Monday, November 28, 2005

Star Awards 05

Someone asked me last week, "hey, what will u be wearing next sunday?"

i was like, "next sunday? what's the occasion?"

"uh...4th dec? star awards?"

and then it dawned upon me that the awards ceremony is just a matter of days away.


well, i still don't know what i'll be wearing that day, but at least i know that day is this coming sunday.

as a school girl, i watched star awards on tv, admired all its beauty and glamour, enjoyed behind-the-scenes gossip, talked about it with friends, never once dreaming i would ever be part of the star-studded event.

never imagined i would one day have my very own voting number.

so, i took a picture to make sure it's all real.

now that i've taken the picture, i wouldn't mind if this IS a dream after all, coz who on earth gets to take a real photo in his/her dream? haha...i'll at least make the headlines on some weirdo news tabloid!

if you will be dialling the number in the picture above (or have already done so), i sincerely thank you very very much.

knowing my limited exposure on tv probably doesn't justify a nomination alongside the other nominees who've achieved so much more, i can only request that you cast a vote in my favour if you feel that i have the potential and can be given more chances to perform in future.

and if this is really not just a dream, i'll strive to prove that your support is not in vain. :)


Sharon Bernice Chua said...

i will voting you

aLivEKicKin said...

yoZz peifen, i'll b voting for u!! eh meanwhile, i'm realyl curios as to whether u come here and read all these comments or not.. if u do.. tell me how tu become a DJ leh.. i'm soooo curious ^_-

twentyseven05 said...

i hope u would venture into acting, bcos it would be a rather refreshing experience to see a different side of u =)
anyway, wish u all the best!

p.s.didnt know that u can keep the number plate one.


tCy* said...


-=Syo=- said...

Syo hEre.. siNce u giF yR tHx, u'r weLcome.. i'M aN actiOn gUy.. sO nvR NATo loL.. pRepaReD qnS 2 fLash-zAp yR bRain celLs; dOes dArth YY (my niCk fOr yUan yUan) nOe wHich bUtton 2 pRess 2 wAtch tHe locaL gRand evEnt uNfoLds ?! iF bORed wHiLe wAitin' miGht cOnsiDer bRingin' suM reFreshmeNts (JinDuNianCiAn cough syRup, halLs, ricoLa & yaDa yaDa).. mUz tAke caRe 2.. laSt bUt nOt lEast, dEdiCate tHe coMment 2 bdAe bOy ziAn(29/11/87), rOof, wX & Wx, & TSK. wAh, sO loNg siA !!~

Evonne said...

I hav vote for you 40 calls so far..haha

Evonne said...

will vote for u more...haha...

priscilla said...

hi peifen! wish you all the best. =)

viNcEable said...

will be supporting you =) good luck!

ronald said...
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crazy fan of yanzi n chongqing said...


jia you!!! i really hope hope hope u will win.. jia you!!!


Koo Xing Yu said...

so far 1 vote.. few hor. but try to get my frens to vote, yea??

erm.. hw de thing goes? manage to get any of de "entrance fee" to studio (u noe wad i referring to, if nt dey will ask for it)

teen titan said...

I will be voting for you too.

(: said...
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(: said...

hello peifen! all the best for star awards, jiayou! anyway, saw you real life and thought you are really pretty. (:

hope to see you sometime again, and lucky you, you got to take picture with jay, my all-time favourite.

okay, jiayou! takecare(x

vanhellsing said...

Leave the justifying and recognition to the crowd. Your work's done ... and knowing the effort that you put in your job , I'd say you'd go in confident & leave the hall w/o regrets.

Live for the moment ...
Good Luck !

einna- said...

good luck to pf at the star awards!! :)

bytheway.. which album does the lullaby "i dont want to sleep on the moon" belongs to? cant seem to find it!

tia! :)

T_T [fEliX] +_+ said...

HI im yu mee wang zi.. lol
called in twice during the two nights of our camp
sorry if i talk weird cos i put loud speaker and cannot hear properly

jia you peifen
u will win the award!!

Evonne said...

vote for hard for u .....jia you

herwords said...


ronald said...

Hi peifen all the best for the star awards tonight.Hope u will win!!

weirong said...

never mind u will win something next year and you were so beautiful tonight!

Evonne said...

although u did not win last nite,but in our heart,u haV won!!so peifen jie,jia you jia you...wo men yong yuan ting ni dao ti!!!!!!!Still Hav Next Yr STaR AWards!!!!!!

Cheer Up !!!Yong Yuan Zhi Ci Ni!!!!


p/s:PFFC Yong YUAN ZHI CI NI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Wen said...

yup !!!you are still young and you will haf lots of chance...fann wong is very(x1000000000) beautiful and elegant last agree ?

Lu_Bu A.k.a 永宏 said...

1 internship trip, and i miss SHA'05 n Star Awards .... whats more..? I miss Singapore arr~~! -.-

Calibertto said...

i called tat number for only once~ oppss~ haha~~

Anyway, 入围就是肯定~
Peifen is now a true blue 肯定的 superstar~!


*frm a true blue 尼克史的城堡 fan*~