Sunday, June 05, 2005

taipei shopping frenzy!

Heyo!! i'm back!! haha...well i've been back for quite a while...but haven't updated this bloggie since coz been quite bz...cruzie on leave, lingzhi went overseas...gotta cover xgjy and music diary bla bla been trying to get as much rest as possible whenever there's time...

my trip to taipei was...therapeutic! haha well it was mostly RETAIL therapy...coz there were just sooooooooooooo many things to buy! and they're all so pretty and sweet and lovely and most importantly...CHEAP. oops. showing my cheapo side...but who can resist cheap and good stuff?? okies let's start from the beginning...

day One--

flight to taipei was early in the morning...and i'm no morning it was quite an ordeal to get up and go to the airport. yawnz! flight was abt 4 hours but i didn't manage to catch a wink of sleep so by the time i got there i was, well, in a pretty blur state. checked into the nice cosmos hotel near taipei railway station and started on my hunt for great shopping! sadly, without enough prior research and planning, i ended up walking most of the 1st day instead of reallie shopping. walked from hotel all the way to xi men ding...which wasn't exactly very near. haha. guess it was coz i was real tired, i didn't buy anything coz just wasn't in the mood to shop! but i went to this dessert shop and ordered a 霸王冰, which is like ice kachang without the kachang but with fruits and ice cream...when it was served, i got a shock! it was served using such a HUGE bowl...and there were only me and 3 other frens...we all laffed out loud when we saw it...and had a hard time trying to finish the time we were almost done eating, we were shivering and cold!


After 霸王冰...*shiver*

first night out in taipei was at this 华西街夜市 sucked! so NOT happening one...haha dun go there k? only got weird shops selling snakes and their parts...and sex toys...but if i didn't remember wrongly, i tried my 1st 甜不辣 there...loved it! so yummy...for the clueless, it's fish cake with some special seasoning...the fish cake's different from the's less spongy...

day Two--

had a good night's in the morning was all ready to shop till i drop! in the day walked along 忠孝东路...haha didn't walk it 9 times tho...but my fren kept singing the song...nothing exciting there...coz the streets are mostly lined with branded shops that are way out of my cheapo the whole afternoon was mainly just strolling. oh but we did check out one of the biggest ktv chains in taipei...钱柜! the room was pretty impressive! spacious and clean...even came with a personal toilet! here's a little secret: i'm a very niao1 (fussy) person when it comes to toilets...esp overseas...and i rate the one at 钱柜 highly satisfactory! so u can be sure it's pretty clean. the songs provided are very updated...and the drinks are free flow! it's reallie all that a ktv addict can ask for...sing all u want, then drink all u want!

Lalala...Karaoke Queen!

visited 士林夜市 that night. not my first time there were no surprises. but i was glad that i could FINALLY buy something(S)! hee...


day Three--

it's 温泉日! yay! haha i've never been to a hot spring i gave my first to one at 温泉路 in 北投 was quite nice and fun! 4got wat the name of the hotel's one of many hot spring hotels along that stretch...we had to trek uphill to find it tho...phew! to save money, we chose to use the public springs that were cheaper...but coz we went at off-peak hours, so we had the springs to ourselves! there's an indoor and an outdoor one on the top floor...personally preferred the outdoor one. can enjoy beautiful scenery and the springs were more fun! there was a cold one with 2 huge waterjets that sprayed water on ur body from the top when u turned them on. the jets were so strong that they made my fats jiggle...haha...but i guess that's wat it's supposed to do...massage the fats away...

there was another mid-warm spring that was about 30 deg C...that was ok for me tho i could feel my heart beating faster when my whole body was immersed. the water was quite comfortable and it made me feel energised and refreshed...but then came the killer spring! it's filled with natural spring water from the mountains...and temp stood at 42 deg C. i thot it should be ok for me coz i can tahan heat...but when my foot touched the water, i screamed! it was so HHHHHOt! after a few attempts to get used to the temp by dipping my feet in and out, i braved the waters. *applause* i was told the natural spring waters had healing, health and slimming purposes...for beauty! for health! i am proud to say i did not fear a little heat. haha.

the natural spring waters are so hot, u can even boil an egg with it! but that's not allowed!

after the 温泉 trip, next stop was at 星光三越, a huge shopping complex with so many nice and cute and pretty stuff...but nothing to buy. bleah. went to take a look at 华纳威秀, which is just a nice cinema la. moved on to 台北101...had afternoon tea there...then paid about S$20 to go up to the 89th floor of one of the tallest buildings in the world with the fastest moving lift, and got a breathtaking view of the taipei night scenery! only pity was it was a cloudy nite, so the view wasn't as clear. alwiz love the feeling of 居高临下...makes me feel like i'm flying...and reminds me that no matter how big some things may seem to be, from another angle, it's just so teeny weeny compared to the whole universe...

