Friday, September 01, 2006


oops. 只剩下最后的24++小时. 趁还有时间, 请你投933一票. (当然越多越好, 不要吝啬啦...)

SMS F1_7_(name)_(ic) to 72346. 每则简讯收费两角.

让YES 933 成为你最喜爱的电台! :)

P.S. 如果还有spare cash, 不介意投我一票 (两票/三票/很多票...哈哈), 我的编号是30.


最喜爱DJ - SMS F2_30_(name)_(ic) to 72346

最亲切DJ - SMS F3_30_(name)_(ic) to 72346

还有! 想投哥哥崇庆一票, 方法一样, 把编号改成29就可以了. :)

谢谢支持! 已经投票的你, 祝你好运! 希望你中大奖!


kidd said...

哈哈!加油! 支持933!

vanessa said...

voted le!

crazy fan of yanzi n chongqing said...

thanks peifen for promoting for cq as well!!!!

HUI`zAx said...
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HUI`zAx said...

Yos! Peifen...

I have voted you in both "Carlsburg Friendlist Personality" and "Favourite Radio Personality".

But of cos.. voted Y.E.S. 933 as my favourite Radio station. Hope to hear good result from you..

Signing off

Evonne said...

I vote LE!!!hahaha..Of cos got Ask Ur FanClub to vote as well

Hwee Lee said...

hope that u can keep up the good work 4 being @933..
cus yr progarmme especially{da tou fen de shi jie}is rely nice!!!=)
*applause* 4 U..hahax
hope u can also visit my blog.=)