Tuesday, September 05, 2006


was quite excited when this project was handed to me. but also worried coz it replaces 音乐日记, one of the longest running and hugely popular shows on 933. fortunately, excitement took precedence over worry, so basically i was happie about being in charge of this new programme.

did u hear the 1st episode? hope to get some comments... :)

大头芬的世界 airs mon, wed, fri nites at 830pm, repeats on tue, thu and following mon at 1130am.


Evonne said...

i heard...you dian bu xi guan yin yue ri ji no more...BUT i juz wan say.....the NEW programme NOT BAD SIA!!!!!!!!=)jia you

HUI`zAx said...

Yos... Peifen,

Awaiting this programme "大头芬的世界" since last week. Finally..yesterday heard it le.

A good kick-off for the brand new programme especially the characters introduced. I agreed, it is a challenging task as Music Diary is one of the longest running programme in 933 history.

Will continue to support!! CONFIRM!
B.T.W Enjoy travelling in Taiwan although only a few days.

Signing off

Koo Xing Yu said...

Yo Peifen!

Seriously, I feel sad when Music Diary ended last week. A longest history in YES 933. A fruthful ending.

But, I've heard the first episode of 大头芬的世界 on Monday. I can shout "Oh my god!" right onto you le. That was so interesting! Hope to hear the next episode tomorrow!

ENJOY urself at Taiwan wif Jay.. And I hope to hear the interview next week! Take care! :)

CHeers! :)

c.h.-yi- said...

HEY peifen!

so sad that MUSIC DIARY end..haix. supported it since 2003..

but den..ur new programe ROX! hope to here more of it..and wish it could be like music diary..6yrs?7yrs?8rs?

haha. guess u mus be enjoying urself in taiwan now? haha!

vanessa said...

the new programme's good!

HairyFairy said...

my first time here. saw your link on my friend's blog. well, i think i heard that segment. (if i'm not mistaken, its the one where you take on the identity of a person)

actually honestly speaking, i thought you sounded kinda.. unnaturally cute.

perhaps its time that Yes93.3fm move on to a say.. more matured level? how about something along the lines of.. letting teenagers really speak about their lives and things of such? instead of you, making a character out of your own's.

there's a time to have cutsie things on media, but i guess 93.3fm has reached a peak. the only way to go further, really, is for alittle more Class95 tone to set in.

this isnt meant as a criticism. its just that i dont find a need to conform like the rest, complimenting for the sake of it. but as usual, do take my views with a pinch of salt. and of course, do not get offended.

with love,
your nightly listener.

hijack said...

so sad.... no more music diary... :(:(:(

i love music diary.

but the new programme is nice also! gd job, peifen!

izzit possible to have both da tou fen de shi jie and music diary running simultaneously (of coz, wif different timeslots)?

Evonne said...

got something pass 2 u ...on 12 september 3pm @ mediacorp reception =)<--jackson ask me pass msg 2 u...

monkie the monkie said...

i like it a lot!!

crazy fan of yanzi n chongqing said...

hey peifen!!!!

here's wishing u a happie birthday!!!! stay young n happy always okies!!!! anyways, fhm pics very nice!!! ;)

ur zhong shi ting zhong... :)

Evonne said...

Happy birthday to you peifen!!!

Leslie C said...

Dear Peifen,

A Very Happy Birthday To You.

sIhuI said...

hey peifen! i love 大头芬的世界, super cute! funny too, esp da nai bing-hear the name already wanna beng already. keep up the good work. but one comment though, i think it's rather short. maybe u can lengthen it a bit?

Bonny said...


是否能告诉我在哪儿能找到这篇文章?或者你能够电邮给我? dalizabeth@hotmail.com,我将会感激不尽。


加油哦! =)

tiramiswu said...


Anonymous said...

hahax. i lurrve "大头芬的世界". i will always support yoo de. jia you. X)

xiaoshi said...
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xiaoshi said...

Y Isn't There Any more Music Diary??????? Why?Why?Why?
Wats the feeling like when u love someone???

Anonymous said...

hey Peifen,

i love 大头芬的世界...

it's nice....

excited to hear the next episode. Jia you! (:

ah bian said...

wa da nai ping voice so CUTEZ everynitez listen to da tou fen i LOL lehxxx.....BIG HEAD GOOOOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

"大头芬的世界"的故事太精彩了!不过希望可以把时间延长!因为每次开始投入"大头芬的世界"的时候, 就听见你的声音了。。。

Anonymous said...