Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Trip to the Zoo!

Hee...the title kinda reminds u of the essay topics we used to get in primary sch, yeah? and some of u might think, "huh?! go zoo for wat?" but before u decide to dismiss the idea of visiting the Singapore Zoological Gardens, read on.

Me went to the zoo last saturday, and boy was i impressed! but it's no wonder - the singapore zoo is ranked among the best in the world. first of all, it's HUGE! walked the whole afternoon (starting from about 1) and almost didn't finish touring the place before it's closing time at 6pm. And there was so much to see, so much to hear, so much to learn! well, ok. who am i kidding right, if u ask me what i learnt from my, i don't think i can tell u much...oh! but i do know that chimpanzees are dangerous yet clever creatures, and that penguins have bones that are denser than other birds so that they can dive and swim underwater...and check this out.

cool rite? bet u didn't know that! (well if u did, good for you! u can go be a...erm, zoologist?)

but the point is, once u've visited the zoo, at least for me, i've learnt to appreciate life in all forms. We humans tend to think we're the most intelligent and beautiful, but look at the vast world of nature...there are so many other creatures that are wonderful in their own ways, and i've attained a new found respect for each and every one of them...every single living organism exists for a reason...each life form is precious.

not trying to preach here, but i'm reminded of a beautiful old English hymn:

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all

-Cecil Alexander, 1848

So why do some choose not to value their lives? And why do humans kill their own kind for selfish purposes? this getting depressing? just in one of my pensive moods...esp after the London scares and sickens me to know that people actually think they're justified to kill in the name of religion...which religion ever advocated brutally taking the lives of others, especially the innocent?

well...on a happier note, since i'm on the topic of my happy zoo trip, here's a happy picture!

u know, i kinda envy the animals in the zoo...everyday is carefree and simple, nothing to worry is provided and lodging is world class yet natural...but then again, i wouldn't wanna live in captivity...

okies enuff about the zoo trip.

went to ntu with mr cruz last monday...gosh i feel so old! haha. but it was reallie fun to visit my alma mater...brought back memories of the good old school days. esp the crazy days of orientation! getting all wet and dirty, playing silly games, getting to know everyone...haha. thanks to ntu for inviting us!

saw lynette's comments on me taggie board...hmm...altho i'm alwiz nice (haha, almost...or at least i try to be), just wanna say to u: what's ur problem?? u sure sound like a real uncouth gal to me, with all those vulgarities coming from u. or maybe u're really a guy who has no guts to use ur own identity? please, go tag on a blog where pple speak ur language. the pleasant folks here do not wish to be disturbed. (that's a euphemism for "go away / get lost!")

oops. i wasn't very nice there was i? oh well, i couldn't stand it anymore. :)


Jerry^_^ said...

hehe..every since from pri sch go zoo..i nv notice it changes so much..lolx..well next time gonna see nice pic of u always!

Thomas said...

relax lah
y get angry over small things.
ppl out there making u angry , dun fall into their traps.
must use your wits , haha....

twentyseven05 said...

yay an update!hehe
glad to see u've enjoyed your day at the zoo, it's been years since i've been there..
n the bloody defence thing is interesting. but wont they become blind or wat..oh well

Take care n World peace!


Koo Xing Yu said... long nv go zoo. really changed a lot.. anyway, keep on rockin / update.. hee.

brokenn heart said...

wah.. actuallie dat girl nort too bad.. she didn't reali snatch.. now ii noe hu she reali like lerx.. now weget together often n jux now we went to take neoprint.. although when she call moii to go out dat time n moii aunty dey all nort at home , ii tell her to wait n she beri angrie.. ii gt tok back at her.. bud now we ok lerx.. shes reali a nice girl actuallie.. onli sum pp dunno how to look on the good side of her.. alwaes tell moii her bad tiing.. haiish.. well , guess dat cos alot of guy like her dan dey jealous bahhx.. jiayouu worr !! =]

oh yah peifen , dun anihow call ppl to get lost can , its quite rude actuallie.. opps! just moii comments on your attitude.. hahax.. hope u nt so petty.. heeheex.. n ppl out dere , hope euu are nice ppl so dun get angry wad ii said okae? =] jiayouu !!

Lu_Bu A.k.a 永宏 said...

Wa, so PINK sia -.- 怕人不知道你喜欢 pink ? Anyway the cap is cute.. ^^

Abt the scolding part, pls go easy for us 佩芬, 你 english too cheem liao ~~ 我看不懂

twentyseven05 said...

to brokenn heart,
im not angry, i just wanna defend peifen
she didnt ask her to get lost, she has already put her words in the most indirect way indirect until i scared that lynette dun get the
peifen is very courteous n magnanimous..she's not petty at all..


Jerry^_^ said...

hehe ya..i dun care liao..i rather slping than tok to those inconsiderate ppl..=.="

davidlee said...

Nice trip...Mmm...look like I have to make a trip there before I leave for my outstation...

Gotten another 'name' for you, Pink Princess. ;-)

So sad, can't tune in to your program when I'm away...but keep up with the Great work, I'll still do my best to read your blog.

Evonne said...

peifen jie,

dont be angry...hehe...really miss going to zoo...long time did not go....i primary 1 got go...till now
did not go..hahaa...really needed to called you another princess...cos....all pink...hahaa..........but
i really like the hat and aso u looked great and sporty in this photo....

michelle said...

hiie pei fen, u loook sweet in da photo. the last time i been to Zoo was last year. you are right, there isnt much thing to talk about. however, one thing i will definitely remember is the Elephant Ride! :P

do take care. and smile! :)

brokenn heart said...

haiish.. ish she a hyprocate?[ or wadeva u spell ] one of moii godjie said dat she said moii bad ting last week.. proberly she n i wasnt so gud last week? bud ii dunno.. maybe she ish a fake-er.. haiish.. beri confusing lehhx.. n emily , she betrayed moii still wan moii to forgif her.. she sae she nt purposely sae out moii secret one.. bud its nt funnie lorrx.. becos ppl noe dat she like philip cause dey saw moii sms , dan she nt shuang oso wan pull moii down into the water..

haiish.. moii life ish still confusing as eva

advice pls !!!

crazy fan of yanzi n chongqing said...

peifen ah,

dun be too bothered ok... i guess it really affected u alot from ur tone... take care ya... see u on sun!!! n smiles... :)

-xiiao miin` said...

ur capp iis so cutee