Saturday, April 01, 2006

Photo essay 4: 美食篇 Part 2

haha just realised i took so many pics of food during the trip...coz each meal was great and so were the restaurants!

the following are pics of my fave restaurant for the whole trip. it's a place called alley cats, tucked away in a quiet back alley of the quaint little town of york...we chanced upon it by accident...thanks to junie for spotting the sign and wanting to check it out...simply loved it!

so cosy...

and so many kitty stuff...

a whole fire place full of cats! so cute!

even the toilets are cute!!

impressive...nice toilets always impress much i had to take a pic!

after taking so many pics, it's time to eat!

and the food's great!

part 3 coming soon!


gal said...

hehe u make me 1 2 go 2 london 2..........but still saving money 4 the trip.glad tat u enjoyednthe trip very much.

gnayenelrahc said...

cool place. nice pix taken! so what's ur next destination?

Evonne said...

nice pic le !!!!
wahaha...think i gg london soon but first is hk haha...

-=Syo=- said...

yUpz, fRom yR dEscriptiOn i fiNd the nAme sUits cOmfortabLy wiF thE sHop.. iN a qUiet alLey, & thEre's qUite a nO. oF wooDen cAts 4 dEcor.. u suRe liEk 2 lOok 4 foOd thO, 2 baD i duN hAv mUch tAste buDs, sO wAtevEr i eAt iT's aLmost tAsteLess -_-'

wanfongg said...

nice pics!haas..more cats n more CATS!!LOL!

priscilla said...

the place is so cute! i wanna go london! hehe. I may be going this year end. =)

crazy fan of yanzi n chongqing said...


i cant believe it... i'm going to europe this hols!!!!!

n one of the places i'm going is... LONDON!!! omg!! dunno if my happy news will make u envy... but hor, if u wanna go again... can go w me!!! hahaha... it'll be a family outing... long time since we had one... haha...

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