day Four--

taking the 捷运 to 五分埔

my long-awaited trip to 五分埔! haha i've heard so much about it from other it's the wholesale market of taipei...and things there are dirt cheap...with so many many many choices! so i was filled with anticipation and excitement on the way there...but when we arrived...i was shockingly disappointed! none of the shops were opened! boohoohoo! it was a saturday and we began to wonder if the shops are opened for business during weekends...not to be defeated, i approached a passer-by, who told us that the shops will only open at ard 12 plus 1 in the afternoon...haha. so silly rite! since it was 11 plus and a few shops further down the street were starting business, we decided to hang i know why everyone recommends going there to shop! the whole market comprises so many streets all lined with shops that are brimming with the latest fashion...everything was just...琳琅满目,眼花缭乱! just in one short hour, i bought like dunno how many bags of stuff...haha...i'm the princess of shopping...nono i correct myself. i'm the princess of CHEAP shopping...

don't be kiasu...五分埔 shops only open at around noon...

lunch was at a nice sushi place that very much resembled sake sushi (but much MUCH cheaper)...then i didn't feel too well so went back to rest at the hotel. but of course that did not end my day!! went straight back to 五分埔 after taking a nap! and bought more!! it's reallie a shopaholic's frens walked there the WHOLE day and they couldn't finish covering the entire market! and while i only spent a few short hours there, i bought more in that short period of time than i did the previous 4 days spent in taipei! haha. so happie. and satisfied. word of advice: next time u visit taipei to shop, hit this place 1st. coz i noticed some stuff that were on sale at 士林 for higher prices were also on sale for less at 五分埔.

after 五分埔, we decided to give the nite market nearby a try...with our bad experience from the 1st nite, we didn't expect much from any other 夜市 besides 士林...but we were pleasantly surprised! 饶河街夜市 is smaller, but just as good as 士林! bought meself a pair of cheap boots (only S$20 plus) there...

the bustling 饶河街夜市!

famous 胡椒饼 at 饶河街夜市

in a final attempt to fully utilise our last day in taipei, we took a cab in search of this supposedly 24 hour shopping arcade: 京华城...only to be hugely disappointed. haha. only the clubs and cinema were opened...and we definitely weren't prepared to pay for movies (coz it's cheaper to watch back in sg! :P) time to head back for a crazy time packing and cramming my 战利品 into my poor little suitcase...

day Five--

all my bags are packed i'm ready to go...sob sob! end of shopping frenzy...back to sg...and back to work. sigh! life goes on...


tCy* said...
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tCy* said...

hahas. i din go to wu fen pu leh.. regretted it now.=P
anyway, take care despite the hectic schedule ba~


davidlee said...

It seem you really did had a GREAT time - Shopping Queen. :-)

twentyseven05 said...
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twentyseven05 said...

WOw long entry..
glad to see that you have enjoyed yourself in taiwan
i can use your entry as a guide if i'm going there..haha


Koo Xing Yu said...

peifen.. say bZ now posted le.. haaa.. me and my fren all miss ur voice 24/7. jiayou.. haa.. saw ur post.. cool n fun bahx yea?? *hugs peifen* :p

Jerry^_^ said...! so gd n xian mu sia..i wish i can go taipei too..hee..well i glad pf happy of her trip as she say..:D

Lu_Bu A.k.a 永宏 said...

Finally another post after half a mth~ =X
Hmmz..?seems like the whole trip you are disappointed sia, even going to 五分埔( cos it opens at 12+) ...
羡慕啊~~ Nv been to 台北 b4 =\
Btwz... nv buy any souveniors for ur castle's fellow supporters ~ =X

joyce said...

yeah man. the first day normally nothing de. my hk first day also didnt buy anything till like the 2nd last day where my frens got to help me carry my shopping bags. hahah.
you wanna go holiday again right? lol =)

Evonne said...

wah...a long entry was real fun ba?I go till i tired...but still want to go again...hehe....

Paul said...

Glad that u enjoyed your trip to Taipei.

But after you came back, u had to cover for so many things.

Please take care.

crazy fan of yanzi n chongqing said...

yea.. pf finally~~~ blogged... haha... seems like so fun.. i oso wanna go tw!!! now u make me even more wanna go le... haha

Evonne said...

yo peifen ah..seem like u had a fun time at taipei..aft reading ur posting makes me feel like going too..

Hui Lian

Paul said...

Hi Peifen, nice pics.

