Tuesday, August 21, 2007


A friend of mine has started an online shop with some friends. it's pink and very pretty!

do check it out :)


卫斯理 said...

wah the bags look nice, though i'm a guy think i can still buy for my female friends :p

cloud0807 said...

all the best to your fren..wkaakak..
and by the way.. thanks for pointing me and let me win the bose speaker at 933 bao chang hui ya.. i like it..hehe~~

Anonymous said...

You need to shop? http://thesuperette.blogspot.com/

Stephanie said...

heyhey Peifen!i wonder if u still rmb me anot..i called in on a night prog &i told u i was rushing thru my hols project..haha nice blog!:D do visit mine at http://herw0rldd-.blogspot.com okays?tknstkns!i love 933!haha(:

Anonymous said...

Tokyo Watch for sale! Unique + Quality assured. Perfect Gifts to pamper you & your love ones!

Do visit www.miss-q.blogspot.com for more informations.

We have apparels instock from Korea & Hk too (Garranteed one of the lowest prices in town!)

Do visit. Thank you!!!

Serene said...

Their website is indeed very pretty and professional! :)
They probably could lower the price slightly so that it can be more affordable? haha.
Just my 2 cents worth of comment :)

Anw, click on my name to visit mine too! I'm basically selling accessories :)

Anonymous said...

Hi PeiFen, I had some suggestions, have you thought of posting up those Guan Tou Ju Chang on blog, something like Da Tou Fen, then more people are able to read them as short stories too. I really love those Guan Tou Ju Chang.. Good Effort!!

Anonymous said...

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