Friday, February 24, 2006

sucky day

this day SUCKS! big time.

i think if anything else suay happens, i'll have to go for anger management classes. but not before i scream my heart out.

i can't believe i have to retype this whole entry again. spent like 45 min typing the 1st draft, and i dunno wat i did, but i just deleted everything i had typed in those 45 min and now i'm starting from scratch. ARGH! AAAAAAAAAAARGH!! no one else to blame. just stupid me. now that's exasperating.

planned to come office early today to do some work, so that i can go on leave in peace. but am in no mood to do anything now. so decided to lament here.

today is a sucky day. it started with a gut feeling that this day just isn't gonna be good...if u've watched the tennis movie wimbledon, u'd remember the part where kirsten dunst lost her match. for no reason, those scenes just popped up in my mind this morning. so that was my premonition.

then i got up and just when i was about to wash up, i saw something that reallie irked me. my contact lens case was placed vertically, and most of the solution had leaked as a result, which meant my contact lenses were not properly cleansed. i dunno who in my family did it; this wasn't the 1st time something like that had happened, which irritated me all the more, and feeling tired and grumpy early in the morning didn't help me feel better. so i started complaining to my mum. poor mum. she had to put up with my tantrums coz there was no one else at home.

what followed was a series of events that eventually led to me blowing up. 1st of all, my newly bought lcd tv's remote control spoilt a few days ago, and i had made an appointment for repairman to come today between 2 and 5pm, but realised yesterday i couldn't make it. so i had to call the service centre again, wait for recorded voice to redirect my call to an operator, and change the appointment. shall not go into details here coz it's boring. but the point is, sometimes such nitty gritty tedious errands get on my nerves coz they die die have to be done but when there're so many other things on my mind these little tasks are just...bleah. phlips better have a good reason as to why my new tv set has problems barely 1 month into use...if not...haven't decided wat i'll do but i'll definitely boycott all their products and never recommend them to anyone.

later on, while i was getting ready to go out, i realised snuggie had made a mess in my room. he had toppled my make up storage bags and caused them to be scattered on the floor. if u use makeup, u'd know how bad it is. esp for eyeshadow cakes, they break up when dropped. and if the container's fragile, it'll probably crack. and not only did he mess up my make up, he also pushed some other stuff off other surfaces in my room. but i didn't scold him coz it's not entirely the kitten's fault for being mischievous...he's still young and i haven't been a good mum to him, can't afford much time to accompany and play with him.

then some idiot had to press our door bell by mistake and got yuanyuan all excited, and he peed under the sofa in the living room. i noticed the yellow puddle and his guilty look as i was about to leave the house. mum got irritated by that too, and i offered to clean up the mess. just as i finished the first round of wiping up with toilet paper and mopping, and was on my way to wash the mop and come back for a 2nd round of mopping, mum thot i was done and made a comment,"huh? that's all? i clean lah." normally, i would ignore her and continue cleaning. but to the already angry me, the comment implied, "u can't do a good job cleaning", which made me a little more mad, but i didn't flare up. i just left the mop on the floor and replied, "ok u mop lor." think mum wasn't exactly pleased with my cold response, but she didn't say anything.

then just as i was about to step out of the house, mum said something which made me feel quite hurt. i was like, what?? i was irritated for a reason (or in this case, many small reasons), and yes i might have said some things that i shouldn't have on impulse, but i thought mum would understand. so we quarrelled. u know, as i'm recalling this incident, i'm actually laffing. HAHA. it reallie sounds hilarious now in retrospect. ultimately boliao. so mum, i'm sorrie. shouldn't have let my feelings go outta control.

thankfully, lunch was enjoyable. :)

but things didn't get much better after lunch. came to office and checked my work an email which made me very sad. disappointed with myself and my performance and work in general. can't divulge much, but all i can say is, it's interesting how the human brain has both a penchant and a repulsion for negativities.

it's 3.37pm now. hope this day doesn't get any worse.

hope u have a good day. if not, take heart in the fact that u're not the only one. :)


Eileen. 静 said...

i can understand..i have such days too, where things got worst one after another. I am sure it will be fine..cheer up~! its the weekends!! :)

Haze said...