Thomas said...

hey ,
u look like u gain some weight.
see your waist like swimming float.
must be eat and eat a lot
got check your BMI and weight or not ?
must find some time to exercise liao hor :-) if not become fat fat
nevermind if nobody wants u then tell me loh , i like cute fat pig , hahaha
chiat lat ar .....

buggiez` said...

hoho~waited tis post for so long le.. hehe u seemed to enjoy urself shopping there~ i must go tw when i haf money =(

HarunaHoshi said...

I wanna go Taiwan! Actually planning to go in July, so can use your entry as a shopping guide... heez~ Haha too bad I'm a poor student~ gotta delay the plan boohoo~

zhijian said...

hi pf...manage to call in yesterdae nite...remember me??? thanks for the ghost train tickets!!!

Evonne said...

Ho...U will @ Shi Lin Ye Shi...I aso @ there...but lor... ^_ ^

Evonne said...

Pics Was really nice...!!!

小嬡 said...

Someday I also wanna go Taiwan! =)

davidlee said...

Nice look so adorable.

- Alicia said...

So cute! i love the pix where the sign says no boiling egg.. that pix is so silly. haha

jiateng said...

very nice trip u had nia....make us all want to go taipei la....aiyoh but i must wait till i older a bit nia..mebbe sec 4 bahx....haha...i will go one lor...

NiTeStAr1988 said...

hahaz...seemed that u enjoyed urself...=)...nice pics too...hahaz...very cute...yah, life has to take carez...=D

rrainboww-89 said...

wah... so gd.. peifen.. i reali dun know why suddenly i feel so lost iin life... i jus went to his stead's bloggie.. He was the guy i once liked before.. i told myself not to like him animore but i jus dun noe why i stil care so much when his stead had done so much for him... i tink i'm jus getting jealous but how to dun tink about him? i hope they break soon.. i know its a veri selfish thought of mine but i jus veri veri sad.. can gif mi advice?

Jerry^_^ said...

peifen v pretty wor..lolx..ha seems like pf like to eat alot..hee..rainbow..u look at ur ex blog no use wad..make u more jealous of i feel u jus hav to forget ur ex and wish them happiness lo..dun u think so? :D

letstwistagain said...

well done...interesting to read..
marc here.

Lin aka Shilin said...

Must be a very nice trip. =)
Never been to taiwan.
I'm going with friends this yr in Oct. She told me about the wu fen bu! Must go!! Keke.

~keigo_milk~ ^_^ said...

i wanna go TW again....
i miss the fun i had there... ^ ^
dis time i go...
i will confirm go to wu fen pu !!!
hahahahhaha... ^ ^

seems like u had fun !!!!
oh yah... i love the KTVs there as well.... ^ ^

michelle said...

heya~! a new reader to ya blog..also partly coz im a reader to your shows in 933. :)

anyway, i really enjoyed reading your entry on the taiwan trip. i've been wanting to go there for a long time. all those places and things that you have mentioned, i've seen them on tv. i guess, they are the more popular spots eh?

really hope to visit the night markets and the wu fen pu..oh ya, and i've been wanting to try the "huge ice kachang". was it delicious? by the way, you didn't go to Xi Men Ding? was rather surprised.


brokenn heart said...

*sigh* just break wid moii stead .. feeling beri beri beri beri beri beri beri beri beri beri beri beri beri sad now.. cried a couple of times.. even moii elder sister sae cnt cry over guyy.. ii noe ii beri lame , cry over a guy .. bud cnt help iit euu noe.. the sweet daes are over , now comes the sour daes liiao.. ii noe lurbe ish like dat de.. bud its onli been 1 dae nn ii cried so much.. ii just cnt live without hiim mann.. =[just hope dat he will be happie bahhs..

meikian said...

princess..u're finally back liao...i want to go to tw also...hais..seems tat u really enjoyed!

liTTleli said...

Ooh. just discovered your blog. cool! -___-"
Somehow, ur blog seems very interesting to me! wahaha. glad to hear you enjoyed ur holiday @ taipei!

poohbear said...

argh! i din go to wu fen pu too! didn't know got this place. wasted wasted...shall vist taiwan again soon.

poohbear said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mimosa said...

shucks. i'm missing ximen ding's ah zhong mee sua and shilin's mala duck blood and jiufen's muah chee...

Welcome said...

hahah...wat a fun trip tat u hv...hope myself can hv the chance to go...but as a sec3 student...i dun tink i can hv the time n money...haiz...maybe in future ba!!!

SkyLArk said...

Hey why didnt you go to Tam Shui PeiFen!!! You should go one day,,,, and visit the nite mkt there and the Old Street and Fishermen Wharf.......

take care

SYLVIAAA said...

hey. thanks for the tips. can i ask where is 五分埔? which part of taiwan/taipei?

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