Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happie New Year!

I hate year-end sales. ok to be more specific, i hate buying things at year-end sales. it's like the whole of singapore forgot to shop for the entire year, and suddenly everyone decided to hit the stores like there's no tomorrow. Sales are madness. Sales are shopping wars. If not psychologically and physically prepared, sales can leave u traumatised and bruised. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

when i finally mustered enough courage to brave the pandemonium for a winter down jacket that i've been eyeing, i had a rough idea of what i'm in for. crowds, queues, sweat, squeezing my way through, and maybe raising my voice to get the salesgirl's attention. at the shop, it was just as expected: throngs of shoppers trying to make their way around, even more shoppers flipping through piles of clothes that looked as if they were discarded rather than discounted, salesgirls in a frenzy, and the whole place was saturated with rowdy shoppers' banter mostly made up of people yelling "excuse me!", "ouch!", "sorrie!", "stop pushing!" and "can you get me a new piece?"

i wonder if aliens on another planet are getting a live telecast of the scenes at sales in singapore. if they're watching it on their tvs, they must be pretty intrigued. it's like reality tv. they could call it The Sale Survivor: outwit, outlast, outbuy. the aliens will be so entertained by us humans, they may even call off any plans to exterminate us.

i wanted to get my jacket asap and run home and hide. far from the maddening crowd. there i was, having finally laid my hands on the jacket, patiently waiting for the salesgirl to hand me a new piece in the correct size, when i was rudely jolted by a push from the back. this auntie was in such a hurry to goodness knows where that she simply shoved her way past me, without so much as a word of apology having bumped into me. wow. sales reallie do bring out the uglier side of singaporeans huh. i was reasonably offended, but more anxious to get myself and my precious jacket safely home - in one piece. so, in record time, i checked the item, paid and dashed out of mayhem. phew!

my lovely black jacket is now proudly hung up in my wardrobe, as a testimony to my courage and survival. victory!

wonder if anyone fears sales as much as i do? don't think i'm going for any in the near future. unless there's something reallie nice that i reallie want like that black jacket la. :P

OOH! 2006 is less than an hour away!! so exciting!! here's wishing each and every one of u a wonderful new year filled with blessings, love, joy, peace and good health. Happie New Year!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Inspired by Jaws, one of the most successful action thriller series in film history, The latest action and adventure blockbuster starring SNUGGIE the menace!

Synopsis: the humdrum lives of normal folks are rudely disrupted when Snuggie the menace claws his way through town! It is no longer safe to sleep without covering oneself with a blanket from head to toe - the cunning cat may just pick you as his next victim and sink his razor-sharp teeth into your skin! Clothes are ripped and torn by the coldblooded claws of the cruel culprit; precious items at home are toppled, shattered, damaged and ruined with a wave of his intimidating paw. He sneaks, he pounces, he leaps, and he scratches! Stealthy Snuggie creates havoc without any mercy, leaving his victims helpless and constantly fearful. When will he strike again? Will a hero emerge to stop the indomitable Snuggie from harming more lives? Only time will tell...

OUCH! Such ruthless scratches! Physical scars may heal, but pain and fear in the hearts of the innocent will stay as long as Snuggie is still at large...


tis the season to be jolly, so let's make peace and not war k? :)

magical flower & valerhwye: thank u so much for your support...but as u've probably realised, there's no need to engage in a senseless quarrel with someone who doesn't share ur views. hope u won't stop visiting this blog due to bad experience...

and to all neutral readers / supporters of this blog, thanks once again...sorrie haven't been blogging regularly or often enough, but rest assure i'll blog whenever i can or whenever something interesting happens! and let's allow everyone to have the freedom of speech as long as his/her speech is coherent, reasonable and civilised (i.e. no vulgar lang). if u think it's just a load of rubbish, just ignore it okie? :)

gave myself a little treat yesterday...if u're into the whole spa/facial thingy, u mite wanna check out this new place called pink parlour ( it's a nice quiet little shophouse tucked away in a peaceful corner near mohd the whole black and pink colour scheme and their kitty logo. chic decor + cosy feel + friendly staff = wonderful spa experience! tried their signature chocolate revitaliser facial...and true to its name, i was revitalised! skincare products used at pink parlour are brought in from Switzerland and their treatments use pure oxygen to cleanse and rejuvenate skin. and yes, they did smear chocolate on my face, but it didn't feel weird or gooey at all. in fact, the scent of chocolate triggered an endorphin release which made me so relaxed and of my most enjoyable facials ever. and even the part i hated most-where the therapist squeezes out black/white heads-didn't hurt at all! it was just a very comfortable and soothing session. wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but think i actually saw an improvement in my skin immediately after the facial. went with a friend and she found her smoothie facial pretty good too. haha we ended up having our mani and pedi done there as well...spent the whole afternoon (about 4 plus hours) there! definitely going back to be pampered again...

