Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The following is an article from www.channelnewsasia.com by Margaret Perry

S$9.5m raised so far by TV charity show to help Sichuan quake victims

SINGAPORE: More than S$9.5 million has been raised so far for the Sichuan earthquake victims from a TV charity show, telecast on Sunday night, on MediaCorp's Channel 8.

Images of devastation and grief touched thousands of viewers who called in to donate money to rebuild the shattered communities.

The money will be channelled to welfare and education programmes as well as rebuilding efforts, which will include hospitals, schools and orphanages for these children.

More than 100 local and overseas artistes took part in the show, which organisers took less than a week to put together.

Members of the SCDF's Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team shared some of their stories of sadness and hope from their five-day mission to the area.

The show will be repeated this Sunday on Channel 8 at 3.30pm.

The public can still make their donation through the following hotlines:
1900-112-5121 - for donations of S$6
1900-112-5122 - for donations of S$18
1900-112-5123 - for donations of S$50

The donation hotlines will remain open till June 1.

Those who wish to make a donation above S$50 can issue a cheque made payable to "Sichuan Earthquake Relief Fund - Chinese Embassy" and mail it to Choa Chu Kang Branch PO Box 86, Singapore 916833.


Norman said...

Well Done Peifen!!!!!!!
Its really nice to see u rushing back to perform for the show....
Keep it up and Cheers~!~

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks helping Si Chuan people. You did a great job!! I have donated alittle to the fund too. Let's pray and may God bless for those who have left us and those still living. Anyway, i have got something to ask you about getting a job in radio station..but i wonder if you could email me the details. Vintage_G@hotmail.com so i can ask you more. Can? Thanks!! Love Hui min

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Hi Peifen, will u post up the photos u take in Tokyo?


Anonymous said...

Gambate 4 sichuan!!

Jason said...

Hey i love 933 4ever. I have seen the superband advertisment Can i know the name of the japan music that was play when u appear.

TVants Discussion said...


然而,由于地震的破坏程度非常严重,如何协助灾后的灾民从新正常生活 和 灾区的重建等等 都是困难重重。 不说别的,在断水,断电 以及主要通道的交通还是半断绝的情况下,如何安置和运送救济物资给百万灾民就是一个非常头痛的问题了。其他的如重伤伤残灾民的生理和心理上的救治和辅导,灾后遗孤今后的生活和照顾领养,持续不断的余震下灾区的重建等等问题。。。

除了充足的资金和人力的投入必须是持续好一段时间,(时间基数一般上是以多少年来计算) ,一套完善的救济重建以及审计监控计划是必须的。

尽管我们从四川地震中看到的基本上都是人性本善的铁证, 然而个人认为一套完善的审计监控计划是保证救济重建计划能完整推展的必然因素。或许有人认为这是多虑了,但是一道缝隙就可溃堤千里,在让我们相信人性本善的同时,必须在这光环上加上一道紧箍咒,以防肖小之徒上下其手,而致计划功亏一篑。

另外,如上所说,一套完善的救济重建计划需要"XX年"持续的和充足的资金和人力的投入. 当灾难过去了一段日子,人们渐渐对灾后事物不感兴趣,媒体也不再报道,这所谓的“"XX年"持续的和充足的资金和人力的投入”能够持续多久?我个人相当怀疑这持续性。。。