Friday, March 31, 2006


I'm sorrie.

for my not so good performance on air last nite...

felt like a zombie...coz previous nite worked till 4am and next morning had a meeting at 10 am which meant had to wake up at 8 only slept about 3 hours. then whole day had stuff to do and appointments so no time to the time i got to work at nite, i was reallie reallie tired...not just sleepy or physically brain was numb and i could not control my actions or wat i said at times. think i've reached a new high level of lack of sleep...maybe next stage will be hallucinations. so last nite, if u listened, u'd realise that the later it got, the more blur i became...sincere apologies for my unprofessionalism...

i need to get more sleep. where got sell?


twentyseven05 said...

aiyo slept at 4am? thats already bad enough, n to wake up at 8? thats worse...
but no problem la, not that many mistakes, not that i noticed..haha
to err is human..

i got sell sleep! erm..8 hours for 8 cheap. LOL


gnayenelrahc said...

wow slept at 4am? same as me! i have been slping for 3-4hrs a day for fews days already. So tired! what to do. blame it on projects. and exam is coming! stres stres stress!

anyway relax, you are still good last night. no worries ;)

gnayenelrahc said...

sleep more and rest well yeah! not enuf sleep very easy to fall sick onez. take care! :)

HUI`zAx said...

Yos, Peifen. Dropping by again to leave my comment here.

*We, listeners would understood your plight. When a person is lacking of sleep, it is possible to lose concentration.

I'm also a "Guo Lai Ren". During the last few months, I have been coping with 3 to 4 hours of sleep almost everyday. Therefore, it is always tireless when you have any events in the early morning, the following day.

Peifen. If possible, don't tire yourself too much. Catch lots of sleep this weekend. Surely this would be the best remedy. Last but not least, take good care of yourself, cos' you have to take good care of your NYX Castle

Signing Off,

viNcEable said...

I am really impressed by your ability to handle so much stuffs with the minimal amount of sleep. Anybody with lack of sleep will make mistake, not to say hosting a program after a whole day of work. Don't blame yourself for it's not your fault. Take care and don't overworked yourself which will simply lead to you falling sick and moreever you work in the night. =) Take care and smile yeah.

as for where to sell sleep. I'll tell you when I find out yeah =)

Peng Ru said...

aiyoh...peifen, don't stress yourself....If you (touch wood!) get ill again, we cannot hear ur voice on air liao....I wonder how come you got so many things to do huh?

Evonne said...

take good care urself...must rest well or else will fall sick de...(touchwood!!) :)

jia you...we wont blame u de ...:)

i hav been aso sleep around 2-3 hrs only ..:)

jia you k!

Dasabelle said...

Hey Peifen, don have to be apologetic abt it.. You tried your best! I can understand the sore from lack of beauty sleep.

Rest well
Gambatte!! =)

Its always a better day tomorrow

-=Syo=- said...

sTresssfuL liFe riTe... gUess u'r nOt thE extReme workAhoLic kiNd... loLx, 'cOz gOt ppL(i'M onE oF thoSe) cAn cHiong 7dAes wiFout sLeepin' siA... my recOrd lOr, 2 wIn.. liEk 3 PS2 gAmes aT oNe tiMe !! oTher thAn toiLet brEak, nO eAt nO rEst & kEep pLaying..

bLOodYeViL said...

lol..u go find chong qing! he zhou gong mar...sure got sell sleep de.!u know he zhou gong and wu po?