Saturday, December 22, 2007







First Intimate Contact
(an adaptation from Cai Zhi Heng’s “First Intimate Contact”)

Usually shy and reserved when it comes to love and relationships, ‘Pizi Cai’ meets a mysterious and intriguing young girl nicknamed ‘Flying Dance’ on the Internet.

What started out as something just for fun developed into frequent late-night online chats, and eventually a decision to finally meet up personally.

Will this first meeting turn out to be a pleasant surprise, an everlasting regret, or perhaps…?




12月19日到22日,Raffles Hotel Jubilee Hall,晚上8点浪漫上演



Waynery said...

eh? How come the post date is december 22?? Am i in the future? haha

yannis said...

Hey I saw ya at Wisma Esprit on sunday. u look so pretty in person. :D

小猪 said...

peifen 2 days mc...
nev update blog....yellow card!! haha...
okok..u dont give me red card by deleting this comment...
gonna take care ya!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Peifen,

It took me some time before I decide to write this to you.

You see, I am writing in to you on behalf of the many homeless stray animals which are currently staying in a shelter at Pasir Ris.

These stray dogs and cats were rescued off the streets by volunteers and housed in this shelter called A.L.L (Animal Lovers League).

This shelter is a no-profit organisation and received no support from the government and they raised their own expenses through fund-raisings and/or received kind donations from the public just to keep the place runnng.

A.L.L is currently having a sale of it's own 2008 calendar featuring the animals from the shelter. There are not many days left till 2008 hence the shelter is in a hurry to sell off these calendars to raise funds for their day-to-day operations.

As you know, the calendars will be un-sellable after 2008 and will become a liability for the shelter.

My plea is this:

Would you be so kind as to blog about this? Animals have no voice of thier own so it's up to us to help them! (It would be best if you could persuade any other artistes to blog about this too!)

The calendars are priced at $10 each which is roughly the price of a meal or a movie ticket.

This is the season to be jolly so please spread some love this Christmas and brighten up some happy tails!

Animal Lovers League is located at:
Pets Villa
Unit 61
Pasir Ris Farmway 3

Their website is For mass order, you may email to for any special arrangements.

*I am NOT a spokesperson for this shelter and I am not related to them in any way. I just feel sorry for these poor animals and hope to help them spread the awareness in whatever ways I could.

You could read about my plea at my blog (December 12 entry).


nail said...

hello pei fen... always want to tell u a thought of mine... i feel u look like lin jun jie... esp ur side view... but dun worry la... its mei de lor... haha

angela said...

hello, saw you during xiao zhu's autograph session yesterday. ya so pretty!. :D

Wen Xin said...

Hi !! I went to Xiao Zhu's autograph session yesterday , haha !! Very happy to see you there !! Btw , how long does the autograph session last ? Did Xiao Zhu sign all ? Btw , why your post date is 22 Dec ? Is there a mistake ?

Anonymous said...

wah peifen.. saw star awards 2007 when u speak korea language with Kim Jeong Hoon. ur korea language super power. where u learnt it?

alamak said...

err... that's Liyi not Peifen.

PepperZoone said...

Yes! We are in the future! december 22! laugh out loud

cheeky kitty said...

wa so many cute fotos of you in the so Simple blog! i first time go there! pei fen u mus do a foto book liaoz...

hu|yuan-*TOLIYAAA said...

the play was great!!!

meikian said...

heya peifen...

the show today was great~ jiayou for fri and sat! =DD

JENIES said...

wow how come your post is 22 dec ? hmm , if you have super good memory , i talked/took a pix with you at AMK Hub some time ago during their opening event

Evonne said...

hey gal :)

the play was extreme GREAT . i like it . ~jia you

m said...

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