Friday, May 09, 2008


i have decided that one of the most wonderful feelings in this world is the lightness that makes you fly after a heavy weight's been lifted off your shoulders.

like after an exam.
like after work.
like after telling the truth.
like escaping the suffocating company of unlikable people.
like finding something you thought was lost.

any more ideas? feel free to add on.

p.s. with regards to my previous post, thank you all for your concern. i'm not depressed or anything...sometimes, i do like to dwell on melancholy - it makes life poignantly beautiful.

i think it's sort of like an addiction.

to see, feel and appreciate the quiet sorrows of life, and then go on to savour, to a greater extent, happiness.


huahua said...

that is wat I feel sometimes...

few days ago i juz cried almost an hour... ( i know i'm a boy shouldn't cry)

but its feel like that too after you cried...mayb not good...
But its work on me...

Mr. Cornie said...

"like finding something you thought was lost."

In my case, I thought I had lost my uncle in Tokyo Disneyland. Spent almost 1 hour trying to look for him but that was a futile effort.

Eventually, found him together with the tour guide.

That was a huge burden lifted off my shoulder. :)

TVants Discussion said...

ya, sometimes feel so helpless or desperately down, seems everything just doesn't turn out the way you want.

When I feel down, I afraid to be alone, normally I just hang out with my friends or wandering along bugis, orchard..... With so many people surrounding you, the depression just seem lessen.

Loh Cher Teck said...

Like finish my presentation,haha.Actually ,i also dwell on the past frequently...

Peifen,i would like telling you a truth...i very like to listen to your programmes of 933 since 2004,you are really a good DJ and my mind become positive after listen to it.Thank you......
Life got too many things,write them in blog to make life simpler: )

Anonymous said...

hi, can u write the blog in chinese instated of English because u are the 933 DJ leh.....

stripe said...

nicely said.

eileen said...

peifen, you still remember your so simple episode 1 de show mah?
you know the make mask one right?
can you tell me how to do it ?
the rosemary and parsley is those powder ones or liquid ones?
and how to mix it up? by smashing?
please teach me (:

Anonymous said...

to anonymous

ello, this is peifen's personal blog, not her office, and u r not her boss. who r u to dictate what language she should write in? she can jolly well write whatever pleases her! duh.

wanyu said...

i totally agree.
wat's wrong with blogging in eng.
it's her blog anyway.

anyway peifen!
jia you in everything u do okie!
don feel so low.
cheer up.

love ya,
wanyu. =)

Anonymous said...

Actually,Peifen does writes her blog in Chinese sometimes.It is Ok for me and i can learn English through her blog....

TVants Discussion said...

I think Anonymous doesn't mean anything bad, he just sound like kidding. Don't be too harsh on him. "Fighting" in other's personal blog is not very respectful to the blog owner.

However, I totally agree that personal blog should written with whatever language you prefer most.

nette said...

GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED! expect u to be singing this on air later :)

Secret said...

Pei Fen,
I know that you are Man U fan. Now that Man U had won the BPL champion you must be very very Happy. Now is Time for Man U to Head to Moscow in Full Steam to get CL Champion. 加油 Man U. I am Man U Fan too. LOL

sherlyn said...

Hi Peifen,

Any idea when is the So simple 3? Cant wait.


duudez said...

hi,first time here...wondering y u peeps no tagboard @.@?? hurhur

ur kawaii,haha.

Ching said...

Making decisions alwys seems to be the hardest..But if none was mde,time will decide for you.
Gave up the courage to go exams was self-defeat,not knowing wher or how to face the world alone frm ther is tough n no matter how ppl ard comment of encouragemt,nothing seems to matter anymore..