Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i am waiting for my cake to bake

so i will tell you a story about a very rude taxi driver who caused me much fear and inconvenience. and also how i very unconvincingly threatened to make him pay for his actions.

ok. so i was heading to suntec last friday at about 1130 am from my gym, which is located at south bridge road, opposite the riverwalk. if you drive, or are familiar with the area, i'm sure u know the erp gantry there. that was where i stood trying to find a cab. i know that is against the rules, but i was rushing for time and trying my luck, and sure enough my luck was pretty good (or so i thought), and this blue cab stopped along the double yellow lines to pick me up.

me: "uncle, suntec, convention centre."

uncle: "ok."

after about 10 min, the cab arrived at suntec, stopping behind a line of cars along the road just outside balaclava. actually, uncle should've known well enough to let me alight at the taxi stand outside balaclava, but he didn't. so he got stuck in the queue.

i was running a little late, coz i was going to the PC show not for personal shopping pleasure, but on a job.

me: "uncle, can you let me alight here? (just before turning left into the small road that leads to the circus)"

uncle: (very curtly) "no."

ok. so maybe he was being a good law-abiding cabbie. i can accept that.

so he turned left into the small road. and he went past the taxi stand outside convention centre. ?!! why didn't he go in??

me: (worriedly) "uncle, can you let me alight at this bus stop. i'm rushing for time."

uncle: "no."

me: "why? the other cabs are stopping along the road too."

uncle: (impatiently) "i don't want to take the risk." (didn't you just break the rules by stopping along double yellow lines to pick me up?!)

me: "but i'm running late..."

uncle: "can't stop here." (continues driving along slowly, making no effort to help me save any time.)

me: (getting a little scared - where on earth is he driving me to??) "where are you going?"

uncle: "one of the towers."

me: "but that is so far away..."

i start to mumble his car plate number and name and stored those details in my handphone...in case he turned out to be a nutcase and held me hostage. fortunately, he finally stopped outside one of the towers, some distance away from the convention centre.

as i was frantically fishing out a note to pay him, uncle, having heard me take down his name and car plate number, questioned intimidatingly "so, what are you going to do?"

and that was when i blurted a super un-cool and childish and silly retort.

me: "what? i...i...uh...i will make sure all my friends don't take your cab ever!"


Ms Lim, is that all you are capable of?! bleah. duh. ughz.

disturbed and in a frenzy, i hurried off that horrible cab and away from the frightful experience.

by the way, i don't think it is against the law to tell you his car plate number and name here rite? just wanna warn you, esp if you are a girl, to take special note if you ever run into him. SH 7377 (forgot the last letter), Roger Tan.

umm...i smell something nice. i think my cake's baked! :)


Anonymous said...

Dearest Big Head Fen :D

Just log on your page and notice this. Why didnt you drive or ask Wei Xiang or other of ur friends to give a lift? Hope u dont feel scared anymore. Please seek for assistance if you need help next time.

JESUS Loves u.

Will sayang ur head as well :D

卫斯理 said...

U should lodge a complaint mah. It's these kind of cab drivers tat spoil the reputation of other good cab drivers that i encountered or know of. Haha at least u put the number plate and name on yr blog. i'll boycott his cab!

angeLizm said...

ok, noted!
taxi drivers can really really drive people up the wall and makes me feel like killing them on the spot.


Anonymous said...

aiyo. shld drive or ask ur bf to drive you there (:

but i shld take note of this plate number when i wanna take cab next time .


shar0n-ting said...

haiyo peifen, careful next time ya .. stupid uncle, go lodge a complain @ their office or even u can call their hotline .. don let this kinda ppl off so easily

Anonymous said...

Hi Pei Fen, I juz saw So Simple 2 Repeat. You looked diff then, softer. special. Maybe it's your hair? Not use to your new fringe look.

Jaime said...

newspaper have also written about that. now everyone will be careful. you too. need to be careful.

night_cat said...

SH 7377A.....Sigh... this uncle will be sorry...better all boycott him..taxi uncle only wat...really must teach some taxi uncle a lesson

Anonymous said...

hi peifen.
i dun noe if i can say this, but u appear in a local online tv website, when u were doing a roadshow for A-sa.


Anonymous said...

that time my family and i wanted to go home from changi airpot, my father directed the taxi driver to our house, but he wont listen. Instead, he took the long way to our house. he wan earn more then say lah. dunnid over there fake fake

night_cat said...

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Anonymous said...

reading this is equally entertaining. in fact, it's funnier. you have a knack for relating these everyday stories, especially in writing.

Clarence said...

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