Friday, November 14, 2008

Chashin - the place for tea

good company, the fact that i was on leave and had sufficient sleep, and a perfect place to have tea and chat the afternoon away made my thursday...rewardingly restful.

Chashin's located at 6 Handy Road, beside The Cathay, at this new building called Luxe. there's an art gallery behind the tea place, a nice combination. my friend ordered the japanese rice tea:

and i had the hot lychee tea.

of course, the foodie in me just couldn't resist trying out some snacks on the menu, and i chose the milk and honey jelly (which i loved but my friend wasn't so crazy about).

a pleasant surprise: the nice lady boss presented us with a apple cake!

we stayed and talked (agenda-lessly, randomly and comfortably) for over 3 hours. a rare luxury, i'm sure u know what i mean. i'm selfishly hoping this place will remain as it was yesterday: quiet, but that would mean it may have to close coz there isn't enough business and i'm sure it won't coz more and more people r bound to find out about it and love it and frequent it. oh well, good things get better when shared, yeah? :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chashin - the place for tea

Am on leave today. Having tea with a friend at this place called chashin, nice n quiet. What a wonderful way to spend a thursday afternoon.