Sunday, May 28, 2006

sucky weekend

i think i was unlucky on sat.

i'm not a superstitious person, i don't freak out when a black cat crosses my path and i don't wear good luck charms...but there's just no other explanation for my lousy sat except that i was down on my luck.

went to support a friend at a soccer tournament in the morning. after a while, my neck started to itch real bad. thought it'll go away after a while, but then my skin turned red and the itching wouldn't stop. very soon, red bumps started to form. tried applying some lotion to soothe the itch, helped a bit but the rash didn't get better. worse still, it started to spread from neck to face and even on my arms.

as of now while i'm typing this entry, i'm fighting the urge to give my neck and arms a good scratch. after the doc gave me a jab and some meds this morning, the rash seems to be getting better...please please go away tmw...hate those ugly red itchy patches!

almost never got a rash in my least not from allergy...this is reallie a new experience.

and then, on sat nite, i had another brand new experience: serial collision.

this was how i described my encounter to cruz (excerpt from msn chat):

me: last nite just buanged on PIE
cruz: AH
me: lian2 huan2 che1 huo4
cruz: WAD HAPP
me: 4 cars!!
cruz: u sandwich or behind
me: travelling on right most lane...saw bmw in front e brake, i oso e brake. stopped in time. happie with stopping in time. but before i knew it, bang! so i was forced to kiss the bmw in front lor
cruz: that means behind hit you, you hit bmw lah
me: yar
cruz: why bmw e brake
me: bmw e brake coz in front got another collision i think
cruz: wah laos

being in a collision is NOT a pleasant experience. couldn't sleep last nite coz was still a little shaken...the sudden jerk from the back...the loud crash...the feeling of desperation and helplessness...scares me to imagine how much worse the crash would've been if we were all travelling at high, please drive safely.

嗯. 明天会更好.


twentyseven05 said...

OMG!!a car accident is so scary!thank goodness u r alright.

Bryan 'Chunie' Lim said...

So glad that i'm still hearing you on the radio. And yes, tomorrow will be a better day. It always is (i think). =)

-=Syo=- said...

wah.. invoLved in accident summore. whu pay sia !? loLx, u okie anot ?! shaken abit no prob, can find company, but if yr neck or back got aches, then better find a doc. was wondering when i can comment on yr bLog again, since i'lL b going 2 Tekong isLand 4 BMT liAo. Tis Friday, 2 b exact. starting a new life & meeting new ppL lor !! suRe hOpe i'lL got a new company, & since i'lL b gone soon, sure wish u'lL b fine & aLrite !! pAss my gd wishes 2 sNugie & Yuan Yuan !! BB ^^!!

viNcEable said...

OMG. Pei fen did you get hurt? man. really suay. Ya you are right, remember what I said before. Ming tian hui geng hao, bu shi ma? and you agreed on that line before. I really wish that ming tian hui geng hao for you. Though never message in so often liao but still listening to your programms =) Take care.

gnayenelrahc said...

OMG. are you alright? kinda unlucky day for u but tomorrow wil be a better day! hope ur rashes thingy recovered and u stay happy alwayz :)

Evonne said...

OOOOOOMG...are you ok?glad you are fine!!!!!!!gt see doctor?

Chri$t0ph3r said...

wa pian how come wor... how u r ok? dun wirry de la as it not so serious de hoh? juz be carful next time when u drive lol... take care..:P

Chri$t0ph3r said...
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Chri$t0ph3r said...
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Chri$t0ph3r said...
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kangaroo said...

yO! do take care of yourself yar?
[yanziunlimited sg]

weirong said...

peifen! update more often leh!
its like getting lesser and lesser leh!

Oceanblue said...


simplysincerity said...

hey!! are you still havin the 'trauma' after.. hm.. awhile? haha yea it can be quite scary. experienced it before. well 'always loook on the brightt side of life!' (sings). haha! listen to ur programmes. jiayou and take care worxx!

Yin Mu the Basketman said...

ya accident is terrible..I just ganna a few months ago too..scary..But lucky among the unluckiness, you are alright..Ppl say that good things will come after bad things were gone, so maybe good things will happen to you soon..Jia You!!

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