Friday, August 26, 2005

it's picture time!

I've decided to make good use of my digicam. i'm gonna bring it with me everywhere i go. i wanna capture memorable moments in my life now that will never exist again.

so here's a picture story of tai tai high-tea day with my dearest friends on the 20th of August, 2005.

Yummy!! Goodwood Park Hotel's famous durian pudding!! The best i've ever's all the essence of a durian stuffed into that small bowl! Mmmm...

What's a high-tea session without the pretty tea lady?

Why is it called HIGH-tea? Coz u lift it HIGH off the table to drink...*bleah*

Posers unite! The tai tai pose!

The high tea ladies...check out that huge durian behind!

P.S. Thanks for the great afternoon gals...looking forward to our next gathering!


twentyseven05 said...

whoa, from princess to high-class tai tai..ur tai tai pose very nice ah..haha

Loved your hilarious acting in dao di zai na li..i would love to see more of it =D

jiayou and take care =D


davidlee said...

Yes, the stuff there is Great. You really know how to enjoy yourself. You also look more andmore beautiful.

aspiringwife said...

hey peifen, ur bag is nice! :)

Jenny said...

yOz, peifen.. i like ur bag.. very nice and sweet.. where u got it? =P

PeIfEn FaNs said...

hi hi Princess Peifen u r so cute hehe last time i heard zhiyong says u (tian shi ren bu pei ming de peifen) is it correct (something lik that lah) i heard that i laugh until cannot stop haha