Sunday, January 08, 2006

Project Play Pack

Except for making donations, i must admit, quite regretfully, that i haven't been doing much for charity since my uni days. finally had a chance today to play a small part in Project Play Pack, and it sure felt good to do good! :)

PPP is a collaborative effort by Mediacorp Radio and Mercy Relief to help restore normalcy in the lives of children affected by the earthquake in Pakistan, which caused massive destruction when it happened last Oct. More than 73, 000 lives perished and millions were displaced, and among them helpless children, many of whom are homeless and/or have lost their families.

You can do your part to help them :) just make your way down to bishan junction 8 level 3, Top of the 8 (sheltered outdoor atrium), between 11am to 7pm, from sunday 8th jan to tue 10th jan and support Project Play Pack. For just $10, you can pledge a play pack which contains toys and stationery for the children of Pakistan. these play packs will be delivered to them end feb, and will surely bring much joy to them admist the adversity. u can also personalise and design greeting cards for them, which will be attached to the play packs. other on-going activities include a photo exhibition and stage performances.

do show your kindness and generosity if you's a joy to receive, and even greater joy to give. :)


sHaRe My HaPpInEsS said...

okiiess ;
will try to find time to go down`
t8careexx <3

ronald said...
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-=Syo=- said...

yEah... amOng the fiRst fEw, wOohOo !!~ realLi kEep hEarin' aBt the PPP on 933f.m.z... u mUz b tiRed aPpearin' oN aiR evrydAy tis eNtire weEk (corRect?! mOn-fRi: Nyx's, sAt mOrnin' i think; suN livE fRom bisHan)... aiyO bEri cHiong hOr... dRink mOre H2O hOr... dEdicaTe tiS cOmment 2 yuAnyuAn & sNugie... esp. YY, 'cOz tiS yR's dOg yR, sO.... iF pOssibLe hOpe i gOt a aNgbAo fRom YY loL... siNgLe & pOor saD bLoggEr :-(

Valie. said...

PF!! Y u nv go the "Who stole my mircophone" thingy!!!

PotatoAttitiude said...

okie okie !
ii will go de !

Alienadi said...

Welcome to my blog!
Put some comments! Thanks a million!

viviantheariesgal said...

If time allows me to, I will go ..cos I'm now working ... EVERYDAY. Hurhur ..sad..

Yingwu said...

hello...u r my idol for quite some time. so good to find ur blog here...
very nicely done..
if got time can oso support mine.. heee. keep up the good work!