Wednesday, March 29, 2006

photo essay 1: 藍天篇

it's a rare sight, and i count myself lucky to have seen it for about 2 out of 10 days in london...reallie makes a diff when u take pics! check out these 2 pics of the same part of Windsor Castle...



even more pretty! (coz got 2 pretty girls inside. hah.)

my personal favourite photo of the whole trip. ladies and gentlemen, this is the Nyx Castle you've heard so much about (yeah right).

this pic would've been perfect if not for that irritating man who didn't move away after i waited like 10 minutes in the cold to take the pic...


Darren Tee said...

it's not that bad to have a guy standing there, giving the picture a good sense of scale.

Nice picture!

-=Syo=- said...

wAh, qUite a hAndfuL oF piCs. i aGree oN wAt dArren sAid. oTherwiSe, i'lL bUck oUt sUm cOuraGe & aSk hiM 2 'siAm' ;-P