Cheer up!!! Everything will be fine.

twentyseven05 said...

wa..not a very gd day eh..
i can understand the frustration when u type a super long entry n it doesnt get posted n everything's gone..really feel like throwing the com right outta the
i hope everything will go uphill for u from 3.37pm onwards. cheer up! to quote from tellytubbies. 'BIG hug!' hee.



me said... be honest its really quite sucky..haha.. :p look on the bright side! ming tian hui gen hao! haha ((:
stay cheerful always yar!! :D

rabbit said...

hey peifen, 1st time leaving comment here. Anw, do cheer up ya? 人生有高有低,雨后有彩虹!
sounds cliche right? =P

imperfectionist said...

yoh peifen. dun get too upset larhs. or shud i sae, angryee. llollx. ii admit ii oso got attitude prob. dere was once, when ii type a long long letter to muh frewn. n den muh computer juss jammed like dat. ii went all mad and punched muh computer. den ii calmed down n retype it lorr.

hahas. ii crazy rite. n as i said, i have attitude prob. if muh mum said sumting dat hurt mi, ii would slam the door. n go all crazy. cos it was already a suay dae for mi n she 火上加油。hahas. sho, u are nort really giving attitude n overboard larhs.

okae, juss stay happy. dun get mad over such small tings. life ish short. u smile oso one dae pass. dun smile oso one dae pass. whyee not smile n stay happy for the rest of your life?

ah. i noe i am lame. xD takkair peifen. xD

Kaiz said...

i understand your feelings, totally. Sometimes, you just had a ultra bad day where everything seems to be against you. But do take it in your stride. Cheer up and tell yourself tomorrow will be better. Don't be too affected.

For me, when i had this kind of day, i just shut myself off from the outside world, totally. than i would indulge in some of my fav activity, like listening to YES 933 or just take a long bath or simply read a book.

Sometimes when your environment don't support you, it is TOTALLY up to you to make yourself happy.

Take care!

ahleck said...

Yo 公主...

加油ok? I actually had a sucky day too...some major conflicts with my friends..haha. But well *ahleck clears throat* "Always look on the of life...dudu...dudu..dudududu...."

Ang Mo Kio is tuning to you!! haha!

tCy* said...


TYVMPCA said...

Cheer up! Days like these are bound to come by once in a while.

Better days to come. All the best!

BTW I love listening to your show in 93.3fm. Keep it up ok? Jia you!

Bryan 'Chunie' Lim said...

Life sucks once in a while. You just have to tahan it. It'll just come and go.

And if life's isn't sucky once in a while, then u'll never understand what's being happy. =)

dEspO said...

hey peifen, i'm the eugene ion ur taggy...

eh.. there are times tat we all will experience all this.. it'll pass soon enuff.. dont brood over itz.. everyday starts as a new beginning.. jia youz peifen jie.. will always suppport uz.. ^^

Mingkai said...

Rem i called in last night? so gald that i managed to call in.
heard that u're rather piss of by many things last night so i searched high and low and finally found ur blog.
rainbow always come after the rain.
rainbow is coming soon. cheer up.
if possible email me @ to let me u're fine. =)

Evonne said...

ChEer Up!!!My Dear PrincESS!!!

Valie. said...

dear Peifen princess,
I think no one in your family in the right mind would touch your contact lenses. Haha.

I suspect that it's your cat or dog which did it. Its just my guessing so it might not be true.

Anyway, cheer up k?

Stormy said...

Cheer up!! Princess.. i am sure that things will be better after a good sleep..!!

