Sunday, December 11, 2005

Long time no post!

haven't been posting here for some time...sorrie to those who visit regularly! and thanks to all for your words of encouragement and consolation...very sweet of u. :) but but but don't pretend to be me in my shoutbox leh...i only ask ppl who scold vulgarities here to shut up, won't ask nice ppl to shut up one. shoutbox is for "shouting" so if everyone shuts up then no one will say anything in the shoutbox, then it's gonna b a very sad shoutbox...

let's see...last sun and mon were the 2 most exciting days of my life (so far). after attending star awards and hosting the post awards party, i had to calm myself down, catch as much sleep as possible, then wake up the next day to doll up, and go meet takeshi kaneshiro! hee. i must say...he is REALLIE VERY CUTE. at perhaps love movie press con, i sat right next to him on stage and when he was answering my questions, he looked straight into my eyes and i almost, almost lost concentration. but fortunately i remained professional and didn't start swooning at his dreamy eyes. haha...was very glad to see him in person up close...

was on leave thur and fri...finally got my much needed break. did some shopping on thur, got myself a new watch from Guess...nice! went to a great place called jerry's bbq and grill for dinner on fri nite...thanks to junli and xiang ge :) must must must recommend this place to u! we went to the one at jalan kayu (along the row of prata places), which is the original, but there are 2 other new outlets, one at club street and the other at tanglin shopping centre. to find out more, u can visit their website:

food at jerry's was G-R-E-A-T!! Yummilicious!! Fantastic!! and i'm not exaggerrating. the very kind and generous lady boss treated the 3 of us to a sumptuous meal of their most famous dishes including clam chowder in bread bowl (rich and creamy broth brimming with fresh seafood), buffalo wings (spicy, crispy and very tasty), fried shrooms (they originated from jerry's, according to the boss), californian salad (refreshingly healthy), baby back pork ribs (sweet and juicy), sirloin steak (quality beef cooked to perfection and topped with original jerry's black pepper sauce), spaghetti alo alo (with prawns, scallops and mushrooms so fresh and plentiful) and wrapped it up with a sinful yet oh-so-lovely dessert of their very own freshly baked brownie with vanilla ice-cream. wow. i've not had such a satisfying meal in a while. and every single dish was soooo good, i can't tell u which is my favourite! besides savoury starters and main courses, jerry's has a wide selection of drinks (from smoothies to beer to wine) and desserts too! u should reallie stop reading and just go try it yourself! bring your friends and family too!

above: clam chowder in bread bowl! *slurp*

above: can't wait to start! yummy!

below: mouth-watering buffalo wings...mmm...

above: i love spaghetti alo alo!

below: juicy sirloin steak...

below: a sweet end to a perfect meal...brownie and vanilla ice cream...ooh...

if u're worrying about price, don't. the prices at jerry's are very reasonable, much like any other restaurant's. for $18, u can get a large serving of spaghetti. and the steak's also below $30. remember that u're not only paying for good food, but also for good service and great ambience. the jalan kayu outlet was set up by an ex US air force officer called Jerry, so in line with the theme, the place is decorated with air craft posters, pictures, calendars and maps, and even real parts from planes! the whole feel is very homely and cosy with a hint of nostalgia...makes for a wonderful culinary experience!


xdd_rulz said...

woah.who's tt woaini.u very bad lei.ok.nvm.i din come to pick a fight.sorry hor.

yea man..altho i cant listen to ur current prog due to its timing.i loved ur xgjy.cont to jiayou k..rock on

-luv 933-

twentyseven05 said...

hallo. im back from my hol n i got present for u orh. haha
pass to u when i see u k

u looked great during star awards. u didnt win but at least u were 3rd right. not bad liao la

hope to chat with u again soon! take care =D


Evonne said...

U finally back in blog.hahaa

lala_123456 said...

can that stupid wo ai ni stop posting rubbish here? we can all see wat a loser u much time on your lonely hands that u bother to visit the blog of someone u hate. y leh? u too ugly no one date u rite? get lost la

viNcEable said...

haha. guys don't be angry over people like him. He ain't the first one in the internet world =)

Back to my comments.

Halo Peifen! haha. Gosh the food look really great! Got to go down and try it some days. Been real busy these days and can't really listen to your program =( Anyway dun need to bother about people trying to do funny things on your comment box or shoutbox. They are just trying to seek attention and the more they see people getting angry, the more they feel happy ;) Stay cute!

Jasmine said...


you should try the beef minion instead!

It's one small piece that cost you $38, but every mouth is a 'melt-in-your-mouth' sensation!

got order hoegarrden magnum or not?!

Koo Xing Yu said...

Back on blog! Woohoo..

crazy fan of yanzi n chongqing said...

peifen, remember to come early to work ths week hor~ heehee....

woaini said...

u sux la..act if peifen will gan ji u like dat..lean frm xdd_rulz la..xiao ding dang rite..lMaO..
u oso beri uglyee n u oso tying to seek attention onli lorss..act wise..n ii m a girl..u gort zhong u come out n dan tiao arsehole..

-=Syo=- said...

yOz ppL & pEifEn-dajiE evrybdy hAo !!~ alL reLax abiT caN ?! guEss wE alL haV aN exampLe oF loSt souLs roaMin' arD thE nEt.. iF sHe's sO restLess, i suGgest thE bibLe (nO oFfense, realLi) oR smtg/aNything eLSe sHe finDs 2 muCh compLicAteD 2 heLp hEr r.i.p. aNyway, dA-jiE, goT watCh cRoss-fiRe 2daE, thE whoLe atmoSphere nOt baD, gOt sAy gOt luFf lidAt.

xdd_rulz said... u noe i xiao ding dang?ppl usually guess xiao ding dong one.haha

Sharon Bernice Chua said...

yummy, wher you eat

Calibertto said...

ermmm..... peifen and peeps~
can i know where's this jerry's?

the food looks *drool*........

Anonymous said...

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