Sunday, May 04, 2008

Career Talk @ NTU

This invitation is a little too late...but still very sincere nonetheless.

I will be going to Nanyang Technological University, LT 4, tomorrow (5 may) @ 1140am for a sharing session and will be talking about my experiences as a DJ. If you're interested in becoming a producer/presenter of a local radio station, please do come on down okie? This is a great chance to learn about the job, and ask me questions that u've always wondered about (like how do we last 4 hours without going to the toilet. or something else.)

other representatives from other departments in Mediacorp will be giving talks too, detailed programme as below:

10.00am: MediaCorp Company Profile & Corporate Video

10.15am The challenges and opportunities of print journalism by Derrick Augustine Paulo (Assistant News Editor)

10.45am Content Creation by Julie Sim (Executive Producer)

11.10am The Essentials of Co-Hosting on Radio by Justin Ang and Vernon A (The Muttons from 987)

11.40am Exciting moments in Radio by Lim Pei Fen (Producer-Presenter from YES93.3FM)

12.10pm Q & A

tell your friends about it! come in groups! come in couples! come alone! all are welcome. well, i guess it's not easy to find your way there if you're not a student of NTU, but if u really really wanna make ur way here, hope this map is of some help. otherwise, ask someone u know from NTU for directions k?

:) hope to see ya!


Jing Rui said...

wow ..i really want to go to the talk ...but the sad thing is I have school 2moro until 5pm.

OMG...hope nxt time still got the opportunity to attend the career talk conduct by you in NTU! haha

Anonymous said...

Oh,I just knew this news at 11.30a.m in this morning .However,I rushed from my hostel to support you: )Although i am not interested in becoming a DJ,but i feel good to listen your experience.

Anonymous said...

Hi all sorry for posting this but just wana spread the word and hope kind souls can help boyboy out~

:( please help in watever ways u can~


Seafood said...

WELL>.. i wanted to be a DJ but i think i end up in Engineering..
U all really didnt go toilet at all meh!!! too bad i was unable to go... but i want to know... sob!!!

JiaChien said...

Hi! Is there any chance that there'll be openings for part-time presenters soon?