Tuesday, October 14, 2008

live from taipei

it's like 2.36 am now.

but i am still packing! haha...as much as i tell myself not to shop too much, there's just no running away from all those lovely tops and dresses and boots and jackets and books and stationary...so even though i only changed 250 SGD, the existence of such a thing called the credit card has allowed me to shop beyond my cash limit.

i have decided that 诚品 is officially one of my most favourite places to shop...and my most favourite place to shop alone. i can totally sit on one of their staircases and read for hours and hours...

oh wait. the main point of my trip is jay chou! not shopping.

yes, attended his press conference this afternoon. very interesting coz it was held at an unusual place. not the usual grand 6 star hotel ballroom, but in a film studio that looks like this on the outside...

with a stage that looks like this inside.

cool rite. take a look up close.

okok...before u get impatient and start cursing me...haha, here's a pic with jay in it.

not enough? this one should do.

enjoy...and do stay tuned to Yes 933 for the special report on 魔杰座's press conference and the interview with Jay!

P.S. he performed magic tricks and i managed to record it down on video. watch out for it on yes933.sg. :)


Jing Rui said...

wow the stage is really cool!

looking forward to jay chou's interview!

anyway agree with u that taipei really have many things to shop! haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Peifen, do u take any more photos in Taipei?

gUojIe said...

So envy lorz... in taipei!!! hahahah hope i can go thr soon... geex... anw i muz say u r rich man, use credit card worx, but shoppin at taipei i agree is irresisible... lols

Anonymous said...

wah, second time her performed magic for u. and second time u recorded it down. lucky!!! i bet he remembers u too.... envys***

QinGz said...

OMG! 周董!.. peifen .. Lucky you!!
how was the magic that he performed? really anticipating for the interview .. LOL!

Jing Rui said...

Saw a photo with Peifen inside the the large group of reporters!

Can visit my blog http://jingrui-radio28.blogspot.com to see the photo. I am sure u can spot her in that photo!

capri said...

aw... so envy!

went to 933 website juz now but oni see pics. video hvnt upload?

twice tat u get to attn d album launch press conference liao huh... so nice~

Huiying said...

Peifen! I'm super envy of you! You are so lucky to get to interview him! I saw the pix of you with him too! *envy* haa. But I can't find the video of him doing the magic. Did I missed out somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Hey peifen, how u spend yr weekend?

Ah^BoY said...

hi there pei fen! i have a probem.. n i really hope u can help mi.. big fan of urs. especially ur 215 de yue din! love it damn much.. but den i miss kind of a lot of eps due to work.. other den readin the script. is there any other way to listen to all the eps of 215? i would be glad to listen it again n again.. n i believe everybody does.. listen to such a nice story again.. haha.. oh ya.. u can email mi at ang3l_bol@hotmail.com.. or tag mi at my blog.. really super duper hope u can help mi.. coz i can't read the script as i cannot read chinese.. another reason is also becoz if u listen n read it.. listenin is more better.. as the voice have emoions n there r sounds effect n songs too.. plspls.. really hope for ur reply asap.. hope there is still ways to listen to it again.. thx!




Jie said...

OH SHIT... JAY CHOU!~!~!~!~!!~ OMG!~ SO CLOSE!!! :(

.manda@nurul. said...

you saw him in person?how great~~!!
is he suave?=p