Monday, December 12, 2005

interaction time!

heyo again!

been a long time since i last replied ur comments/tag...not that i don't read them, i do read my blog whenever i don't stop sharing what u think/feel k? :)
saw some pretty critical comments the other day...took them down coz didn't want them to cause any disputes here. but just wanna say a big big BIG thank you to lala_123456 and vinceable and xdd_rulz for your positive/defensive reactions...reallie very touched. (but no need to scold ppl ugly/loser la...not very nice...even if it's true...oops.) n to those of u who're sceptical about my gratitude to my supporters...just wanna say i may not know each and every one of u by name or face, but i am very very thankful that u even bother to listen to my programme, that u even bother to remember my name, and even more appreciative of the words of encouragement from u. thank u thank u thank u! :)))
fong: yepyep quite enjoyed 2 stress-free days without having to work...hee. but happie to be back at work too! coz slack too long oso no good...will turn mouldy one...
yong hong: still on internship? is it in india? drop me a msg or two some time to let me know how's life over there k?
jeanette: o genki desu ka? :) reallie? u got me a pressie from japan? ooh u reallie shouldn't have...arigato gozaimasu! must have had fun there ya? i went to see ur pics from the trip...the brown and white foxes are sooooooooo CUTE!
jazz: nope didn't order beer that nite coz was driving...but will try your recommendation next time! visited ur! and your popo's chicken curry sure looks yummy...

okies gotta go feed snuggie and yuan yuan beloved babies...i'll end with pictures of the 2 irresistable cuties!

yuanyuan: woof! grrrr...the ball is mine! i'll bite if u take it! grrr...

snuggie: meow! watcha lookin at?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Long time no post!

haven't been posting here for some time...sorrie to those who visit regularly! and thanks to all for your words of encouragement and consolation...very sweet of u. :) but but but don't pretend to be me in my shoutbox leh...i only ask ppl who scold vulgarities here to shut up, won't ask nice ppl to shut up one. shoutbox is for "shouting" so if everyone shuts up then no one will say anything in the shoutbox, then it's gonna b a very sad shoutbox...

let's see...last sun and mon were the 2 most exciting days of my life (so far). after attending star awards and hosting the post awards party, i had to calm myself down, catch as much sleep as possible, then wake up the next day to doll up, and go meet takeshi kaneshiro! hee. i must say...he is REALLIE VERY CUTE. at perhaps love movie press con, i sat right next to him on stage and when he was answering my questions, he looked straight into my eyes and i almost, almost lost concentration. but fortunately i remained professional and didn't start swooning at his dreamy eyes. haha...was very glad to see him in person up close...

was on leave thur and fri...finally got my much needed break. did some shopping on thur, got myself a new watch from Guess...nice! went to a great place called jerry's bbq and grill for dinner on fri nite...thanks to junli and xiang ge :) must must must recommend this place to u! we went to the one at jalan kayu (along the row of prata places), which is the original, but there are 2 other new outlets, one at club street and the other at tanglin shopping centre. to find out more, u can visit their website:

food at jerry's was G-R-E-A-T!! Yummilicious!! Fantastic!! and i'm not exaggerrating. the very kind and generous lady boss treated the 3 of us to a sumptuous meal of their most famous dishes including clam chowder in bread bowl (rich and creamy broth brimming with fresh seafood), buffalo wings (spicy, crispy and very tasty), fried shrooms (they originated from jerry's, according to the boss), californian salad (refreshingly healthy), baby back pork ribs (sweet and juicy), sirloin steak (quality beef cooked to perfection and topped with original jerry's black pepper sauce), spaghetti alo alo (with prawns, scallops and mushrooms so fresh and plentiful) and wrapped it up with a sinful yet oh-so-lovely dessert of their very own freshly baked brownie with vanilla ice-cream. wow. i've not had such a satisfying meal in a while. and every single dish was soooo good, i can't tell u which is my favourite! besides savoury starters and main courses, jerry's has a wide selection of drinks (from smoothies to beer to wine) and desserts too! u should reallie stop reading and just go try it yourself! bring your friends and family too!

above: clam chowder in bread bowl! *slurp*

above: can't wait to start! yummy!

below: mouth-watering buffalo wings...mmm...

above: i love spaghetti alo alo!

below: juicy sirloin steak...

below: a sweet end to a perfect meal...brownie and vanilla ice cream...ooh...

if u're worrying about price, don't. the prices at jerry's are very reasonable, much like any other restaurant's. for $18, u can get a large serving of spaghetti. and the steak's also below $30. remember that u're not only paying for good food, but also for good service and great ambience. the jalan kayu outlet was set up by an ex US air force officer called Jerry, so in line with the theme, the place is decorated with air craft posters, pictures, calendars and maps, and even real parts from planes! the whole feel is very homely and cosy with a hint of nostalgia...makes for a wonderful culinary experience!