Enjoy ur leave..

viviantheariesgal said...

wow ..u really had such an unlucky day!! But I'm sure everything will be fine soon. =)

Evonne said...

remember to tag @ ur forum!!!haha

register n leave msg...

meikian said...

i wasnt feeling too good yesterday too
practically half of my class started crying after maths test
and it affected my mood too

sometimes i have these kinda days too
like...nothing goes right and everything goes wrong

ah well...listen to some music and forget everything lah
cheer up! everytime you're unhappy, we'll always be here for you!

viNcEable said...

the day when everything went wrong. Really a bad day. It's usually when we take notice of "suay" stuffs that made it worse. I guess you won't really be so fed up with your mum's comment and yuan yuan's "job" if it happen on a fine day. It's the first few "suay" things that made you think that the whole day is suay and why things just go wrong and that make your mood bad, in bad mood, you tend to take note of those "suay" things and end up feeling more fustrated ,thinking "why am I so suay today" . Sometimes things just go wrong, all we can do is, have a ice cold can of drink, listen to some music and calm yourself down. That's life. Bad stuffs always happen. =) Take care peifen gong zhu

ys.steve said...

wel i guess dis kinda days comes by once every now n den? but the gud ting is dat everything gets better frm then! so yup.cheer up n stay happy! probably u're feeling better now already? take care den!

Peng Ru said...

relax, don't overwork yourself, if you get sick, nobody can hear your voice for a few days(choi!!! Touch wood...) and we'll be missing ur voice on the radio like hell, so just relax...go for a walk for awhile when u r tired...heard that u r going to london on the radio...have fun!!!

HUI`zAx said...

Yos! Peifen. Dropping by again for my second attempted comments on your post.

Indeed... When a long entry have been typed, which doesn't get posted, It's like being pissed off and very annoying. Even me, will also feel this way.

We are also in the same boat. Lots of things doesn't gone to my way during that day. Thankfully, I have managed to keep all my "Already accumulated" fired-anger"..

Cheer Up! Swept away all your unhappy thoughts and welcome every days, hours , minutes and seconds.

*P.S - There will be major changes in programmes in the coming 20th of March.

xdd_rulz said...

whaha..things like tt alwaes happen..dun get too's better than facin ppl u dun realli like almost my case.hehe.jiayou!

ali3n said...

eeeKs... i had a bad day too... well, maybe once in a while we need some bad days so that normal days will seem to be good =) cheers!

purpleshadow said...

poor nana...
but i am sure thing do go the wrong way so we appreciate the UP days more ;)


gnayenelrahc said...

hi peifen, so when are you going on holiday? will miss ur programme without you..... :( enjoy urself!! SMILES :)

-xiiao miin` said... ke lian.. me sometime oso kana de scolding

aries said...

hey peihui, i noticed that one of ur entry(last year very long ago) is about ur trip in taiwan. i am going taiwan with my mum too, but its our first time there and we are going on a free and easy tour too, cuz if we follow tour group, they will definitely bring us to those places of attractions and sort. but both my mum and i are shopping queen and food-lover so we intend to travel on our own. we planning to go to taipei, i hope that you can email to me recommanded me of which are the places i sure must go in taipei. please i hope to receive ur email at . thanks. i noe u will be very busy too, if u r really busy den its alright. hey fans of peifen, if u r reading this, and also been to taipei, email me too, to let me noe which places shld i go to. thanks pple

Shawn.Teo.Yi.En said...

Hi Peifen Nice to meet you, hope u can see my comments.

meeeee said...

Hi Peifen! Just to pass a tip on the shattered cosmetics. For powder forms like eyeshadows, blushers, and pressed powders, try crushing the already shattered product into fine powder. Then press them evenly back into the pan, and place into the freezer for a few hours. You'll find that they will be back in a one piece again! :)

-=Syo=- said...

sOri, qUite thE lAst gUy heRe ;p bEtcHa cooL dOwn liAo.. gOt tiMe bLog iN agAin hOr.. spEAkin' oF baD dAes, my wOrse oNe wouLd b oNe tAt i wAs "fLykiTe" by my fRenz iN thE moRNing, pLay bbAlL caNnot sHoot iN a singLe oNe thE whoLe eNtiRe aFternOon(fRom aBt 2~6:30), thEn wAs kNockeD dOwn by a vehicLe oN thE wAy hOme. spEnt thE niTe & thE nExt dAy wiF bRuiseS & banDageS. bOunCe !!

Evonne said...

going london!!!wahahaha...hav a enjoyable trip!!!

kok ming said...

wao DJ man... can i know you.
i am an engineering student hoping to graduate soon in 2007.