Thursday, December 17, 2009

十月围城 Bodyguards and Assassins

Yes, Fan Bing Bing and I are both wearing the same Zara jacke... on Twitpic

From left: Andy, Director Teddy Chen De Sen, me, Liang Jia Hu... on Twitpic

十月围城 is an excellent movie. go catch it. Opens in cinemas Dec 18.


karen said...

wow this movies look gd

Anonymous said...

hey peifen! i want to ask where did you guys get the bicycle in So Simple season 1? The one in beige and a basket. Sorry for the irrelevance.

fiesta said...

hey.. you two are wearing the same blazer.. so coincident.. what is the brand of your blazer.

Peifen said...

peanut-toes: we got it from Muji. :) no worries about irrelevance. i'm touched that u still remember that show.

fiesta: zara :)

Anonymous said...

i ♥ SO SIMPLE! i wished there will be season 3! :D

suicine said...

cool. I haven't watch it yet . gonna watch it this weekend i guess.

being a dj is so awesome . you get to meet super cool people.

i realised that pf and fbb wore the same outfit.

jiayou peifen