Friday, December 19, 2008

nice bits from the days of my life

truffle fries. current favourite snack. this is from PS cafe at palais (just learnt from a friend it's pronounced "pa-lay") renaissance. nice place.

pleasant surprise from a friend. see that necklace i'm holding? that's a pretty christmas present i got from a pretty lady...nice!

to those who went to support our autograph session, a big big virtual >>>hug<<< and many thanks!! :) here's a clip from the happenings of that day...courtesy of junli. thanks friend!


Jing Rui said...
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Jing Rui said...

The telemovie is really nice! great work by all the casts in this show!

Somehow feel that dasmond can't bring out the "bad guy" or "花花公子" image in this telemovie...(especially from the way he smoked in the show was really hilarious and a bit unconvincing)!

Know still kind of early but still wish you a very Merry Christmas! May all your days be happy and have a year blessed with joy!

Anonymous said...

How much is the fries?

SJ said...

O nice. I thought is e DJ Junli @ 1st.

deNg Tai said...

haii pF
wishing u a vEry hAppy pinG aN yE & mERry chriStmAs ;)

jIa you in every SinglE thing u DO

tAkE cAre;}