Monday, September 18, 2006

post birthday thots...

another has come and gone with 4 cakes, many surprises, many well wishes and sweet gifts, lotsa good food and happy memories.

thanks to each and everyone of you for making my birthday special.

6th to 10th sept. 1st bday present. bmg gave me a birthday present in advance. trip to taipei to meet jay chou (and eat lotsa yummy food)!

i must recommend these great eating places. next time u visit taipei, check them out.

1) Kiki (蓝心湄's restaurant)


苍蝇头 - don't ask me why it's called that. sounds unappetizing, but it's totally the opposite. chopped up veggies stir fried with minced meat, chilli and (i think) black beans...oishii!

苦瓜炒咸蛋 - even for those of u who don't take bitter gourd, you might just fall in love with this coz it's just so tasty...

老皮嫩肉 - my personal favourite. it's just...heavenly. i've never tasted tofu so soft, so smooth, so...mesmerizing.

乌梅汁 - best plum juice i've tasted so far...tho some people may find it a tad bit too sour.

2) 度小月
beautiful decor, wonderful ambience, and most importantly, great food.

what a spread! we ordered grilled 鱼肚 (which was fat and oily and sinful but so so yummy), sashimi, tofu, deep fried prawns and this thing which has the skin of a soon kueh but is filled with meat and prawn stuffing:

was kinda worried the bill might come up to quite a lot, but in total it was less than S$20 per person. yay!

3) for dessert, check out 东区粉圆冰店. there's only one outlet, and it's so famous, u probably just have to mention the name and anyone can direct u there.

great indulgence on a hot day...粉圆+冰+a whole lotta toppings to choose from, including 红豆,番薯,花生,仙草...was told that even during winter, business is great coz they serve hot desserts! ooh...can almost imagine...sipping 热仙草 on a cold winter's day...the steam warming my cheeks and the sweet fluid flowing down my throat...aah. 幸福是简单的。

P.S. thanks to Susan, Zhiyuan and Shili for bringing us around!

13th sept. 1st birthday surprise.

scrumptious dinner with a bunch of super sweet and super nice a lovely place tucked away in the west of singapore...up on a hilltop tower...breath-taking views and mouth-watering cuisine...what more can i ask for?

14th sept. 2nd and 3rd birthday surprise.

an angel came by to wish me happie birthday, and brought me the cake i've been craving for...then at work dear dear Andy walked into the studio with a cake, and together with Gege, Weibin, Junxin and Huishi jie, we had a mini party.

after work, it was time for another birthday feast!

mash potato with crab. must try!

hidden high up on mount emily, wild rocket at hangout hotel is another great place to go if u drive (or take a cab) and wanna enjoy a good meal far from the hustle and bustle of city traffic. only bad thing about the place is that being small and cosy makes it easily crowded and noisy during dinner hours...which isn't very conducive for lovebirds hoping for a more quiet and romantic ambience...

after dinner, home sweet home...where another birthday cake awaits!

am grateful that after all these years, we still celebrate each member's birthday every year as a family. :)


crazy fan of yanzi n chongqing said...

wow.... wat a wonderful birthday u had... stay young n pretty wor.... too bad it was seeing jay and not ur fav wu yue tian... haha... ;)

Squrriel said...

Hi PF,

You have a great great time! year older ie..more sensible, rite? hahhahaa.....stay cute n happi always!

Work hard for the 6th Global Music Award Presentation.
C u on 28 Oct at SIS!

God Bless!

edutitta said...

happy birthday worz..

56crazy said...

hi peifen, ti is e 1st time comment 2 u, but i alwys read ur and cruz blog and faithful 933 listener, i wish 2 ask is zhiyuan previous 933 dj? i like her prog a lot, she went 2 taiwan so long, quite miss her

Daohao said...

went to taipei in may...too bad didn't go the places u went to..

Evonne said...

glad u like the bear n the book hahaha

karin said...

hi is this month lime magazine what u said on air there is pic of you or next month mag

Koo Xing Yu said...

haha. hope u like the presents too! although evonne bought that bear and of coz, de card, we specially drop by and wrote that for u! it's ok if u cant come down that day. but anyway, take care! :)

wlsha7981 said...

hi peifen.. nice pictures of your birthday celebration :)

Shadow said...

wonderful birthday

ps: am going over to taiwan this coming dec. you have any good place other than the above mentioned to introduce ?

Vivian said...

Hey hey! saw you yesterday at Bugis! You are soo skinny, must eat more eat more ok!

And lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY although abit late le. heez.

NuffNang said...


viNcEable said...

hi peifen. I think you forgotten me le as I haven't been smsing or calling in for a very long time. It's one year already since your princess cake. haha. Anyway, all the best yeah and may all your dream come true. =)

SunBurn said...

Hello PF, what a nice birthday celebration u have........saw your introduction on various stuffs as well such as food. Well keep up the good work.... "Stay Happy AlWays! ^_^"

martinst said...

cute , pei fen. Must continue in the yes 93.3 support you. So like the programme. I miss brother and sister stand up. Hope that more in the healthy and joking ib question. so cute in webpage. ...Cheer

Kwon said...

Hi,PF... do you still have the interview records with Jay chow In your this trip to Taiwan? Can you tell me where i can get it or if 933 is gonna broadcast it again?