Thursday, May 19, 2005

Question of the day

Rearrange the words NOR DO WE into one word.

Answer is ONE WORD.

aiyoh...i thot i post this qn sure very hard to guess answer one...but u all so smart...haha. maybe i'm not so smart...


Koo Xing Yu said...

I have many choices:
- Oneword
- Newdoor
- Doornew
- Redonow
- Nowredo

I here gathered answer from peeps..which is de right ans?

Koo Xing Yu said...

Additional choices:
- rednoow
- woonred
- redwoon
- redwono
- wedoron???

Haha..dunno...i now hav 10 choices..

~keigo_milk~ ^_^ said...

~ One Word ~

Jerry^_^ said... mani liao lo..hur hur i cant guess as much..>.<"

hijack said...

lol, peifen. tat was quite lame... :D

weigen said...

how can it be ONE WORD when its 2 ;)

bleahh said...

The answer is "One Word" what. Coz you said,"Arrange NOR DO WE into ONE WORD" So just arrange it to become "ONE WORD" lor