Thursday, August 20, 2009

Esprique Precious

New range of cosmetic products from Japanese skin care brand Kose. Am now a fan of their 2-way powder foundation and cheek colour.

Come find out more this Sat and Sun, 4pm, at Takashimaya Level 1 cosmetics department. Mr Ishii, make-up guru from Japan will be sharing some useful tips. Special discounts for those with password: 933 Kose.

cya! :)


hlaing said...

Hi Pei Fen,

I m a big fan of your and I think you are really hot. There is one english song that will be played somewhere between 8.45pm to 9.00pm that goes "How I like to try and how I try and try...." Heard that someone post the whole lyrics over your blog but I didnt managed to find it. Can you tell me the title of the song please cause I really like this song

MZ said...


i like listen YES933 and like the 933 FAMILY and i m your FAn