Monday, April 21, 2008

Material Girl

i enjoy being pampered materially from time to time. the enjoyment is greatly increased when i pamper myself by acquiring an object of desire.

p.s. thank you, Jansen. :)


Norman said...

hmmm think sometimes after a day,a week or a mth of hardwork pampering yourself with gifts is good wor...hmmm saw u in superband 2008 audition and find tat you are real cool and pretty =)
Too bad my band (UnGauGed) is out of superband no chance to take picture with u liao haha...but guess wat when we know about the news which we were out...i felt sad and disappointed but on the other hand i realise that i can continue have my spicy food as i dun have to worry about my vocals for the meantime (sori ya i'm the vocalist) . then i had two days of non stop curry meals to pamper myself for the hard work i put in for the superband although we are out of it now =( anyway stay cool and pretty Peifen!!!



+=Chrislyn=+ said...

Hi Pei Fen, it really feels great being pampered after a period of hardwork wor! Be it pampering yourself or being pampered by someone else! Haha... Can i ask u how u get a job as Yes 933 DJ? HEhe... If you dun mind, email me @ pls... Thanks... ;)

Richie said...

Pei Fen,
I like your voice, and I think you are cute. Listen to 933 every morning make the driving journey very much enjoyable. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pei Fen, I also went to the function @ ASIA Bar, saw u & Ivy there.....u look veri nice / pretty. Hope you enjoyed that nite. Yr Fan, Eric