everyone can master. and i certainly haven't.

while waiting for my turn, i snapped some pics of jiahui at work:

aiyah. the pic doesn't do justice to jiahui's sultry look and slim legs. if u wanna see, buy the mag...

and here're the not-so-sexy fhm gals:

p.s. the radio story on fhm should be out mid sept, in the oct issue.

p.s.s. wow! my counter just grew longer!! :)