Sunday, May 31, 2009

After last night, I am truly convinced...

...that Aaron kwok is truly a SUPER star...

...who stands on a world-class stage. i mean, really, this monstrosity of a stage is a record-breaking wonder!

p.s. thanks for the pics, shan shan. :)


Michael You said...

Dearest Big Head Fen,

I thought you hvn come back, so glad to see you here again. Hws ur trip in England? Enjoy ur days in S'pore :D

GOD Bless

Anonymous said...


i really enjoy watching your shows!:D i get to learn alot!:)

sorry, saw one of your episodes that you're wearing this long pants/cargo pants with army prints? yupp i really like that long pants! any idea where to buy it or something?

P.S. i like your jian dan jiu shi mei and like to see you host events! HAHA:D

your fan! (风扇)^^

Jing Rui said...

ya Aaron kwok's concert is really amazing! really entertaining concert...although don't really know some of the cantonese songs he sang...but still enjoy!

anyway peifen how's ur holiday trip? Must be very fun!! Take care and have a nice day!